Tuesday 19 January 2010

Hard Work Ethic = CHEAP LABOUR

European workers in Britain are usually paid far less than British workers, and desperate for work and this is the 'hard work ethic' so adored by the free market capitalists that want Britain to be allowed to ship is as many immigrants as it can to undercut wages for the British workers.

The two articles below reveal the truth - that Italian workers on one British site are earning £ 1,200 per month less than British workers.

Thats a great work ethic the capitalists can admire = more work for less cash.

The 'almost unprecedented' influx of 1.5million Eastern European workers into the UK in recent years is likely to have driven down the wages of less well-off Britons, the equalities watchdog said yesterday.

Poorer parts of the country may become locked in a 'vicious circle' where the only jobs which are created are low-skilled and likely to be taken by migrants, the Equalities and Human Rights Commission said in a landmark study.

The research also found that, overall, Eastern Europeans had better employment rates than British workers and had received dramatically bigger pay rises from bosses who value their 'excellent work ethic'.

'Their wages have grown by an average of 5 per cent a year compared with 1 per cent for natives', the study says. Many are highly skilled but downgrade their 'occupational status' when they come to the UK, making them more attractive to employers.

Researchers for the EHRC examined dozens of studies into the 'almost unprecedented scale and speed' of migration from Eastern Europe since 2004 when the UK's labour market was thrown open to workers from Poland and seven other former Eastern Bloc countries.

They estimate that 1.5million people have arrived here, although only 700,000 remain, and found that the 'new EU citizens' overall fiscal impact is probably small but positive'.

But their report adds: 'Perhaps more significant is the impact on local areas: local public services have had to adjust to concentrated increases in population and larger numbers of non-English speakers.'

Awful truth: John Denham has admitted that working class whites are struggling

The warning that wage levels for poorer Britons may have been hit will worry the Government - particularly coming just after Communities Secretary John Denham was forced to admit that many working class whites had been left struggling to adapt to the new Britain.

Ministers had always denied that pay to British workers had suffered from the influx of Eastern Europeans predominantly doing low-skilled jobs.

But the report, written for the EHRC by the Migration Policy Institute, says:

'The recent migration may have reduced wages slightly at the bottom end of the labour market, especially for certain groups of vulnerable workers, and there is a risk that it could contribute to a "low-skill equilibrium" in some economically depressed areas.'

It defines this as 'a situation in which the local labour force has low skill levels and so local employers only create low-productivity jobs'.


THOUSANDS of angry construction workers are planning a huge protest over cheap foreign labour.

They will march on London claiming Gordon Brown has failed to honour his “British jobs for British workers” pledge.

Their demo on February 3 will also mark the first anniversary of the Lindsey Oil Refinery strikes, the dispute over migrants which the Daily Star helped win for Brit workers. Union leaders say that one year on the problem is still as bad, with sub-contractors undercutting locals by flooding building sites with cheap foreign labour.

The march on February 3 is aimed at striking fear into Mr Brown as he faces an election in May.

Protesters claim the PM has let down traditional Labour voters by allowing their livelihoods to be destroyed by mass immigration.

Amicus union shop steward Kenny Ward said a national agreement – the so-called Blue Book – to protect Brit jobs is being ignored.

He said British workers were being forced to stay on the dole while jobs were going to poorly skilled Polish, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese migrants.

Tensions are again mounting at Staythorpe Power Station, Notts, where unions say Italians are being paid about £1,200 a month less than skilled locals.

Mr Ward said: “All we want for Brit workers is a fair crack of the whip to have first preference on jobs.

“The Labour leadership promised us change and it just hasn’t materialised.”

Support for the march is growing among thousands of UK workers from construction sites, oil refineries and power stations.

The GMB union is also backing the march, which is the brainchild of the Bearfacts campaign group. The route will also include Business Secretary Lord Mandelson’s offices.

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