Friday 29 January 2010

September Sky.

All the spring buds have bloomed,
And fallen to the ground, sighing,
In the fury of summers passion.

A blizzard of exulting blossoms,
Recalling as they are falling,
Precious moments of perfection.

As when first the wandering Sun,
Stretched forth his golden fingers,
And stroked open their pale petals.

Soft the loving kiss that he laid,
Upon the naked limbs of cherry trees,
Gently waking from winters sleep.

Now Autumn in all her wise womanhood,
Fears the widowing sky of September,
And weeps in silence as the Summer ends.

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Anonymous said...

Lovely poetry.....Donna

Royston Vasey BNP Branch said...

I agree with Donna.

Love your site and appreciate the work you are putting in for the True Indigenous British People.

Adrian Peirson said...


Wonder if the words could be put to music,

is Joey busy.

Speaking of Words.
George Orwell on the decline in the English Language

Anonymous said...

Lee, this is what Simon Woolley had to say regarding the BNP on Channel 4 News on the 23/06/2009 - "Once the doors are open we may want to join to shut them down, or to change them to make them a more inclusive representative party".

Simon Woolley now works for the EHRC as a "commissioner" as of the 19th November 2009.

Surely there is a conflict of interest here? How can the EHRC now be classed as an "unbiased" non politicized organisation?

Could the BNP use this in court. To argue the case is politically motivated?

Also notice this at the bottom of his profile on the EHRC website - "He declared that he has not engaged in any political activity in the past five years when responding to the political activity questionnaire."

The interview of him can be heard here -

2:57 Mins.

Trev said...

I like to read one of your poems a day. This poem speaks of a time of year that i love. I appreciate the adjectives. It was posted in January, perhaps it might be an idea to post it again now it is in fact September.