Wednesday 30 December 2009

Thatcher and Immigration

Thatcher has to be commended for her staunch resistance to Communism, her defiance over the Falklands and for facing down the Comintern controlled British trades unions during WW3, the Cold War.

Yet all the work she did in the national interest was undone and destroyed by her singing the Single European Act in 1987 that began the process of fully integrating Europe into a European Union and her policy of privatising the British state industries in order to globalise the British economy as part of her Free Market Neo-Liberalist ideology.

British Petroleum was privatised in stages in October 1979, September 1983 and November 1987; British Aerospace in January 1981 and 1985; the government share in British Sugar in July 1981; Cable and Wireless in November 1981; Amersham International and National Freight Corporation in February 1982; Britoil in November 1982 and August 1985; Associated British Ports in February 1983; Jaguar in July 1984; British Telecom in November 1984; the National Bus Company in October 1986; British Gas in December 1986; British Airways in February 1987; the Royal Ordnance in April 1987; Rolls-Royce in May 1987; the British Airports Authority in July 1987; the Rover Group in August 1988; British Steel in December 1988; the Regional Water Authorities in November 1989; Girobank in July 1990; and the National Grid in December 1990.

In 1983 Thatcher also broke up and privatised British Shipbuilders, which had been amalgamated and nationalised by Callaghan in 1977 in the lean times following the 1973 oil crisis, and which still employed 86,000 people building naval and commercial vessels, many in the north-east of England.Few of the privatised shipyards subsequently survived competition against East Asian cheap labour, with the single largest private sector group, BVT, now employing a fraction of the nationalised group's number, just over 7,000 people working on Navy contracts in the Clyde and Portsmouth yards.

The process of privatisation, especially the preparation of nationalised industries for privatisation, was associated with marked improvements in performance, particularly in terms of labour productivity. But it is not clear how far this can be attributed to the merits of privatisation itself. The "productivity miracle" observed in British industry under Thatcher was achieved not so much by increasing the overall productivity of labour as by reducing workforces and increasing unemployment

In other words the Thatcher miracle was built upon ;

1) Cheap and plentiful North Seal oil and the currency flow it created

2) Throwing British workers on the dole in order to lower wages in order for the UK to compete in the global economy

3) The short term financial boost from selling off the nations assets to the private sector.

There was no miracle.

It was simply luck, callousness and cunning.

On immigration she did NOTHING to stop the flood of immigrants into the UK and by signing the SEA in 1987 she commenced the process that led to Eastern European workers being allowed to work in the UK as they part of the EU.

Those who venerate her, venerate a false idol.

She was a nationalist who destroyed her own nation.

She dismantled and sold off the nations silver and turned us into the wage slaves of mammon and the international money markets.

She did nothing to stop immigration or seek to prevent the immigration invasion.


Margaret Thatcher complained bitterly in private about the numbers of immigrants coming to Britain from south Asia, saying they were being given council houses at the expense of "white citizens", it was disclosed today.

Papers released to the National Archives at Kew, west London, under the 30-year rule cast fresh light on the former Prime Minister's attitude towards race and immigration.

She also never

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Anonymous said...

The link needs fixing ,

Would n't mind a read of Thatch's real opinion about immigration, could prove useful trying to convert die hard Tories they're full of shit . . . if their hero is actually indirectly backing modern BNP policy . . . doubt it though, most Tories prefer to sit and watch the country go down the pan, rather than concede that, they, the mighty big shot Tory Cunt, got it all fucking wrong, Wanky fucking twats.

Anonymous said...

Maggie was a bilderberger, she sold us out and sold the bilderbergers all our assetts that had a captive market.

Her only saving grace was that she never dumpted the pound for the Euro even though the rest of the bilderberger tories but cecil parkinson sold her down the river and demanded the Euro.

This is in paddy assclowns book where he discusses the bilderberg meeting he went to.

Nick should obtain this book for reference in his book on the NWO, as it exposes the tories as traitors to their leader and the country.

Scum Tories.

The tories are failed toff sons and/or business crooks and people who have no empaphy with their fello man.

Utter scum that would sell their grandmas to the dogfood factory for a quick buck.

Labour would send their granny to a death camp for not sharing their warped views.

Adrian Peirson said...

She was only one Woman in a nest of Treasonous Vipers, your analysis could be correct of course and mine wrong, I'm minded to think she smashed the Unions because she knew they were full of Commies, She Privatised the utilities and British industries because she knew one of the central tenets of Communism is to abolish Private property, her tactic was to put these assets into the hands of the public via shares.
Similarly the council house sell off.
Little did she know that Dozy Public would sell those cheap shares at the first opportunity right into the hands of the very Globalists she was hoping to thwart.
I could be wrong on this of course not ever having met her to ask.

But this article lends some support to the Idea that she was no friend of the Commies and doing her best.

A Warning From History

Another article suggests she was tricked into signing the Act

Was Thatcher Tricked into signing

I read somewhere it was decided to vote on an issue, Margaret only later realised she had just voted for the Treaty,

I wouldn't put it past the scumbags.

