Sunday 10 January 2010

Updated Update

16:22 - EDL leaving Wootton Bassett, NF have turned up
16:25 - Rumours of uaf and islam4uk slogans daubed on war memorials in northern towns
16:43 - Rumour has it choudary was removed for his own protection
16:52 - BBC source says all the media are being kept away from the town
16:55 - WB resident confirms Choudary was turned back and EDL were ultra respectful
17:30 - still no media coverage.

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Andraste said...

The media not reporting on it because they haven't worked out an angle yet. Or perhaps as has happened in other areas a d-notice has been slapped on the media.

The fact that nothing is coming out about this shows that the establishment are shitting bricks about the consequences, i.e. massive rise in support for BNP.

alanorei said...

Thanks for the updates, Lee

Something that should not be overlooked:

The head subversive for the coffin procession said it was about ending the cycle of death.

A lie. What Muslim who believes the Qur'an is bothered about ending any cycle of death? No-one could find one bonafide instance in 1400 years of Islam's existence.

The real message of the now thankfully aborted procession is clear, which also explains why it was to be staged in Wootton Bassett and not outside the Houses of Parliament, where the war was concocted.

"We can put another 500 of your sons and daughters in boxes just like these. Dhimmify or die!"

That's all anyone has to know about Islam in this country, or anywhere else.

NR said...

Let's not mince words.

These are the latest signs of what is shaping up to be a civil war.

The establishment are scared shitless.

Henrik R Clausen said...

Great that we Samizdat media to make up for the blackout from the media of the State.