Sunday 10 January 2010

Wootton Bassett March Update

Looks like the tip off was correct.

It appears the police arrested Choudry and his mob on their way to the demonstration in order to prevent public order breaches.

Well done to all those that turned out, if they hadnt then Choudry and his mob would have marched through the town.

Ignore the paid up liberal and tory idiots on the town council attacking the BNP / EDL / Uncle Tom Cobley and all, as these establishment Quislings imported these Islamist scum into our country and have protected them whilst abusing our own people as 'racists' for decades.

The Tories, Labour and Liberals are all the accomplices of the Islamists as they have all worked to protect them whilst attacking British people, of all races, creeds and colours, as 'racists' for demanding an end to the appeasement towards the Islamists.

15:08 - Choudary stopped by police outside Wootton bassett
13:20 - itn news crew on outskirts of wb but cannot report due to police restrictions
15:23 - news finally hits the papers
15:40 - islam4uk in Sainsabury's carpark
15:45 - reports of Choudary put under arrest
15:49 - 500 EDL arrive in Wootton Bassett
16:06 - EDL announce a 2minute silence to be held at 16:30 at the war memorial

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