Thursday 7 January 2010

Of Bishops and Ivory Towers

George Carey is an idiot.

First he calls a free vote of the people for the party they want to represent them a 'tragedy'.

Well if that is a tragedy then it is a tragedy that millions of our people have died for over hundreds of years.

And finally the classic sentence here jumps out ;

" Democratic institutions such as the monarchy, Parliament, the judiciary, the Church of England, our free press and the BBC also support the liberal democratic values of the nation."

1) The monarchy is not a democratic institution as the only way you join it is by being born into it.

2) The Judiciary is not a democratic institution as the only way you join it is by being appointed not voted for.

3) The Church of England is not a democratic institution as vicars and bishops are not voted into their positions.

4) The media and 'free press' is not a democratic institution as the owners of the media corporations are not voted into their jobs nor are the journalists or editors voted into their positions.

5) The BBC is not a democratic institution as not one BBC director or journalist is voted into their positions.

If the archbishop has such a feeble understanding of what democracy is, then his opinions are frankly irrelevant.

And seeing as the Bishop is paid by the Murdoch media to peddle his facile opinions in the News of the World, the monkey always dances to the tune of its organ grinder and in relation to Carey he dances to the tune of his Zionist, pro-Tory Media Organ Grinder.

January 7, 2010

Migration threatens the DNA of our nation

If we are to stop the extreme Right, we must respond to real fears over the number and nature of those coming to Britain

George Carey


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Too often in recent years the call for a rational debate on mass migration has degenerated into name-calling and charges of racism. Even the campaign for Balanced Migration, which I have supported, representing cross-party politicians, has barely been heeded by party leaders who have run scared of the issue.

This is why we have launched a declaration calling on the leading political parties to make manifesto commitments to prevent the UK population reaching 70 million, which is projected in official figures by 2029.

The fact is that a rise in the UK population by ten million in two decades will put our nation’s resources under considerable strain, stretching almost to breaking point the enormous reserves of tolerance and generosity of the British people.

The declaration by no means spells out a halt to immigration. In fact we welcome the contribution of both economic migrants and asylum seekers to our lively cosmopolitan culture. But we urge a return to the levels of the early 1990s, about 40,000, compared with 163,000 in 2008. Failure to take that action could be seriously damaging to the future harmony of our society.

Last year nearly a million votes were cast for the British National Party. We cannot ignore the fact that such far-right groups exploit genuine concerns about both overpopulation and the ability of this nation to integrate new communities whose values are sometimes very different, even antithetical, to our own.

In Dagenham, where I was brought up, there is a very real danger that a white working-class electorate, alienated by far-reaching social change and largely ignored by the mainstream parties, could vote for a BNP Member of Parliament. This would be a tragedy in our long history of parliamentary democracy. Yet we play into the hands of the far Right if we do not seriously address the concerns that have led to some otherwise decent people supporting modern-day fascism.

There are two aspects to this debate, but they are related. The sheer numbers of migrants from within Europe and elsewhere put the resources of Britain under enormous pressure, but also threaten the very ethos or DNA of our nation.

Recent debates over what it means to be British have been urgently arranged against the background of constitutional changes and the exigencies of mass migration. The Prime Minister has urged us to heed shared values such as tolerance, fair play, pluralism. However, the reality is that these values cannot be said to be solely British. So we must look also to language, institutions and our shared history in valuing what it means to be British and what we could lose if the make-up of our nation changes too rapidly.

Democratic institutions such as the monarchy, Parliament, the judiciary, the Church of England, our free press and the BBC also support the liberal democratic values of the nation. Some groups of migrants, however, are ambivalent about or even hostile to such institutions. The proposed antiwar Islamist march in Wootton Bassett is a clear example of the difficulties extremists pose to British society.

Furthermore, the idea that Britain can continue to welcome with open arms immigrants who immediately establish their own tribunals to apply Sharia, rather than make use of British civil law, is deeply socially divisive. The last thing any of us want is ghettos. And while we don’t expect groups to assimilate, there must be a willingness on their part to integrate with the rest of British society.

Yet, is there anything distinctly Christian about such a call? Some will say “no”. Our values lie rather with the Enlightenment than with the Church. I believe that history is against them. It is my firm view that our society owes more to our Christian heritage than it realises and to overlook this inheritance of faith will lead to the watering down of the very values of tolerance, openness, inclusion and democracy that we claim are central to all we stand for.

This is not to say that I am calling for Christians as a group to be given priority in any migration points system. The tragedy is that any intervention into such sensitive matters is open to such widespread misinterpretation.

But what I am saying is that those who seek to live in this country recognise that they are coming to a country with a Christian heritage and an established Church. Just as we should expect immigrants to subscribe to democratic principles, abide by our laws, speak English, support freedom of speech and a free press, so they should also respect the Christian nature and history of our nation with its broad, hospitable Establishment.

George Carey is a former Archbishop of Canterbury and a columnist for the News of the World

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Adrian Peirson said...

I tend to think that if the Marxists were not worried about the Prolketariat waking up to their Genocidal agenda, Carey wouldn't have said a word.
Do we have the Anti British and Christian Scumbags worried.

All that will happen of course is that they will deport a few thousand, the British people will breathe a sigh of relief and say, oh look they are doing something at last, then they will go back to sleep.

Meanwhile, through the Back door

Anonymous said...

Adrian Peirson said...

ah thats about right!