Friday 22 January 2010

Where Now For The EDL ?

Image - EDL with Israeli flag = WHY ?

One of the senior organisers in the EDL, Tommy Robinson, has given an interview to a local Asian radio station attacking the BNP, the NF and 'Combat18'.

At the same time we see a growing trend within the EDL towards an 'Israeli-fication' of the EDL, with flags of Israel brandished at demonstrations.

Now the ostensible aims of the EDL when it was founded were singular - to oppose Islamic radicals on the streets of Britain.

A laudable aim and one undertaken in response to the dreadful taunts made at British troops in Luton in 2009 by mobs of Islamists.

The EDL took to this with a vigour and though they appear never to have actually physically opposed ANY extremist Islamists groups or events organised by Islamist groups, they have opposed the UAF and other idiot left wing groups on a reguar occasions.

Now the fact that a load of white working class blokes with a few assimilated British born ethnic lads along with them giving the UAF some verbal abuse in the high streets of our major cities is a spectacle that would naturally amuse one, but the fact remains that the EDL have now morphed from an autonomus organisation with a single aim, to a hierarchical organisation indulging in politicial posturing.

Now the leaders of the EDL, the financers mainly, are not thick. They understand that the EDL is not a political organisation, it is in effect a street activist pressure group established to oppose Islamists, and that any movement into politics not only breaches the fundamental grounds on what the EDL was established for, but also makes it potentially an unlawful terrorist organisation as defined under the Public Order Act 1936.

In some ways the recent banning of the Islam4UK group was designed not to defend Wootton Bassett from the scum who threatened to march, but an attempt to try and close down the EDL.

By banning Islam4UK the government in effect makes the EDL redundant.

With Anjem Choudhry out of the way, the real Al Qaeda terrorists who are busy following Gramscian methodology and using Taqqiya to get in our society, are now infiltrating the economic, education, legal, political and media systems.

The 911 Osama Bin Laden Paradox applies as much to Britain as to America.

The real terrorists are not idiots like Choudhry, its the quiet ones, the ones slowly taking power in our society.

Therefore the EDL is now almost redundant, as the very grounds for establishing the group are almost obsolete.

Not that the EDL ever physically opposed any extremist muslim groups, but the fact that there are virtually no more of these groups indulging in their infantile street theatre for the media, means the EDL will either become a drinking club with a website, its various 'leaders' will write a book about their time in the EDL and then get to meet Danny Dyer for a Bravo TV show or it will change into something else entirely - and that is what we are witnessing.

The recent outbreaks of activists waving Israeli flags was the first sign of a disturbance beneath the surface.

The EDL ( note the E in EDL ) stands for ENGLISH Defence League.

Now it is not easy to miss the fact that Israel is not in England.

Therefore the waving of the Israeli flag must be either a deliberate provocation of Muslims in order to incite hatred against the EDL or a deliberate statement about the nature of the EDL.

It appears both may be right.

The fact that people like Matthew Kaplan are in the EDL, who is not a British citizen, is not a British resident, is a Jewish student from America studying at Kings College are organisers for the EDL reveals the fact that the EDL has become something other than it seems.

Why would the EDL wave Israeli flags in the first place.

It politicises the aims of the EDL.

It inflames and provokes even moderate members of the muslim community.

It antagonises Muslim counter demonstrators.

It breaches the fundamental nature of the EDL, which is an ENGLISH STRUGGLE against British Muslim extremists and not being part of a global Zionist or Jewish struggle against Islam or Muslims.

The attacks on the BNP are frankly insane.

The EDL were set up to oppose Islamist demonstrators who abused British troops.

The EDL was not set up to oppose democratic British political parties with elected officials.

The organisation known as 'Combat 18' according to my research on the internet, no longer even exists. Its name is used to sell CD's but it is about as real today as the KGB or the SS. Therefore to say they oppose a fictious entity, is foolish at least.

This attempt to suck up to the media wont work you know, the media wont ever like you lads. You can roll over and show them your belly and wag your tail and go 'woof' all you like, the fact is that the media have an AGENDA.

That AGENDA is to ensure the political and corporate interests they are controlled by are kept in perpetual power.

Therefore your very existence is nothing more than irrelevant to them.

They will not like you, therefore cease seeking to court them.

They serve their paymasters only.

If the EDL elected Bob Marley as its spiritual leader, adopted One Love by The Wailers as its party anthem and forced all its membership to have Kilroy tans it would still be called 'racist'.

That is because you have been formally designated as 'Islamaphobes' - that indelible dark stain and evil sorcery spell of liberalism that can never be washed away when once it is cast, and that clings as tenacious as curse forever upon thee.

By fighting against it, as you have been trying to do is folly, as its application as a perjorative is not predicated upon any logical basis but simply as the result of some new superstition, such as that you said something someone somewhere did not like, and the shadow attaches.

