Thursday 7 January 2010

Brits dieing from lack of care while NuLab flys in 3rd worlders for special treatments

Not many people are aware that New Labour operates parallel asylum scheme(s), jointly funded with the EC and operating under mandatory EC Priorities (and specifically removed from the control of Parliament).

This scheme sends NuLab mandarins overseas to 'fish' for sick people to bring to Britain.

Then, British taxpayers (through circular funding to the EU and back) pay for all sorts of things, such as (page 39 on the link below) medical escorts on flights, and pre-arranged treatment and housing.

Yet if you are a British citizen and go on holiday and do not have medical insurance then you have to pay all your flight costs and for emergency treatment.

This scheme only imports in asylum seekers who are sick and unable to work.

This makes a mockery of the statement that New Labour only import in people who can contribute to our society, these asylum seekers are brought in specifically in order to gain free medical treatment in the UK and thereby put extra burdens on the NHS.

Persons with serious medical needs are resettled to the UK, and are included in the 680 target for 2008. This includes refugees:

whose condition is life threatening without proper treatment which is currently unavailable to them; or

where their health condition presents a significant obstacle to leading a normal life and achieving self-sufficiency; or

where their current situation prevents them from becoming well-adjusted and from functioning at a satisfactory level.

In line with UNHCR’s definition of medical needs, priority is given to the needs of persons whose medical condition is directly related to their persecution, flight of exile and to women alone or with children/dependants.

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Adrian Peirson said...

Are you making this stuff up ?

Just Kidding, I know it's true, I have a simple rule for deciding if something is true, it works like this.

If it's bad and the Govt is involved, then it's true.

Works everytime.

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