Tuesday 12 January 2010

Islamist Apologist Bitch Yasmin-Alibhai-Brown

I despise Yasmin-Alibhai-Brown.

A demented liberal with a chip on her shoulder about being an ethnic minority in a majority white Britain, she spouts utter nonsense.


Lets analyse her latest fart of wisdom ;

(1) On blogs now thought to be written by Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the Nigerian accused of trying to blow up a plane over Detroit, you are given the impression from news reports that he was a lonely boy, unhappy with his peers who drank and partied. At university he apparently cut himself off, tried to hold on to Islamic Puritanism in a country of no shame, no restraint. Millions of Britons of all backgrounds are alarmed by the dissipation and debauchery that now defines Britain.

- Well if he wasnt happy in a country where students drank and got drunk then he should have fucked off to somewhere like Dubai and studied where they dont.

The idea that the British people should give up drinking, partying and acting like prats when they are drunk because a sad, rich, Islamist wanker foreign student was unhappy is crap that only the mental dwarf Brown could come out with.

I dont like watching British people on their knees in the gutter being sick on a saturday night, but rather that than them being forced on their knees five times a day in a mosque by Islamists with machine guns.

I may not like seeing young British women in itsy bitsy teeny weeny bikinis ( now that I am a middle aged man, as I used to enjoy such sights very very very very much when I was a young man) but rather that than them being forced into a Burkha by Islamists wielding canes to beat them with.

(2) For Umar Farouk and many other Muslim men like him, living in such a landscape is literally intolerable. He confesses that he does try to lower his gaze in front of females, wonders if he should get married because he is getting too aroused. You could make a movie, a Taxi Driver for our times, about just such an anti-hero, the hormonal male who is expected to live a life of total abstinence in the middle of licentiousness.


I once visited a Muslim country.

I thought it was hell.

I left.

I never blew people up because I didnt like the country.


(3) The Pakistani journalist Maruf Khwaja describes this inner chaos in an Open Democracy blog. In some homes they cannot watch television, listen to music, dance or indulge in anything pleasurable: "[Muslims] want to do what their secular friends do, have nights out, go clubbing, have boyfriends and girlfriends. Many are depressed by social isolation and attempt to escape by leaving parents and Islamic legacies behind."


The idea that Muslims in Britain are unable to access muslim only community centres, muslim only charities, muslim TV stations on satellite and cable, Muslim festivals, Muslim shops and Muslim businesses is a lie peddled by someone who has never walked or stepped foot in places like Sparkhill, Sparkbrook and Small Heath in Birmingham.

They are Muslim enclaves.

Boo hoo for the poor fictious Muslims sitting in their ficitious front rooms having to watch re-runs of Starsky and Hutch and Doctor Who.

Oh how oppressed they are.

Buy a DVD player and watch a Bollywood movie or fuck off to somewhere where they wrap everything female with a pulse in a burkha.


(4) Others, like Asif, revert. He says he had a contact list full of willing white women whom he chatted up to "get into their knickers" and now that he is a good Muslim, he talks to covered-up ladies and can "really communicate with them". The saintly Muslim female has desexualised herself, protects herself in the polluted land she lives in full of mad, bad and dangerous sinners.

- Oh dear.

The old hag really has lost her marbles.

Yasmin you need to shut up.

You have abused every female in this country who is not a member of some deranged sect of sexually repressed thugs who think that in the absence of sexual release they have to get their rocks off by blowing themselves up.

The 'saintly muslim female' under Islamist rule is nothing of the sort.

Under Islamist ideology she is nothing more than a 'baby suicide bomber machine', a mobile womb to be filled with up more Islamists who can then be indoctrinated with hate for Britain and then blow us up.

I despise the sexualisation of our women by the media, school and politicians - but the fact is they are victims of a conspiracy by liberals such as yourself , who once burnt their bras for sexual equality, and now you despise the society you yourself produced.

