Thursday 14 January 2010

New Labour Wake From Coma

New Labour wakes up from decade of ideological coma and realise they have to live in the real world.

Therefore they now want to bribe people into voting for the same Labour scum that betrayed them in the first place.

Guess what - there must be an election looming and they realise that the 1 million BNP votes will determine the next election.

With the same Labour government institutionalising and legalising anti-white racism in its Equality Bill, promoted by the insane harridan Harriet Harman, the fact is that racial discrimination against whites will become not just legal but compulsory.

Therefore we in the White Working Class face both class discrimination and racial discrimination under Labour.

Dont be a mug - give Labour the shove.

White working-class people have been left behind by Labour’s policies and can suffer greater social disadvantage than successful members of ethnic minorities, ministers have admitted.

In a shift in Labour's approach, John Denham, the Communities Secretary, said that social class is sometimes more important than race in determining the progress someone makes in life.

His attempt to “move on” from more than a decade of Labour thinking on racial equality and social policy comes after the British National Party made electoral breakthroughs in Labour heartlands last year.

In another departure, Mr Denham also accepted that the unprecedented levels of immigration Labour has overseen have had “a big impact” on race relations in Britain.

The BNP last year won its first seats in the European Parliament after a campaign that argued that the main political parties have abandoned the white working class.

Some Labour MPs have said that should force the Government to do more to respond to the concerns of white working class voters.

In response, Mr Denham has already revised rules to allow councils to favour the children of long-standing residents when allocating council houses, and announced a £12 million fund to address the sense grievance felt by people in poor white areas.

Yesterday, Mr Denham attempted to argue that Labour’s race policies have addressed many of the race-based inequalities that minorities used to suffer, allowing ministers to “broaden the focus” to address the class divide.

In a report on the Government’s approach to race, Mr Denham's department said that working-class children of different races have more in common with each other than with middle-class children of the same ethnic group.

“Socio-economic status and poverty affect people's chances in life regardless of race or ethnic background,” the report said.

Mr Denham also said that it was important to acknowledge and celebrate the “growing black and Asian middle class”. Many members of minority groups have a degree, a good job and own their own home, he said.

"We must avoid a one-dimensional debate that assumes all minority ethnic people are disadvantaged," he said. Non-white people are no longer automatically disadvantaged because of their race, he said.

Mr Denham said there is "no evidence" to show that the white working class are held back simply because of their race. Rather, he said, they suffer "social disadvantage" because of their class.

That disadvantage can be a greater handicap than the prejudice that is experienced by some people from minority ethnic groups.

He said: “It is no longer enough to make simple judgements or assumptions which equate race with disadvantage. That would overlook, for example, the striking achievements of Indian and Chinese students, but it would also overlook the fact that white working class boys are struggling to keep up.”

He also accepted that immigration had played a part in the rise of far-Right groups.

“Migration has had a big impact on the debate about race in Britain,” he said.

“In some places we've seen antipathy against Eastern Europeans or Muslims becoming more acceptable – justified on the grounds of religious difference but manifesting itself in terms of racial prejudice and gaining a political voice through the BNP and other far right groups,"

The Conservatives said Labour had been forced to admit that white working class people had been neglected.

Caroline Spelman, the shadow communities secretary, said: “In the past decade the Government has framed its rhetoric on social inequality around marginalised groups and it now appears to be repositioning itself when it sees that approach has failed”

She added: “While Gordon Brown has played class warfare politics, social mobility has gone backwards under Labour.”

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Anonymous said...

Something you may like to make use of, it's a bit old though.

From the Oxford Mail:-

Kassam gives £10k to Cameron campaign

From Wiki:-

"Firoz Kassam made his fortune as a slum hotelier and in the 1980s was labelled a "merchant of misery". He bought run-down London hostels and hotels and was paid by local councils to fill them with homeless people and asylum seekers, until the inmates rebelled over the conditions in which they were being housed."

Anonymous said...

Dont be a mug - give Labour the shove

Yes indeed!

David T said...

New Labour's unecessary meddling has institutionalised racism in this country because they've created an inequality against whites under the dishonest guise of "equality". Instead of solving the problem they've compounded it. The problem of differing achievement between races is not one I feel government should get involved in. Much of it is to do with culture, values, upbringing etc. and does not warrant more taxpayer money thrown at it.

Anonymous said...

This is a blatant attempt by this Marxist Government to curtail the growth of British Nationalism, White people are finally waking up (and they know it), they are now trying to divide and conquer the White population even further by saying White working class are only discriminated against because of class issues and not because of Race. They are trying to deny us the victim status that reflects the true picture of Racism in Britain

Adrian Peirson said...

Lord Tebbit on the BNP.

Tebbit BNP Telegraph