Tuesday 15 December 2009

The Real Lord of the Flies - the School Bus

If you want to understand the true nature of any society, then take a ride on the school bus.

The contemporary version of the Lord of the Flies is the school bus after the schools shut, a place of blaring I Pods, ringing mobile phones, unchecked chaos and aggression with a perpetual odour of chips.

I have seen things on the school buses in Medway that would make a sailor blush.

No parent truly understands their child until they have seen them on the school bus.

A child that is well behaved, polite and considerate turns into a living version of the Tazmanian Devil, a ritalin fuelled demon.

They all swear.

Out of 100 or so you will find around 30 % that understands the concept of showing respect for their elders.

All it takes is one to lead with the abuse and all their friends follow suit.

I have seen gangs of school girls verbally abuse old ladies and old mena on the buses and laugh at their distress.

I have seen teenage girls indulge in behaviour on packed buses filled with other school children that would be inappropriate in a nightclub or a working mens pub on a sunday afternoon.

And it is getting worse.

Every year the ratio of Little Bastards over Good Kids grows greater as evil triumphs.

In the absence of any authority that dares challenge their behaviour, they have rejected all boundaries for themselves.

When I was kid in my village, then when you acted like a prat someone who was older than you gave you a quick slap.

If you showed disrespect to someone you got a back hander.

And you didnt show disrespect again.

You learnt your place in the pecking order.

That way you learnt to respect people and understand that if you did not respect other people then you might get a good clumping if you played up.

All that is gone now.

Now if a kid gives you crap then the moment you say anything to them then they just give you a load of verbal or just attack you.

If they give you a load of verbal and you give the little bastards a slap, then they simply go running to the police and you end up getting arrested.

In effect they have our entire society by the short and curlies.

Therefore we have chaos in our society.

A society in fear of its own children is one about to collapse.

There must be discipline imposed on children from the earliest age.

They must respect authority, not society fear them.

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1 comment:

NoisySiamese said...

Lee, I despair at the social vacuum that decades of Cultural Marxism has brought about, and is now absolutely manifest in our young. A sense of identity, together with responsibility based on core Christian values was instilled into me by my "old-fashioned" parents in England in the 1960's. That upbringing is virtually non-existent in Britain, except, perhaps, in the most distant and far-flung, isolated communities, yet once it was the norm.

Interestingly, having moved to rural West Virginia, where around 90% of folk go to one of the many churches or chapels around here (out here, Church is Family, a concept which the English church has lost), I am revisitng my English childhood, except I WALKED the 2 miles to school. Here, armies of bright yellow school buses charge around the quiet country lanes and laughing kids are dropped off here and there, with books, coats,bags and musical instruments. These children are intelligent and polite. They are taught respect for their elders. Most come from families that are "poor" by American standards--materially anyway. In West Virginia, One in Six of the population is on food stamps. On Halloween the roads are closed in our local town, and the kids gather for their fancy dress parade. No smoking, no alcohol--just hundreds of happy, laughing kids in the cold, carrying lighted pumkpins and candles, in their witches' hats and ghoulish outfits. These kids are aged from around 10 to 17, and their behaviour is impeccable. All the children in this town get to watch the Remembrance Parade on 11/11. Soldiers, serving and veteran, visit every classroom in every school to talk about what "Remembrance" means. THEY will not forget in a hurry. Two veterans sit together inside Walmart sporting their Navy veteran ballcaps, and school-kids salute them.

Many, many parts of the US have become crime-ridden hellholes but the folks in "poor" looked-down on, rural "White European" areas such as West Virginia (and the state is 97.5% white, the third POOREST state with the third LOWEST crime rate..) retain so much of what Britain has sadly lost.

On a darker note, I am sure that West Virginia is well in the sights of Washington's Common Purpose Elite for Cultural Massacre and Diversification but it will certanly be one of the last to fall.