Tuesday 12 January 2010

The John Lewis Jihadis

The Jihadists that threaten this country are not in Afghanistan, they are in the universities of Britain radicalising new generations of students to kill us.

The writer Mark Steyn makes a superb point in his article here ;


What did the Pantybomber have a membership card in? Well, he was president of the Islamic Society of University College, London.

Kafeel Ahmed, who died after driving a burning jeep into the concourse of Glasgow Airport, had been president of the Islamic Society of Queen’s University, Belfast.

Yassin Nassari, serving three years in jail for terrorism, was president of the Islamic Society of the University of Westminster.

Waheed Arafat Khan, arrested in the 2006 Heathrow terror plots that led to Americans having to put their liquids and gels in those little plastic bags, was president of the Islamic Society of London Metropolitan University.

These were all middle class, rich even, well educated, British born or educated in Britain and yet they became bombers.

Why ?

Because the terrorist threat to the world is not in Iraq and Afghanistan it is in London, Birmingham and Bradford.

The scum politicians of Labour, Tory and Liberal have allowed our country to become the terrorism centre of the planet.

They have allowed the Islamist scum of the planet to enter our country and allowed them to form groups that radicalise other muslims in Britain.

The liberals have attacked anyone that dares criticise Islamists as 'Islmaphobic' and groups like the UAF have physically attacked those people that confront the Islamists as they demonstrate on our streets.

Our nations is run by fools, cowards and traitors.

The terrorists are here and are growing as a threat because our entire political system, from the politicians, to the cops to the judges, are all infected by the poision of political correctness.

The inner enemy is aided by the fools, cowards and traitors of our own people.

The time has come for people to realise that the only way to defeat the terrorists is for us to remove the fools, cowards and traitors who control our country.

That means the fools, cowards and traitors must be voted out and then prosecuted for their crimes.

Only then can we deal with the Islamists.

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ic1male said...

I agreed totally. What about Muslim doctors can they be trusted? If the Koran over rides everything else then what value does the Hippocratic oath have?