Friday 22 January 2010

The Edlington Attack and Simon Heffers Myopia

Simon Heffer manages to completely miss the point in his latest article on the Edlington attacks ;

The Tories, who did their most under Thatcher to create the problem of Welfarism by dismantling the metal working , fishing, mining, car production and military ship building industries and opening the UK to the EU and globalist imports with her policy of Neo-Liberal Free Market Economics, with its free movement of capital, workers and commodities, began the cycle of inter-generational unemployment and welfarism by taking the jobs away.

Unemployment breeds welfarism.

Working people do not need welfare.

Thatcher closed down entire industries and threw vast swathes of the country, and mainly white working class people, onto the dole.

The bankers and yuppies grew rich and gambled away all our North Sea oil money.

The culture of Welfarism arose during the Tchtcher years and can be traced back to unemployment.

At the same time the Tories have supported the importation of millions of Eastern European and non-EU immigrants to take away virtually all the jobs created by New Labour whilst in government. At the same time New Labour continued the Thatcherite off shoring of British jobs.

Immigration was welcomed and encouraged by the Tories, and this added to the pressures on jobs within the manual labouring sector and white working class.

The traditional industrial jobs that once allowed someone to learn skills and the work ethic and then trained them in a single job to a level where they became tradesman and could earn a good wage are almost gone for many white working class communities.

The 'work ethic' so beloved of the Tories and people like Heffer for their nannies, polish plumbers and painters, is that they are cheaper than British workers and willing to work longer hours for less money.

Yet again the Tories have been seen to put their own selfish sectarian social and economic interests over those of the white working class - so therefore trusting the tories with power is like trusting a snake to bite you.

Just so Heffer and his Tory followers heres it laid out ;

1) Welfarism is by its very nature a problem of unemployment.

2) Therefore the solution of Welfarism is to create an integrated national, economic, social and industrial model dedicated to ending unemployment and ending Welfarism

3) This can only happen if the interests of all the British people are put before the interests of selfish and sectarian bankers, politicians and economists - that government must act to put the interests of the British national economy, British workers and British companies first.

At the same time as this the media must be shackled so that the sexualisation of children, and exposure to video games violence, movie violence and sexual content in magazines, music video and lyrics, is reduced.

The degenerates in the media spawn degeneracy in society.

Take the dirty hands of the degenerates from the media who peddle smut and violence to the masses for profit and society will cleanse itself.

Parents do not cause children to act like monsters, they choose to do so mainly when their peers do so.

Their peers influence the behaviour of young people far more than their parents - and the main influence on young people is the media, TV, music, movies and magazines and their school teachers.

Therefore the enemy of our Broken Society is the pernicious, politically correct country and liberal society we live in - a society where the media can peddle sex and violence, a society where corporations sell pole dancing sets to little girls, a society where paedophiles like Roman Polanski are idolised, where Michael Jackson, the kiddy fiddler, is the king of pop', where Sisquo on Celebrity Big Brother had a child with a 14 year old fan, where money is all that matters and sluts with big plastic tits are paid millions to peddle stories to pulp celebrity magazines about their latest sexual partnerrs.

We have Tory Free Market Diseased Society, a chalymidia Culture amongst young kids, where they are sexualised by the media, groomed by the media and then exploited by the media.

A sick society produces sick people.

A sick society is a symptom of sick politicians, sick political ideologies and sick moral systems.

The Tories and New Labour made our society sick.

They will only make it worse.

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Adrian P said...

These types of events will no doubt be used by the EU to bring back National Service / Conscription into their EU Army.
Note also that they are running down our Armed Services, I can well imagine Cameron suggesting that a civilian security force could complement out National Security.
Events like Edlington or Baby P help serve this agenda,
The Establishment loves events like Baby P, half of the anti family, subversive negative stuff on TV is specifically designed to cause events like Edlington, Baby P.
In that respect, I believe the Media are just as guilty if not more so than the parents.

Anonymous said...

Therefore the enemy of our Broken Society is the pernicious, politically correct country and liberal society we live in

I agree wholeheartedly the degenerate breed a degenerate society and feed off it parasitically and perpetually

such a degenerate media and politics doesn't want a great and wholesome and creative independent people...

Get active now. said...

I lost my job (a professional) in 1981 and have never recovered and now aged 50 i know i will never get a proper job.
I have had work since but nothing special,handyman work, cleaning and security work.
I can't get security work anymore as you have to be an immigrant or very lucky.
On Thursday i was doing cleaning work, i am a decorated ex-serviceman.
It's been a nightmare and the future only looks worst. I feel like ending it sometimes.