Tuesday 26 January 2010

A Letter For Bonnie Greer - Britains Biggest Bore

Dear Bonnie,

Is there no end to your insufferable American vainglorious self promotion and baseless bragging ?

You appear on a rigged TV show with a rigged audience with a rigged panel to take on ONE man, join in the demeaning and frankly sickening hate fest, and then think this makes you intelligent, moral or wise.

You are none of the above, you are simply another product of the multi-cultural system, a rider on the race relations gravy train exploiting the system for all you can.

Now Bonnie dear how about having a fair debate with someone from the BNP, like Simon Darby or me.

One to one in a studio with a no holds barred debate without the dealer rigging the game in your favour.

To be frank, you have become a bore with your endless insufferable prattle about your 'good works' to defeat the BNP.

Perhaps you really do think you are a secular saint, Saint Bonnie of the Cult of Multi-culturalism.

Dear Bonnie, instead of opening you big gob all the time and bigging it up, how about walking the walk.

Hold a real debate with the BNP, not the fake hate fest that the BBC set up with its audience of white middle class liberals and ethnic middle class hypocrites.

But you wont will you Bonnie, for you enjoy the fake kudos of a fake victory.

Its a pity that you think the howl of the happy dogs in the media is the applause of impressed people.

I wasnt impressed Bonnie.

In fact I thought you were a vapid, shallow twat with an ego the size of America itself.

You reinforced for me the fact that you are not British and will never be in terms of character.

You may have a piece of paper that says you are British but where it counts, in relation to character, you will never be British.

The British people dont like bullies.

The British people dont like to see people being bullied.

The British people always stand up for the little guy, and you Bonnie, well you are the establishment in all its bloated, flatulence filled glory.

The British people dont like braggarts.

The British people dont like pompous idiots with their heads up their own arses.

The British people dont like being told what to think, especially by people who have nothing to say.

The British people dont like people who think that putting the boot in when someone is on the ground is okay and then exploiting that for personal gain is acceptable.

Thats why you wont ever be British Bonnie, even if you have a British passport.

Because you will always be an American where it really counts - in your soul, mind and actions.

You are just George Bush with a vagina and chip on your shoulder, an extension of the same arrogance, insufferable pompousness and self righteousness that Bush suffered from.

Jog on Bonnie, jog on.


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Andraste said...

The disturbing thing is that people like Bonnie Greer actually believe they are lauded by the mainstream media and political establishment because they are someone of significance, rather than realising the reality which is that they have been projected into their position for purely ideological reasons.

Greer wouldn't last 2 seconds in a fair debate against the BNP, and deep down she knows it. But she keeps pretending to herself, just like the rest of the mainstream media and political establishment, that they can defeat the BNP and expose our *yawn* odious ideology. And yet when it comes to it when do these delusional idiots ever meet us fairly? Never. They can't, we would trounce them.

LorMarie said...

I was ready to give Ms. Greer the benefit of the doubt until I read this comment of hers:

"But attempts are being made to turn them. They feel disenfranchised and don’t think anyone in authority wants to listen to their problems back home. This is a vacuum which the BNP is exploiting."

While she may be right, I don't think it's a good idea for her to champion a cause in favor of young (or old) white British men...that is, if she is attempting to speak for them. I don't know too much about this woman or what her agenda is so I will do my own research. But, the responsibility to speak on behalf of "the forgotten white British male" belongs to white British males. That should not even be on her agenda.

Defender of Liberty said...

Hi Lormaire,

I hope you are well.

Bonnie Greer is undoubtebly a highly intelligent woman, but the arrogance is intolerable.

She doesnt attack the Black Panthers in America or the Nation of Islam in America or the Six Percenters, yet now attacks the BNP for being a party of ethno-nationalism and Cultural Nationalism.

The BNP is not a party of racial supremacy, we are an National Rights, Indigenous Rights and Cultural Rights party.

We do not preach racial supremacism, we demand simply peoples democratic rights as the indigenous peoples of these Islands and our culture being the historical one.

As an African American immigrant to Britain, who has now become a naturalised British citizen, one would expect her to have an aversion to any politics that emphasise indigenous rights, but to deny and attack we indigenous British when we seek to exercise as an ethnic group and assert our rights to organise socially, politically, culturally and legally in British society order to represent our communities interests in the multi-cultural system, then that is blatant fascism.

Liberalism has become the New Fascism, and its evil tolerated as long as the racism is directed against whites.

Theres a word for people like Greer - its 'hypocrites'.



Anonymous said...

Re: Black History Fabrication
school assembly guidelines for ''black history month''

Welcome to today’s assembly, this week we are continuing to focus for
Black History Month is on the Black British experience which means the
experience of black people who are of African or Caribbean heritage.

For the first section of today’s assembly let go back way back, back into the
past. It is thought that Black people in Britain were only present in Modern
daytimes especially after the Second World War. In fact there have been

I didn`t think the invasion began until 1948


Rijker said...

Our folk -

Our enrichment -

This what they mean by "change".

Anonymous said...

A new terrorist ploy?


Adrian P said...

People don't like being talked down to either, Showing more of Bonnie Greer and her likes could well be a BNP Vote winner.
Like it or not, 'racism' is a natural human tendancy, World leaders ought to recognise this.

I'll be voting BNP in the GE because only by recognising our unique National Cultures can we gain understanding.
Ramming multiculturalism down our collective throats is not going to work.
It's like trying to force children to eat their veg, they will rebel, even if it's actually tasty.
This is hopefully their undoing.
I look forward to the day when we have friendlier relations with the Muslim world, when perhaps me and my children can visit afghanistan and Africa as tourists, and they can do the same to Britain and Europe.