Sunday 10 January 2010

Media Cover UP Islamist March

The media are trying to cover up the fact that the Islamist filth went to Wootton Bassett today to try and march but were stopped by various patriot groups coming togather to stop them.

The coaches with the Islamists in them were in Wootton Bassett and prepared to march, but the police turned them back because of public order fears.

Note that the media does not say that the coaches were in the town, instead they try and give the impression that they were not planning any march.

This is the media making up the news rather then telling the truth.

The media defend these scum, as the media are working to ensure that the British people do not wake up to what is happening in their country.

Well done to all those patriots in Wootton Bassett today.

You stopped the Islamist filth from sullying our streets.

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Andraste said...

Great work Lee, you are leading the campaign - this is the stuff we love :-)

Media re shitting their stinking kaks about this, establishment are realising the game is up. Lamp-posts and rope spring to mind...

... and to think they are trying to distract attention with the pathetic attack on Nick Griffin, oh how stupid they are.

Andraste said...

The enemy is weakest when they cannot present any semblance of the truth - and in this instance we have them by the balls - big time. We should exploit this. Of course we should be sensitive but now the people of Wootton Bassett have seen the reality we need to have a special campaign there. I would go. This is what the establishment are fearing - the people coming together - once the people awaken their sick game is up.

Andraste said...

I have discovered that Choudry was removed for "his own safety" when the NF turned up... good on them, I respect them for that. Choudry runs away like the scum rat he is when facing patriots.

Andraste said...

Anonymous said...

But but...don't you realise our troops fought through two world wars so them Muslims can come here and abuse the troops at Wooten Bassett?! Where's the appreciation of their sacrifice?