Thursday 28 January 2010

TREASON - buying off the Taliban

The Labour government, and all the main parties are traitors.

They started a war in Afghanistan that has killed hundreds of British troops and now they are going to pay the Taliban, and the murderers of British soldiers, not to attack us.

The labour party and Tories are going to bribe with hundreds of millions of pounds the same people who have been planting IED's and killing and maiming British troops in Afghanistan.

The old adage is true - If you are Britains friend they will sell you out, if you are Britains enemy they will buy you off.

These payments to the enemies of Britain, the Taliban, during war are acts of treason, as is funding the enemies of Britain during a time of war and having secret meetings with the enemy such as in Dubai.

This is treason, pure and simple treason.

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Anonymous said...

"That if once you have paid him the Danegeld,
You never get rid of the Dane"

from Rudyard Kipling

Anonymous said...

Treason is the norm with this shower of shit!

I`ve just spotted this:-

Berger said...

Do you think the British Empire never paid off hostile locals?

ulsterpatriot said...

Ah; those that forget history are condemned to repeat. Here again we see Labour doing the only thing they know how. They did exactly the same thing in Northern Ireland with the IRA and now they are doing it with the Taliban. Buying off your enemies so as to give you enough time to pull out. Another great Labour Party production. Hang the bastards!!!!!!!

Adrian P said...

I'd just love to know what the troops think of this, how many have we lost over there, over 250, and there must be at least 3 times this many limbless.
This is just so crazy it can only have been designed to piss off the troops and get them to say, fuck this, I'm quitting.

That's the only thing I can think of that makes sense, it is not designed to buy off the Taleban because all they will do of course is take the money and continue as normal.
This can only be to piss off the troops so Labour can continue its demoralisation and Culling of the British Armed Forces.

That's my guess at what they are doing here, demoralisation.

like many Brits, I knew little about Northern Ireland, its only in the last couple of years I've wondered what it was all about.

Westminster is so Anti British, Anti Western European I have to wonder about events like Omah, and Enniskillen, I hope I don't offend anyone who lost loved ones there, and I'm only guessing, and the only basis of this guesswork is the absolute treachery that infests Westminster for us all, Brits, Irish and Western Europeans.

But I can well imagine Bilderberg Blair saying to the IRA,
look, we can carry out attacks like Eniskillen and Omah whenever we like, and our control over the media is so complete you the IRA will always get the Blame, you will lose support more and more, so do as we ask, give up the armed struggle, or, our Secret services and our media will destroy you in the eyes of the public.

Just a guess but, the more I learn about Westminster, the more I wonder about events.

I do remember with Omah and Enniskillen thinking, the IRA must be mad to do this.

I've spoken to one Irish guy who said it was fairly common belief that the 'Brits' were behind some of the atrocities.

I could be wrong but it should obvious to us all, British or Irish, the EU / NWO is at war with us all.

I don't think Brits and Irish should be killing e\ch other, that's just what they'd want us to do, we have a common enemy, the EU, the NWO who are using migration as a battering ram.

Maybe Our differences can be settled later in a Guinness drinking competition.

PS that's not a personal challenge by the way, I fall over after half a pint of water.

Cultural Marxism

Adrian P said...

And they have just dug up Osama Bin Laden to join in their fight against the evil western civilisation.
Osama bin Laden has just issued a statement about Global Warming.
This is remarkable considering he's been dead for a few years, but of course since it's not been on the BBC then it's not happening.
They are wargaming here, Islamists and Leftists teaming up against Western Europeans.
That fact that China intends to continue building 2 coal fired power stations ever week for the foreseeable future is completely missed by Lefties.
All they can see is hatred of Western civilisation.
Lord Monckton on the Global Warming scam

Lord Monckton's Website

I suspect this move has less to do with buying off the Taleban, surely they will take the money and simply carry on as normal, that's their way.
This has more to do with defeating us Westerners than defeating Islam.
I may not be able to point out the details but Westminster is the enemy of the British People and Britain, ergo, this move will not be in our interests.

Do Lefties ever stop to consider that Indigenous British people may not want to be minorities.
Do they ever stop to think that if they oppose pollution,( forgetting Chinese coal fired power stations )
that there is maybe just a teensy weensy contradiction when the Govt, opens up secret jobcemntres in Africa, inviting in another 50 million.

<a href="></a>

No, they are so blinded by rage and hatred they cannot see that they are the Nazis, they are the ones engaged in the systematic Genocide of Western European peoples, in their minds, they are doing what's right.

I used to be married to someone like that, you cannot reason with them, their ego's will not allow them to see their own contradictions.

In the end I divorced her, I had to.

pity I can'd divorce our political establishment.