Monday 11 January 2010

Wootton Bassett - WAKE UP PEOPLE

The media are saying that Islam4UK have said they will not 'march' through Wootton Bassett in the future.

Of course they wont, as they wont get permission to do so.

But Choudhry and his rats havent said they will not hold a DEMONSTRATION in Wootton Bassett in the future, as they do not need to apply for permission to hold a demonstration.

All they need to do is turn up and hold the demonstration - as they planned to do yesterday.

The threat that Choudhry and his collection of filth will attend Wootton Bassett is real and active.

The reason why the media are peddling the 'we wont march story' is because they are trying to defuse public anger on this story.

The public are luckily for the media and the government, a bit dim as far as the law is concerned.

There is a difference between a MARCH and a DEMONSTRATION.

Just because Choudhry has stated that the scum wont march does not mean they will not demonstrate in the future.

The media and the police all want to defuse community tensions so they are trying to peddle the myth that Islam4UK will now not sully the streets of Wootton Bassett.

This is a lie.

They can and they will whenever they want too.

Stay vigilant.

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alanorei said...

This would be a repetition of Luton, only on a bigger scale.

I understand that the jihadists at Luton are to be charged with some kind of public order offence but I sense it will only amount to a slap on the wrist from our cowardly authorities, if that.

Hence the jihadists are ratchetting up to Wootton Bassett. Luton was no doubt a test case.

They are like cobra snakes in India, which have been tolerated for so long they have lost their natural fear of man and will actually attack humans. Muslims in this country only commit outrages (e.g. paedo gangs, July 7th, 21st 2005, Glasgow Airport, murders of selected white victims e.g. Kriss Donald) because no official response targets the cancer of Islam as a whole - see Brian Paddock's disgraceful remarks on the very morning of July 7th 2005.

I suggest that Islamicists, mainly being Orientals, only understand force i.e. you can't negotiate with them.

This is something the US, in spite of WW2 against the Japanese, had to learn all over again in the futile Paris Peace Talk negotiations with the Vietnamese Communists way back in the 1960s.

You either whip the Oriental (Hiroshima, Nagasaki) or you leave him alone.

Muslims in the UK cannot be left alone. That pretty well narrows the options and puts the British people, sadly, decisively between a very sharp rock and a very hard hard place.

alanorei said...

Re: inflaming of community tensions - politicians' perception

It appears that our politicians are stupid enough to think they have some control over such tensions.

The Islamicists will inflame them as and when they like, when they judge they are strong enough to do so. In their perception, we are all despised "Trinitarian kaferis [infidels]."

You only have to look at France, where the flames have been literal.

What we are seeing is the escalation of classical Muslim strategy, applied ever since the 7th century AD, as outlined as a warning by Nigerian Christian G.J.O. Moshay in his book Who is this Allah? p 25. My emphasis.

"Migrate to Christian areas because they are tolerant. Pretend to be peaceful, friendly and hospitable; begin to clamour for religious political and social rights and privileges that you will not allow to Christians in an Islamic country; breed fast there and settle down; there should be no Christian activities in your community; you may speak or write to discredit their religion, but they must not talk about Islam; begin to expand your community; Christian activities should be restricted in all the places you expand to; the moment you have enough military might against these ‘disbelievers’, these trinitarian kaferis, go ahead and eliminate them or suppress them as much as you can, and be in control."

I wonder how the British police will react when they are confronted with the French-style situation?

A politician with intelligence (!) would hand over control of public order to The Poachers but that expectation is extremely optimistic.

alanorei said...

Re: Luton dress rehearsal for Wootton Bassett outrage.

Told you.

The punishment is peanuts, though I bet the taxpayer (i.e. us) ends up paying the fines for these foreign layabouts.

It is really is rich the defence lawyer citing Voltaire's famous quote.

One astute cartoonist depicted the Muslim reaction to the quote as taking off V's head with a scimitar while declaring, "OK, death!"

The real sickener though is the last paragraph. If true, it shows that the local police have already been dhimmified and are not fit to keep public order.

It is distressing that the same could be true for the local force (sorry 'service') in Wootton Bassett and I think it strengthens the view that The Poachers or their comrades-in-arms will eventually have to become the guardians of law and order if Britain is not to succumb to the rising tide of multi-faceted jihad*.

*Jihad is imposed in several forms, according to long-term missionary to the Sudan, Peter Hammond. See his book, Slavery, Terrorisim & Islam.

Anonymous said...

This blogger has a good idea. Get the women out to mop the streets clean after the march! No violence and a lot of contempt. Win the media war.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know that you didn't have to have permission to hold a demo, very interesting. Now WB has been tainted by scum like this, an absolute afront to our fallen heros, lets hope the people of WB vote to show their disproval.......Donna

Cromwell said...

Because the mugs vote for it.
If the nationalist party want anything to change they have to stop fecking around and tell the public the whole truth about the liblabcontrick.
Too much time wasted already.
All previous suggestions of using multimedia, dvd's etc have been ignored by backward-looking old hands afraid of their own pasts and egotistical time-wasters.
Revolution is coming, with or without the BNP.
Shape up or ship out!