Tuesday 26 January 2010


For those with interest in such things, the revelation from a top UKIP insider about the forthcoming legal case with the Electoral Commission is most interesting.

On the democracy forum thread here ;


You will read a statement from a chap called Baron Von Lotsov.

Those on the BDF forum know this chap has some high level contacts in UKIP and his latest post states ;

Lord Pearson says he has it covered as he has been talking to hedge fund managers about their new EU regulations designed to put them out of business. He says they have got it. So I conclude from that they will be voting UKIP. This is why I was so in favour of Lord Pearson becoming leader. He has the backing of some very rich people.

This is a very interesting statement. First it confirms that in effect Lord Pearson bought UKIP from Nigel Farage with a promise to cover the parties debts and not drag its leaders and MEP's into debt with it.

Secondly it reveals that Lord Pearson is in effect the puppet of powerful corporate interests, either British, American or Israeli. The fact that the hedge fund backers behind UKIP have promised to save the party is if they expect to get something out of it when they get elected.

Now the only benefits to hedge funds would be if UKIP had the policy of withdrawing from the EU, withdrawing our holdings from the EU and convert our primary exchange currency as the dollar.

In effect we would be subsidising the Federal Reserve by swopping Euro's for Dollars.

Therefore the main beneficiaries of such a policy would be American Hedge Funds, and therefore the corporate interests behind UKIP are globalist as opposed to European.

We would merely be exchanging one set of old chains for another.

At this point in history the US Empire is about to collapse.

Peak Oil will destroy the Petro-Dollar Recycling System.

Fractional Reserve Banking has ensured that long term investment into essential infra-structure renewal projects has instead been lost by being put into capital destroying speculative bubbles that have consumed vast amounts of capital in their expansion and collapse.

Quantative Easing has ensured that the vast amounts of money printed today has no value anymore, this is because other than by attaching its value as an increase in the size of the economy fiat money has no value, and the chances of the value being attached to the billions borrowed has been wrecked by the Credit Crunch which has destroyed future economic growth for decades in order to repay the debt.

Therefore massive inflation looms.

To attach ourselves to the dollar is the equivalent of tying yourself to the anchor just as the ship is about to sink.

Its not a good idea really.

Therefore we have a situation where the corporate interests of UKIP threaten to drag Britain into a global economic collapse led by the fall of the dollar.

What is the point of ending domination by Europe for domination by America.

The Iraq War debacle shows us the danger of being too closely aligned to the US corporate interests and its Military-Industrial-Media Blocs.

Therefore a vote for UKIP is a vote for servitude and military service in wars fought by the US Empire.

UKIP is a hobby for rich men and hedge funds, it is not a political party that British Nationalists and patriots can trust.

Lord Pearson truly has the backing of some rich and powerful people, the questions is in whose interests are they giving UKIP the money.

I doubt it is in the interest of Britain.

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Adrian P said...

You can bet your life then that at the top of the pyramid will be the Rothschilds.

Rothschild Trillionairs

Fake Gold in Ft Knox and BofE, Rothschild implicated

Couple this with what's going on at Chilcott, Plus the revealations regarding the swine flu overhyping by WHO, are we seeing the end of the road for Zionist control or is this all part of their agenda too.
Chilcott, although it may look good could actually further our loss of Sovereignty, because the argument is that Great Britain violated International law.
So although people might enjoy the spectacle of our MP's being grilled, effectively they are agreeing, we should follow international law, not sovereign law.

Ron Paul calls for CIA to be smashed, just like JFK

Ron Paul calls for Western Revolution

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