There is no central file of 'British Islamaphobes' where one can send an application to the Islamaphobia Identification Data Controller and ask for a copy of ones file, where it details that you may once have said something on a bus that you may, or may not have, been travelling on.

The charges of racism and islamaphobia are not based on rational, objective, legal or moral criteria - they are words used to inflict a terrorism of the word, in order to censor debates, close doen free speech, terrify people into silence and steal away democracy into tyranny.

Only once you can say 'who gives a shit', only then you are free of their power.

The EDL should, if its spokespeople had any legal wisdom, should keep its snout well out of British politics.

The EDL leaders may like to posture and preen and be politically correct for the media, but their members arent.

The overwhelming majority of the membership of the EDL are non-political, and therefore any attempt by any self appointed spokespeople to speak for a non-autonomous group whose membership was never founded on ANY political principles is itself absurd.

Therefore such spokespeople when they speak, speak only for themselves.

The moment the EDL seeks to constitute itself as a political group then it must put those political principles before its members and seek support for them, but the EDL has not done this - so therefore it should keep out of politics - not just for the fact that if it does go political it becomes illegal, but for the fact that its 'leaders' have no mandate from their membership to do so.

Wise heads must run such groups, not big mouths.

If the EDL 'leaders' cannot understand the difference between a lawful and elected political organisation, and an organisation like Islam4UK, then they are frankly too dangerous for the authorities to tolerate.

The moment that any group declares war on the democratic process and sets out to seek to oppose any democratic political party, or democratic political movement, from excercising its democratic, human and civil rights to organise and participate in the democratic process - then they become the terrorists and they become the extremists.

The BNP and the NF are democratic political organisations.

To oppose any democratic political organisation is an act of utter folly for the EDL.

Therefore their spokespeople best stop talking about subjects they appear to have little actual, or ideological, knowledge of.

The EDL if it is to stay together must simply stay as it was.

The attempt by any factions in its leadership to court the media or politicise the organisation must be resisted by the membership.

The EDL must dump the Israeli flag waving.

There are only two flags to fly at EDL demonstrations - the Cross of St. George and the Union Jack.

The EDL must dump the student politics bollocks it appears to have begun proceeding along.

The path of politics for street organisations leads only into prison cells, as some of the EDL younger chaps have just found out.

The leadership of the EDL have a duty to the kids who are tagging along to the demonstrations and who will get themselves arrested, prosecuted, criminal recordss and imprisoned.

There is a role for a English Nationalist street group that protests the Islamists, a role that could assist in the nationalisation of many of the young, mixed race British kids in our country, decent young lads proud to be be British who have rejected the politically correct liberal brainwashing.

If they want to fight for their and our rights and stand up against Islamists then good for them.

Islamist bombs do not discriminate on the grounds of race, and when they explode everyone, be they black, white, yellow or brown, are all blown into the same sized little pieces flesh and we all lose the same limbs on our bodies.

When the Islamists take power in Britain it will be Black Christians, Jews, Sikhs and Hindus all hanging alongside us White British folks.

Therefore the Islamist threat is to us all, as is immigrant crime, multi-culturalism, moral relativism, cultural relativism, political correctness and the rest of the sick dysfunctionalities of our present system.

The EDL could become a place where these assimilated British kids and people could direct their patriotism into.

Politicising them without their permission by speaking in their name without any mandate to do so is to exploit them.

The EDL cannot become political as by so doing it makes itself illegal.

The EDL no longer has anyone to oppose, therefore it faces an existential threat.

The EDL has allowed factions within to draw the EDL away the basic grounds on which it was set up and allowed it become internationalised, politicised and manipulated.

I suggest the EDL stick to opposing the following lists of possible demonstration objectives for future protests ;

1) Conferences in major cities organised by Islamist groups and groups linked to Islamist groupings

2) Public protests or demonstrations organised by Islamist groups

3) Marches in support of Islamism or international causes related to Islamism which are based and operate within the UK

4) Islamist groups that organise and recruit on university campuses

5) Facilities owned and used by Islamist groups

6) Businesses doing business Islamist groups

7) Supporters of Islamist groups in public services

8) Demonstrations outside buildings that employ Islamists such as in the public service sector

That way it has some internal focus for its national and local campaigns, can start to compile information in order to properly organise targeted activities during campaigns and avoids completely the politicisation process whereby it can be hijacked by those with a political agenda - such as government agents in the security services, police, special branch etc.

I also suggest the next time the EDL spokespeople speak to the media they dump the asinine student politics, and simply stick to explaining what the EDL IS as opposed to what IT ISNT.

The EDL doesnt do politics, is all that needs to be said.

Stay legal.

Stay focused on a single aim to oppose Islamists.

Stay out of jail.

Let the BNP deal with the Leftist and Islamist Gramscians and the Islamist Taqqyiya specialists who are the enablers of terrorism, when we get into power.

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bluehorse9 said...