Our women were mentally poisoned by bitches like you Yasmin, by liberal and leftist whores who sexualised them and then sent them out as sexual predators - so you are guilty Yasmin, you and all your sick liberal leftist whores who created the 'sexual revolution' and turned so many women into whores for men to use as they wish.

(5) I am saying that the collapse of all restraint in our societies is breeding sicknesses and madness, and may be pushing some Muslims to the edge of reason.

- Well they should fuck off out of Britain then and go back to the land of their forefathers if they cant cope with our society - better that than they blow themselves in our high streets up as they cant handle seeing young women in a bikini on our beaches.



(6) In Natasha Walter's new book, Living Doll: the Return of Sexism, she describes the widespread self-degradation of young women and girls who wear "fuck-me" clothes, binge-drink and sleep around, all in the name of emancipation. Their heroines are Jordan and glamour models in lads' mags and what they really, really want is to be just like these big-breasted big-timers.

- Liberals like you Yasmin sold them the lie of the Sexual Revolution, and now you see the result you cannot accept that you created the problem.

Now we see the victory of sexual equality and the sexual revolution combined with mass immigration and political correctness - a psychotic society of sexualised women who have to live alongside sexually repressed Islamist thugs who want to blow themselves up as they are frightened of women who demand an orgasm every time they get a leg over.

How wonderful - what a victory.

The victory of leftism has resulted in a psychotic, diseased, sick society, riven by ethnic and religious factionalism and poised forever to explode into communal hatred as sexually repressed Islamist males jerk off over pictures of people being beheaded and who see semtex as a replacement for viagra.

Fuck you Yasmin, fuck you and the society you created.

We are not here to tinker at the edges.

We are going to enact a revolution.

We are going to smash this sick system into pieces and then rebuild it from top to bottom.

And as for all those liberals, leftists and Islamists - well you will reap what you have sown.

You trained us well, and when the day comes we will pay you all back in the only currency you understand.

(7)Dr Marcus Braybrooke, a respected Anglican clergyman and theologian, has expressed his anxieties: "[All of us] face the same challenges in an increasingly alien society. Original sin and sexual inhibition has been replaced by what most Christians and Muslims would regard as undue permissiveness." Atheists too and humanists I bet, and all other sorts.

- Coming from a person in a Church riddled with pederasts, under the dominion of homosexuals and Marxists, this has to be a joke right !

Yet another Dhimmi-Vicar who ignores the kiddy fiddling nonces in his own church yet wants to moralise about 'permissiveness' whilst choking the throats of little children with pages torn from the Bible to stifle their screams as his fellow priests sodomise them.

Fuck you Yasmin.

Fuck Islamism.

Fuck the Dhimmi-Church.

I suggest you all fuck off out of our country and kill each other somewhere far, far away and leave the rest of us get on with dealing with the mess that politically correct liberal, Islamist and Dhimmi-Christians like you created in the first place.

If you wait until we get into power, you will regret it.

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Anonymous said...

"...demented...with a chip on her shoulder..."

Rijker said...

Daily Backstabber ignores/supports halal & kosher cruelty -


- while the EU/LibLabConKip destroys our farming industry.

Muslims enjoying ritual cruelty for Allah -

You know what they say about those who are cruel to animals .......

gafan said...

During the 4th of June, 2006, edition of Dateline London, Gavin Essler posed this question:
"What's wrong with white guys, by the way?"
To which Alibhai-Brown replied:
"I don't like them. I want them to be a lost species in 100 years".

Here -

Scroll down to see the foul, hate-raddled bitch alongside one of her books which features a black Queen on the front cover.

gatesofvienna said...

SHE OPENLY STATED- That she looked forward to the extermination of all white males.

Jasmin Alibhai-Brown, a Muslim woman of Pakistani heritage, came to Britain in 1972 and eight years ago married a white man named Colin Brown. From the start, they say, they tried to run their marriage as a partnership in which both cultures could bloom and command respect.

Don't insult Christians' she's a moggy.

Anonymous said...

It is hateful asian people like her that give asian people an extremely bad name and bad image. It is nasty and abusive asian people like her should be blamed if any brown people got mistreated in the western world.