Monday 28 September 2009

Radio 4 - Margaret Hodge

Just listening to Margaret Hodge on the Radio 4 show saying the BNP in the 1970's were 'skinhead thugs' on the streets of Barking.

Funny that.

The BNP wasnt formed until 1982.

Perhaps the BNP had a time machine in the 1980's or simply lying.

I leave it to you to decide.

Kenan Malik also lied to bolster his report when he used the EHRC figures on immigrants and social housing ;

This whole programme was a pathetic sop to the liberals in the BBC who are whining about the BNP being on Question Time.

Nick was given about 20 seconds of air time in this shit show, a total joke.

I used to respect Kenan for his intelligence, now I know he is just another liberal, hypocritical idiot.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Lee, did you write to tell her this?
This is a blatant lie, surely she should be held accoun table for this lie, same way that Barnbrook was dragged over burning coals for his error the same should apply to the BBC.

Please write to the Press complaints committee