Similarly John Major is reputed to have said after receiving his copy after the event.

This is not the treaty which I signed.

Can't find a link to that quote now.

What happened to checks and balances.

Adrian P said...

Why is EUtruth saying Nick Griffin is working for the EU.
The No platform policy, the continuous slagging off strongly suggests otherwise.


Anonymous said...


i just watched inglorious bastards, i watched it thinking of your last post on this film a couple of months back. why hasn't this film been branded as xenophobic towards germans? i mean, every german in it is slaughtered for being in uniform, even the conscripts.
you know all the films about the falklands war respects the argentine conscripts who died in the Falklands war under the Argentine fascist military Junta, yet all Germans in Tarantiono's xenophobic "masterpiece" are dehumanized, debased and set for genocide.
i watched until the slaughter in the cellar and turned it off in disgust.

How can the west uphold themselves on the virtue of Christianity and the geneva convention when their films are about genocide and shooting and scalping prisoners of war????


Anonymous said...

... never what?

NR said...

I worked as a press officer for the Tory Party and an activist for Western Goals right before Thatcher was ousted. Debated at the time was the possible admission to Britain of Hong Kong refugees following the take-over by China. I recall meeting at the time an alarming number of Tories, including a not insignificant number of Jewish Tories, who supported the importation of Chinese refugees. Shortly afterwards I began investigating membership of the NF and BNP.

ic1male said...

never supported Enoch Powell?

Anonymous said...

COLUMBIA, SC -- Two Williamsburg County students and members of their family have reached a $150,000 settlement in what may be the first Title VI lawsuit based on claims of intra-racial discrimination in South Carolina public schools.


Both students were members of an African-American family that shared a home in rural Williamsburg County. Both attended public schools at the time of the alleged harassment.

The trial lasted two days, but the case never went to the jury.


"What made this unique is that this, as far as I know, is the only Title VI case ever brought in federal court when it's an intra-racial hostile environment," Kobrovsky said."

Adrian Peirson said...

Jewsish Defence league against assimilation

Maybe the JDL & BNP should support each other.

Anonymous said...

Happy new year Lee,

Thanks for standing up for the oppressed and giving us a blog that expands the mind.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the two links about blacks suing blacks, for the crime of assimilating to the culture of academic success.

Priceless ammunition I will deploy when next attacking the deranged supporters of white social suicide policy.

It's bullseye material, thanks.

Link 1

Link 2

Anonymous said...

Systamatic destruction of Britain and the British via our children at school.

You have ignored the white working class for years and years and years and now you are surprised when they ignore you. You blame the BNP for their tactics, yet you throw more fuel on the immigration fire than any political party in this country. Time to face facts, Hazel – as long as you give preferential treatment to immigrants, the voters will punish you and rightly so.

Yours sincerely,


Costs included that most have no idea about!

Anonymous said...

"Thanks for the two links about blacks suing blacks, for the crime of assimilating to the culture of academic success. Priceless ammunition I will deploy when next attacking the deranged supporters of white social suicide policy. It's bullseye material, thanks."

Assimilation means intermarriage and the destruction of both races and cultures. Hooray for those blacks with the common sense to know their traitors and to attack them. Multiculturism is no culture at all. Separate and conserve.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 30 December 2009 17:36 replied,

to Rusty Mason, who said,

"Assimilation means intermarriage and the destruction of both races and cultures. Hooray for those blacks with the common sense to know their traitors and to attack them. Multiculturism is no culture at all. Separate and conserve."

I think you'll find you've personalised the meaning of the word assimilate. From the first Dictionary Google produced.

as·sim·i·late (-sm-lt)
v. as·sim·i·lat·ed, as·sim·i·lat·ing, as·sim·i·lates
1. Physiology
a. To consume and incorporate (nutrients) into the body after digestion.
b. To transform (food) into living tissue by the process of anabolism; metabolize constructively.
2. To incorporate and absorb into the mind: assimilate knowledge.
3. To make similar; cause to resemble.
4. Linguistics To alter (a sound) by assimilation.
5. To absorb (immigrants or a culturally distinct group) into the prevailing culture.

If people did n't aspire to use their intellects, do you think the internet would have just invented itself overnight ?

Do you think the civilisation aroud you, is NOT a product of intelligence, and centuries of academic aspiration ?

You'd prefer that we all just lived in a ditch somewhere, and went whining with the AID begging bowl ?

Then fuck off and go live in Africa, it ain't changed that much in the last few thousands of years.

I think its you that needs to start showing some common sense and racial loyalty, and you can start by defending the white culture of academic success, instead of cheering your anti aspirational, racist black pals on,

'coz its too white man, innit yus 'clot.

Hooray, hooray.

Anonymous said...

