Thursday 14 January 2010

Government Commence Media Censorship

I juust saw this on the VNN Forum. Well spotted chaps.

British government begins crusade against freedom of speech. Calls for voluntary mass censorship in media.

The British government published a new set of guidelines for newspapers calling for a voluntary ban on certain words and the suppression of stories about non-white crimes! While the guidelines are not a legal requirement, Britain has already prosecuted political figures for so-called “hate speech” for speaking out against Islamic immigration.

This Draconian document, published by unelected government bureaucrats, can be viewed here in PDF form. Click Here.

The guidelines call on newspapers and media to voluntarily cease using the following words:

“immigrant,” “illegal immigrant,” “illegal asylum seeker,” “bogus asylum seeker,” “non-white,” “non-Christian,” “mixed race,” “half-caste,” “mulatto.”

Never identify people by race or religion.

The media is told to give racial minorities preferential treatment in hiring to have a more “multi-racial” staff.

The media is told to portray ethnic minorities in a more positive light.

When discussing public opinion always use or include quotes from ethnic minorities.

Pander to the taboos of ethnic minorities. Learn what local ethnic minorities don’t like and then omit these things from your paper.

Encourage whites to embrace elements of 3rd world immigrant cultures. Promote and glorify the holidays, customs, and religious beliefs of non-white immigrant cultures.

Also expose “racists.”

The government document explicitly tells those in the media to portray minorities in a more positive light while holding white “racists” up to ridicule.

"Reporting Diversity
How journalists can contribute to community cohesion"


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Lisa Brooksbank said...

Hi Lee, the link to the pdf file doesn't work this is what appears on the screen,
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Please check the web address in the browser's location bar, alternatively, return to the homepage.

If you were looking for content in our "Have your say" area, please note that this content has moved to

However if you go on the vannguard site and click the link there it takes you straight to it, the addresses are identicle.....strange.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

here`s a bit more, if it`s of any interest to you

cllr Tony Greaves is 'Lord' Greaves (limpdhim)

David T said...

We have a situation here where people only identify themselves as a minority when it suits them. Ethnic minority, minority religion, minority sexuality (i.e. gay). Only when it suits them to get some advantage from this or to claim discrimination do they categorise themselves as these minorities and express huge pride.

When those minorities do morally wrong things or cost the country more money due to their lifestyles in any way then they cease to want to be identified by their minority status and call anyone who describes them or links them to their minority statuses as racists, islamophobes and homophobes. The "pride" in their own ethnicity, religion and sexuality is situational at a time of their choosing only, to suit them. What stinking hypocrisy.

Anonymous said...

Just more of the same oppression suppression of free speech and thought by Neo labour and their State media lackeys