Tuesday 26 January 2010

1.7 Million British Kids In Poverty

Whilst we hold the gates to our nation open and invite the whole world to pour in, we neglect our own people.

Such is the poison of the Liberal Society, a place where the rich and middle class will walk past a Briton sleeping on the streets in order to donate money in their banks for Haiti.


Over 1.7 million British youngsters live in "severe poverty," deprived of adequate food and clothing, a children's charity has revealed.

The research conducted by Save the Children organization showed that by the end of year 2008, the number of impoverished children in the UK had risen by 260,000, that is two percentage points higher than what was calculated in 2004-05.

England and Wales have been hit worse by the increase, where some 13% of all children are extremely poor.

In Scotland the figure stands at 9%, while in Northern Ireland 8% of youngsters live in severe poverty, the charity added.

As the data was gathered during the four years before the recession, meaning between years 2004 to 2008, it means that the fight against child poverty has not only stalled, but has also "slid into reverse."

"It's shocking that at a time when the UK was experiencing unprecedented levels of wealth the number of children living in severe poverty actually increased," Fergus Drake, Director of the UK programs for the charity said.

He also warned that "with unemployment expected to increase," there is a danger that the numbers of the severely poor could rise even further

According to the Save the Children criteria, those living in households with incomes of less than 50% of the UK median income and those missing certain basic possessions, such as a winter coats, were categorized as severely poor.

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lormarie said...

"Only non-whites can raise the issue of white working class suffering,"

I've noticed the same. In spite of what I said on the Greer thread, nonwhites speaking on behalf of white suffering appears less threatening.