Tuesday 26 January 2010

Obama The Gneius

Obama the gnieus needs a tele-prompter to talk to 6 year olds.

And Americans voted for this idiot.


What a geeneus.

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LorMarie said...

I'm dissappointed. Obama doesn't seem to realize that he can't be a "please everybody" president. Because he tried to be on everyone's side, we lost healthcare reform. He brought no change whatsoever. Still, I don't regret my vote because the alternative (Palin as VP and possible president) would have been far worse.

We've got a new guy on the scene who just might be the next POTUS. I'm afraid to get too excited though. I'll wait and see.

Defender of Liberty said...

That wouldnt be a certain new Republican governor of a certain state who once posed nude for a centrefold would it.

Why, I am shocked.

LorMarie said...

I didn't realize he was the one who posed nude. If so, he should not be governor or president. It cheapens the office, IMO.

CountryLass said...

Hey, not all Americans voted for Obama; some of us saw through the teleprompters early; some of us saw that he lacked experience in actually leading anything; some of us saw his radical agenda to "transform" America; some of us knew of his bully tactics to become the Senator from Ill (where he used the court to eliminate his opponents and walked into the seat unopposed thus taking away the peoples right to VOTE in their next Senator).

And we're now seeing those same bully tactics in his pushing through of the Health Care Bill despite the will of the majority of the people.