To "Anonymous 30 December 2009 17:36"

The colored peoples are not the White Man's burden, and it is the intellectuals who have reasoned us into this mess. Most blacks have sense enough to know they shouldn't assimilate because it means they will cease to exist. Would that the Whites had the same common sense. Assimilation/interbreeding is death to any races that do it. Loyalty to Whites and the grand Western Civilization that we built requires this simple understanding; we must love our own over abstract notions of social progress and liberty, egalite, et fraternity.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 30 December 2009 17:36

To Rusty Mason,

I entirely agree with the sentiments of your statement, but I still think you are well misguided, to actually praise blacks for their racist anti academic culture.

The point being, if they could apply themselves enough to do just a tenth of what we have achieved, then the burden you mention, would almost be eliminated. e.g. growing food, Zimbabwe, African Aid costs.

But they won't, because they see the utilisation of their natural born intelligence (and growing food is not that demanding) as racially demeaning. I'd let the fuckers starve myself, until they conformed to natutre's rules, but the soppy hand wringing, lip trembling imbeciles know best . . . for now.

Two years ago I heard a real life story (in the UK) about a black pupil that secretly worked really hard at academic success, but kept this fact hidden from his black peers, specifically because of this, 'coz its too white man' social pressure. You are being supportive of this burden creating racism, when you praise them. But Far Worse, you are positioning yourself with the soppy hand wringing types - that such anti achievement culture should be rewarded with £31,250, every time one of the little turds blubs that their feelings have been hurt by whitey's culture, though they don't mind cashing whitey's cheque sharp enough.

Fuck off with any of that bullshit, in any format, including hoorays. Are you sure you are in agreement with the U.S. District Court in Florence, on this one ? (Link 2 above).

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 3 January 2010 18:58,

You are very confused. You agree with me completely and disagree with me entirely. Racism is a good thing, in blacks as well as whites. It is a healthy sign. It produces a healthy tension and separation between the peoples of the differing nations (ensuring little mixing). Do not fear nationalism. Give a cheer for nationalism, racism and separation. Do not wring your hands worrying about the poor colored peoples -- let them make their own way if they want to.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 30 December 2009 17:36

When I agree with your sentiments about Nations being separate, this is because I am a Nationalist. I am 100% loyal to my nation. I also have no problem with other people of other nations, being 100% loyal to their nations, as long as they are peaceful towards us, with no exceptions, including occupation by Zionist invite. In return, we should be peaceful to them, despite having the oil, bananas, etc, that we want. Money and trade, rather than invasion and war(s).

I do not loathe and hate other races of people, simply because they're not my race (racism). Do you sit and hate Cherokee Indians, Eskimos, and nomadic Mongolians, simply because, they're not your race ? Rusty Mason, this conversation is over, unless, you give a specific statement on your status of hatred with regards to Cherokee Indians, Eskimos, and nomadic Mongolians, a clearly worded Yes or No answer is required at this point. i.e. I hate Cherokee etc . . . or . . . I do not hate Cherokee etc. Any wriggling, will be met with silence.

If you sit and fume despising people, that are just going about their daily lives thousands of miles away, without damaging you in the slightest, then that explains why you cheer on the racist black ghetto types in the article.

The Establishment, the MSM, and Rusty Mason, blur the line between Nationalism and racism. Different words, different meanings. This deliberate lack of differentiation, is why nationalist only get 6% of the vote each cycle, the two definitions above are rolled into one, with the MSM highlighting the hate of racism, and ignoring the common good of Nationalism.

You are playing into the hands of the enemy, when you assist them with this confusion. Do you really think declaring your soul of racial hatred, a vote winner ?

And I suppose you're now going to say, who me ? Well your own previous post makes absolutely no distinction between Nationalism and racism. Quote, "Give a cheer for nationalism, racism and separation" and "Racism is a good thing . . . Do not fear nationalism".

No distinction whatsoever. The media and MPs would love you, you'd help generations of troughers get fat, whilst the remnants of this country disintegrate.

This is why you see me as confused, because I have the ability to understand the different meaning of words. This is why the blacks are wrong to sneer at education, as a 'white masser thing', and you are wrong to praise them. Until Nationalist learn to make this differentiation, then they are doomed to a 6% vote share, and then the inevitable bloody war. Who benefits ? Our enemies.

As for, "Do not wring your hands about the poor colored peoples - let them make their own way if they want to"

I think you'll find I actually said, "I'd let the fuckers starve myself, until they conformed to natutre's rules." Does that really sound like hand wringing ?

The next time you start singing the praises of the white-hating racist ghetto culture, ask yourself, who's side am I on ?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 30 December 2009 17:36,

Among other things, you are confusing racism with hatred. That is a liberal conflation. Just because someone is aware of his own race and prefers it over others, does not necessarily mean he hates those of other races, (although a healthy distrust or contempt would be a good thing).

Anonymous said...

For us get the Truth of Thatchers role in BAE/Saudi deal add your name to

gatesofvienna said...

In Maggies favour she was the only politician that tried to de-Fabianise Westminster it being tied to Zionism is no easy task.

Dr David Duke

"How Nations Die"

Surprise- Surprise Jews are behind Forcing Multiculturalism on all white countries.
We have to learn to accept it!!
Jews can and do protect their race heritage etc.
But we cannot!!