Thursday 14 January 2010

More Junk Science Revealed

Every year that passes scientists reveal that the facile propaganda masquerading as 'science' that kids are taught in school is revealed to be rubbish.

For instance the 'humans and chimps are 99.8 the same' myth.

This myth is the foundation of the established human story, and it is is rubbish as the report below reveals.

If the foundational myth of the human sciences is revealed as false, then how many others are false ?

And also when are schools going to tell children the truth about this revised science instead of perpetually peddling propaganda and bullshit ?

What is also interesting is that there are entire genes in human males that are not seen in other hominids - so where did they come from ?

The research compared the Y chromosomes - which determine a man’s sex - from humans and chimpanzees, man’s nearest living relatives, and showed that they are about 30 per cent different.

That is far greater than the two per cent difference between the rest of the human genetic code and that of the chimpanzee’s. The changes occurred in the last six million years or so, relatively recently when it comes to evolution.

"The Y chromosome appears to be the most rapidly evolving of the human chromosomes," said Dr. David Page, the co-author of the study and director of the Whitehead Institute in Massachusetts.

"It's an almost ongoing churning of gene reconstruction. It's like a house that's constantly being rebuilt."

But the authors of the study, which appears in the journal Nature, said that just because the Y chromosome is evolving fastest it doesn't necessarily mean men themselves are more evolved.

Researchers took the most detailed examination of the Y chromosome, which females do not have, of both humans and chimps and found entire sections dramatically different.

There were even entire genes on the human Y chromosome that weren't on the chimp, according to the scientists.

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps they had recently met John Prescott when they formulated the chimp theory.

Anonymous said...

The architectural drawings for a house and a cathedral are about 30% similar, meaning what? That one "evolved" mindlessly into the other one??

There is no such thing as "evolution" - it doesn't exist.

Things may be designed, and conceived, built, adapt, grow, develop, mature, age, reproduce, decay, expire, and die: but they never EVER "evolve".

It once meant to "unroll, as a scroll" but today "evolve" is suppose to mean improvement without intelligence, and "evolution" the alleged evolving process such that all living things descend from one common ancestor.

It's pure bullshit.

David T said...

The answer is simple- please refer to Genesis for the history of man. 8 people off a boat after global flood in about 3500 BC reproduce and have 6 billion humans today, exponential growth. That's perfectly reasonable only in a short time frame and not millions of years. Scientists have been making up stories about humans from apes for a while becasue they want to undermine God and the Bible's account of creation, as they reject Christian morality. They may not realise but an evil force is making them do this.