Sunday 17 January 2010

A Walk On Croyde Beach

The sun arose with a roar of light,
Leaping leonine from the East,
An effulgent orb of gold afire,
Sending forth a lucent sacred lance,
That settled on the sand dunes,
And banished the lingering night.

I watched the last shadows leave,
Which lay amidst the sea grass,
Shivering in the morning breeze,
As the stutter of her footprints,
Led me like words upon a page,
Down to where the waves met the land.

She waited where the spindrift blew,
Those pale mists of mizzling spume,
Tossed from the white mane of waves,
Which crashed upon wet black rocks,
Then swiftly sucked out to sea again,
And together we watched the world awaken.

Sea gulls flew overhead, wheeling ecstatic,
Sailing the blue sky with such delight,
Whilst a surfer rode the wild waters,
And high clouds blushed fiery crimson,
As for a second it seemed god gazed down,
And was well pleased with his holy creation.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Very nice.....Donna