The Zionist run EDL and the Zionist run UAF are one and the same. The agenda is to conflate the EDL with the BNP and have both proscribed. This latest development is the intermediary stage.
It was all obvious from the start.

Join EDL said...

As a member of the EDL i could not read all this article as it was too long.
Kindly make the next one shorter please, not all of us had the chance to get an education.

Anonymous said...

Interesting co - incidence. this morning I received a flyer ''from the EDL ''? , through my front door, its odd as I am in semi rural location....I went outside and saw no one delivering from door to door....

Not to be trusted

EDL Muppets unite for the NWO said...

Who knows what lies at the top of the EDL chain, chances are something very state or very thick!

This grouping actually stands for nothing other than to undermine the BNP.

It does nothing on a political front other than cause confrontation and as you say lee, the confrontation is a pointless exersise aimed at the tip of the iceberg.

an iceberg that keeps growing and they have no solution for this growth and when it is big enough it will be too big to confront.

They will one day understand that their street theatre was meaningless as they get outbred and eventually eradicated.

This is Ironic as the EDLs core support is BNP light, these are people who would be keen to jump on a BNP bandwagon should the damn of media concensus and public PC conformity and brainwashing break.

as it stands they have their little PC barrier up, the barrier that will destroy them.

perhaps its time Nick Griffin challenged their leaders to a debate and put it on the BNP website, i presume their arguments will collapse in front of their members eyes or they will run away and hide.

They play the tough guy role in a gang but when it comes down to it they are prepared to throw away their future as they are scared of being called racists by racists!

It's time the BNP took the political wind out of these muppets sails.

Anonymous said...

Well said DoL, i've always thought EDL was a bit dodgy, they sprung up after the BNP got two MEP's elected, i think your'e right also about the way EDL relate to the media, sometimes i just cringe, they are so PC saying all the things that the media want to hear, it's like they seek their approval, but who wants traitors approval? They appear to be against Islamification but on the other hand they appoligise for it....Donna

Defender of Liberty said...

Lets no go too heavy on the EDL please.

99 % of them are decent lads, its just that the organisation seems to be drifting into some shady waters of late.

We shouldnt alienate them as they are doing a good job harranguing the UAF and the Islamists,

They just need to drop the asinine anti-racism and political posturing and get on with confronting the Islamists.

Anonymous said...

The EDL is nothing more than Zionist puppets,created to turn people away from nationalism & BNP - for example the leader of the EDL said on radio " HE GOES OUT OF HIS WAY TO DENOUNCE THE BNP" "HE HATES THE BNP"

Anonymous said...




protect those that try to undermine you in the bigger picture? said...

"We shouldnt alienate them as they are doing a good job harranguing the UAF and the Islamists"

They are doing an even better job of undermining the BNP.

Confront the leadership, head on - stop playing games.

Otherwise you may find the EDL directly replacing the UAF, but worse!

Seeing as the UAF are clearly lefty dipstics and people can separate themselfs from that, but separating the EDL from the BNP for the public will not be so easy, you may see the EDL replace the BNP with a NWO mainstreme toothless version.

perhaps that was the plan all along?

UKIP also appear to be playing to the same crowd, BNP light.

If you do not confront it lee you will see it backed by the mainstreme as it is NO threat to them and the BNP support collaspe in its wake of media hype.

Face facts Lee these people are morons, soccer thugs, the NWO are manipulating them and the NWO will control them.

The EDL has to be challenged head on in direct debate with the BNP and the EDL leadership must be shown to be pointless.

EDL = UAF said...

Join EDL said...
As a member of the EDL i could not read all this article as it was too long.
Kindly make the next one shorter please, not all of us had the chance to get an education.

22 January 2010 06:54

Go back to reading the sports page in The Scum where you get most of your ideology and leave the politics to people who have taken the time to study it and understand its implications.

While you shout `racist` like the conditioned parrot you are.

Do the muppets in the EDL realise that had it been down to the BNP the problem they are so concerned about would never have arrisen, yet here they come trying to belittle the BNP, the people people who could have stopped it and the people who can stop it.

still carry on scum readers, keep up the racist screeming just like the UAF goverment puppets.

Adrian said...

Don't know what it is, strange that it took shape after the election of two BNP MEP's, best guess is a NWO / EU multiculti counter to the Nationalist pro British Sovereignty / Identity BNP.
In military terms the BNP are trying to protect British independance, sovereignty, identity etc.
This is a multiculti army being recruited to counter the BNP, of course, most of its recruits do not know that the end result if they win is the eradication of a Sovereign Britain and the Extermination of the British people.

Adrian Peirson said...

Is Norman Tebbit suggesting what British Patriot thinks he's suggesting, he can't be talking about dissolving parliament and forcing an election because we are weeks away from one.

Is he hinting our next prime minister may be

wearing a green and brown suit

Might make an interesting blog article even if I have misinterpreted what he's saying.
What would BNP Policy be in the event of a Military Coup.