Wednesday 23 September 2009

Bio-Warfare and the Swine Flu Vaccine

My advice - dont have the vaccine, dont let your kids have the vaccine - develop a natural immunity to it rather than take the chance.

The facts are stated below.

There have been multiple 'accidental' releases of samples of the Swine Flu virus over the last year, and many people suspect that the present epidemic is a deliberate release project.

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The Swine Flu epidemic, with its unique combination of different flu viruses, is a classic bio-weapon, a chimera that in nature would be impossible to form.

The Swine Flu virus is a deliberate release bio-weapon.

As for the 1918 flu virus - scientists have been studying it and unlocked its genetic coding ;

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Brian Barker said...

I see that point 3 of the Georgia Guidestones is "unite humanity with a living new language"

Unfortunately there is no mention of Esperanto which indeed is a living new language.
your readers may be interested in

Otherwise ?

Sean said...

Recent increases in the amount of swine flu cases suggest a second wave of swine flu is on its way. Could we be in for a winter on swine flu?

Swine Flu Britain

Adrian Peirson said...

According to at least one member of our Military Intelligence, the Swine flu is indeed a Bioweapon.
Michael Shrimpton QC stated as much publically, the statemeny was then quickly pulled off the blogs, but a Google cached version can be found


If google haven't removed it altogether you will need to scroll down to see the article.

Shrimptons CV can be Found here

United Kingdom National Defence Association

An even bigger scandal than the deliberate release of the Swine flu occured earlier this year when Baxter Pharmaceuticals ( Remember that name ) shipped human flu vaccines contaminated with LIVE avian flu virus.
Just to explain why this is such a big deal the 1918 Pandemic had a kill rate of around 5%, in total around 50 million people died world wide, Avian flu ( although very difficult to catch has a kill rate of 70%.
A weaponised variant of this would wipe out upto 4 BILLION People.

Now the way you weaponise Avian flu is to mix it with an easy to catch flu virus so they randomly recombine to produce something that is easy to catch and has a high death rate.
This is what Baxter Pharmaceuticals did before shipping the mix to 18 countries in Europe.
Biosafety protocols ensure Avian flu Never comes into contact with human flu variants, this Protocol was breached by Baxter, it was only good procedures in Checoslovakia that prevented a Global Genocide from occuring.

Those in the know say this cannot have been an accident.
Note how the Biggest scandal in History has hardly been reported by the mainstream press.
A Nuclear weapon could have detonated in a large city and it would not have caused anywhere near the devastation to humanity as this event could have.

Baxter Pharmaceuticals, the WHO and the UN are now under investigation for attempted mass murder.
Details of the case can be found here....

The Flu Case

I think the International Communists just tried to wipe out their surplus requirements and this time, we got lucky.

Ok, now bearing in mind all of the above, see if you can guess which Pharmaceutical Company has just been given a Govt contract to supply our SwineFlu Vaccines.....

Go on have a Guess....

Deranged, Mass murdering psychopaths does not even begin to describe the sort of people we are dealing with.

Adrian P said...

Messed up the Link to Jane Burgermeister's case against Baxter details of which can be found at.

Well worth a visit as is Alex Jones's site

Adrian Peirson said...

So, Baxter Nearly wipes out us and our children along with around 4 Billion other people and what does Westminster do, well of course they give them a contract.

The Department of Health has another contract with a second drugs company, Baxter, which has promised to deliver the jabs earlier than GSK.

Read more:

I wonder if BNP Voters or Indigenous Brits get a special Injection not available to immigrant minorities.

I think we should be told Mr Brown.

Does anyone, anywhere need anymore evidence about their intentions.

Its no accident that this is occuring just as the EU Capstone is lowered into place.

What the hell are our Military Commanders doing, why have they not kicked the door in on these Deranged Mass Murdering Commie Psychopaths.

The Useful idiot Liberals and the
UaF will all be thinking Gordon will give them a special Vaccine of course.

Adrian P said...

Oh yea I forgot to mention, I emailed several MP's with all this stuff, saying there was significant evidence that a deliberate attempt at Global Genocide may have just been averted.

Guess what he said in his reply...

Go on, have a guess.

He emailed me back saying he couldn't deal with my query because I wasn't one of his constituents.

Which reminds me of another incident, this time with the NHS Direct, I'd been on a boat and as I didn't have good lighting I'd innadvertantly eaten several Green potatoes.
I have a slight liver condition ( no not from drinking ) and I felt bad all day with aches in my kidney area and really drowsy, eventually I worked out what it was, went online and found out Green potatoes are indeed poisonous.

I rang NHS Direct, told them I may be suffering the effects of a toxin from Green potatoes gave them all the info about Solanine, the Toxin in Green spuds, she said she would speak to a Toxocologist and ring me back in half an hour.

Bearing in mind this was a Saturday evening.....

She rings back and says there is no one available, can they ring me back on Tuesday.....

I wish I was making these incidents up for a laugh but I'm not...

God help us all, thank god they are all thick and useless otherwise we would be in trouble.