Sunday 24 January 2010

The Black Sun

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Adrian Peirson said...

If those images are correct, then this could be weather modification or some form of high energy shortwave weapons test.
Could be radar but with radar you are merely bouncing signals off targets.
To cause standing wave patterns like this in Clouds requires Many Megawatts of energy, way beyond what is required for target detection.
I've actually seen transmitters in the UK, there is one near the A19 in Middlesborough, in a field, consists of a high power transmitter capable of transmitting thousands of watts, and a small brick building, the antenna is pointed straight upwards with no means of rotation / direction.
To most passers by it would look like a small substation but having trained in Radar and electronics this was a High power Transmitter.
There was no movement possible on this TX, it appeared to be made out of sections of 1/4 steel.
But most definately a transmitter, receivers deal in microwatss, absolutely no need to have that amount of metal, this was a Transmitter, pointed rigidly straigt up.
Dipole wavelength was about about 1/2 metre.
If I've seen one, there must be others.
Not looked into Harrp but having seen this I know something is going on.
By having a network of these devices operating you can set up standing wave patters where Electromagnetic energy could in theory be concentrated.
This could be used to modify weather or clouds if enough energy could be radiated from the network.
There is talk of triggering earthquakes, I have a problem with this in that earthquake trigger points are usually many miles underground, the ground is conductive so would not be able to get enough energy into the ground to trigger a quake, could be wrong, not my specialty, I just know Ive seen a 1/2 meter ( 1/4 wave dipole ( I assume ) with two reflectors pointing straigt up made of 1/4 inch steel tubing.

Bit of a Conspiracy theory maybe but, I seen one of these things.
The other possible use of this might be to concentrate large amounts of energy on the surface.
in a standing wave pattern.

By altering the phase, you could get these standing wave energy concentrations to move around the country.
This is how phased array radar systems 'steer' their radar beam so this would simply be an ultra high power version of what is already know about.

If you could steer' these standing wave patters about the country and project enough energy, say onto a town or a city, you might be able to 'microwave' the inhabitants if they became rebellious.
This is only what already happens at fylingdales and other places where seemingly fixed transmitters are able to 'steer' their beams using phased transmissions.

Bit of conspiratorial speculation there maybe but any other techies out there seen these Transmitters in the UK know what they are for...

UK Haarp