Saturday 26 September 2009

Saturday Kitchen - STOP PONCING ABOUT !

I have just been forced to watch Saturday Kitchen on BBC 1 and they are having a cooking competition for chefs to cook a meal for a bunch of squaddies returning from Afghanistan.

These lads will have been stuck in a rat infested shit hole for six months eating army ration packs.

They dont want poncey arty meals cooked by poncey arty chefs when they get back.

This is what they will want ;

1) Starters

Prawn Cocktail or onion bhajees

2) Main Course ;

Battered Cod, mushy peas and chips or chicken curry and chips and garlic bread

3) Desert ;

Apple and Blackberry Pie and custard and clotted cornish cream

or Cheesecake and clotted cornish cream or ice cream

Stop giving them eels, pig trotters and the rest of the poncey crap.

They want a nosh up - not poncey nouvelle cuisine.

Stop employing ponces at the BBC and get some real cooks on these shows not chef ponces.

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JPT said...

Well said!

Andraste said...

In Bravo Two Zero Andy McNab has an amusing story about how the SAS in Hereford have a staple diet of two pints of Guinness and a bag of chips... LOL.

McNab is a twat - I am harder than him, he is a pussy.

Anonymous said...

ye I agree , what about other traditional British Food