Tuesday 5 January 2010

Frank Maloney = bully boy

Frank 'I made a mint out of blacks knocking seven bells of shit out of each other ' Maloney wants to fight Nick Griffin in a boxing match.

Not a good idea Frank, seeing as Nick is blind in one eye.

Hardly a fair fight is is it.

Its a pity whatever idiot told him to go to the media with that story didnt bother to find out that whilst Nick did box at university, since then he has become blind in one eye.

Bit of unfair advantage that isnt it, when your opponent is not able to see a punch coming on their right side.

There is no honour in mocking the disabled.

Isnt that defined as a hate crime anyway ?

Perhaps Nick should report him to the EHRC and the police for a hate crime.

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Andraste said...

Maloney is a clown, much like many of the top-brass in UKIP. Here is Phoney Maloney aka "Punch Drunk the Clown" at latest UKIP meeting:

Click here

extant said...

Ill fight the tosser, give me 30 seconds with the ponse, ill show hime how the Welsh do it.

We aint no wind bags like that gutless low life prick, we are the real deal, try me for size, not a respectfull politician with serious disadvantage.