Tuesday 26 January 2010

Church of England Hypocrites

The Church of England bishops in the House of Lords worked together to strike down the section of the Equality Bill that would have forced Churches to accept homosexuals and women, in effect they acted to ensure they could lawfully discriminate against homosexuals and women within the Church whilst also discriminating against the BNP and its members.

Note that the Church has not fought against other sections of the Equality Bill such as the parts of legalising anti-white racism, legalising racist affirmative action and positive discrimination plans and ensuring racial discrimination against whites is legalised.

As one the bloggers on the article on Norman Tebbits blog wrote ;

A pyrrhic victory for the god-botherers.

To paraphrase that clown Sentamu, if religious freedom means anything, it apparently means the right to continue to vilify and discriminate against those the religious don’t like.

( Like the BNP )

Yet again organised religion has shown itself to be backward and prejudiced, and indeed two-faced – demanding the right not be be discriminated against because of its beliefs, yet advancing those same beliefs as conveying the right to discriminate against others.

(Like BNP members).

What a hoot too from Normo Tebbs about “the Church of England falling victim to foreign control after all these years” – this comes after a senile German based in Italy has signalled his attempt to repossess parts of the CofE with his ordinariate offer!

( So the Church of England now knows that in order for Britain to become under the control of the EU has to surrender not just Parliament to the EU but also the Church of England to Rome.

But will the Church wake up.

Not likely )

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Wolfblood said...

Pope falls wanking to the floor -


I wonder if Saint Bliar whips himself in his cloister at the Vatican?