Monday 14 September 2009

Non-Persons in the New Labour Gulags

The concept of 'Non-Persons' was established in the Soviet Union.

A nonperson is a person or a member of a group who lacks, loses, or is forcibly denied social or legal status, especially basic human rights, or who effectively ceases to have a record of their existence within a society (damnatio memoriae), from a point of view of traceability, documentation, or existence. The term also refers to people whose death is unverifiable and about which inquiries result in a "blank wall" of "nobody knows".

This is the concept behind the bans on the BNP from the Police, Prison Service and now being demanded in public services by the trades unions - the same Trade Unions who donate to the Labour government via their political funds and who in return are awarded millions by the Labour government in Trade Union Development funds and money from the foreign aid budget which is then laundered back through the unions and into the coffers of the Labour Party via the politicial fund.

Therefore the trades union and the Labour Party are involved in the systematic theft of public money and the biggest case of racketeering in British criminal history - though unfortunately done with the blessing of the law.

The problem for these bans is that they are all unlawful.

Not one police officer nor prison officer has been, or will be, dismissed from their jobs for being a BNP member.

This is because the 'bans on the BNP' are ;

1) Unlawful in relation to UK laws eg Equality Act 2006 and belief
2) Unlawful in relation to EU law
3) Unlawful in relation to ECHR case law

Therefore the bans are a piper tiger, designed to pyschologically intimidate people rather than impose real legal sanctions.

Note the ban does not apply to serving, or ex-serving, members of the IRA including convicted killers and bombers, supporters and members of Al Qaeda, Hamas, the IDF, the CIA torture specialists, members of the Mafia, KGB, etc etc - you get the picture.

It is quite a perverse irony that one of the few things preventing the imposition ofa real New Labour Corporate Fascist State is the EU and European laws.

This is because we all know that if it wasnt for basic human rights laws imposed via the EU, that the New Labour government would have created a truly fascist state in our nation.

Lets look at what New Labour have done ;

Imposed Preventative Detention
Allowed secret evidence to be given in trials.
Allowed evidence from witnesses to be given in secret
Waged two illegal imperialist wars for oil
Proposed ID cards
Created the Surveillance Society
Allowed evidence based on torture in British trials
Allowed British citzens to be shipped abroad via international arrest warrants

The list is endless.

The only reason the last vestiges of liberty itself are not already in the New Labour Gulag is because the laws of Europe serve the interests of Europe, as opposed to the interests of the Labour Party.

The Labour government wants to run Britain as its own gulag, but the fact we are an impotent outpost of the European Empire means the Labour government has to do as it is told by our real masters, and this means the drooling idiot underlings of the EU in the House of Parliament are limited as to how much they can abuse their powers.

If Britain did not serve the EU, then most nationalists, democrats and dissidents probably be in a Gulag today.

The fact that the sovereign powers of the UK are controlled by the EU ensures that fascists like the Labour Party are restricted in just how much fascism can they can impose.

If we are to leave the EU, but New Labour or the Tories remain in power this would result either in Britain becoming a Neo-Feudalist Globalist Free Market Plutocracy as opposed to a International Fabianist Corporate Fascist State.

The end result would be the same - the death of Britain.

The creation of Non-Persons in any society prefigures the creation of a totalitarian state.

The fact that the BNP constitutional change will make the existing ban on the BNP unlawful seems to have escaped the cabal of pseudo-trade unionist morons at the TUC conference.

These people are not democrats, as the very fact they are proposing the creation of Non-Persons proves.

The Popper Paradox has to be met with the BNP Paradox - which is that the 'Tolerant Society' is in fact a Fascist society, whereby liberalism and the concept of the 'Open Society' has created the social conditions that are the foundations of a fascist uprising at the same time as adopting fascist political methodology in order to constrain the fascist threat it has created.

In a Liberal society we get the worst of all worlds - liberalism creates the social unrest and conditions that lead to fascism ( multi-culturalism, mass immigration and social atmomisation) and then uses fascist methodology (Non-Persons, surveillance society, removal of civil rights and liberties) in order to ensure the fascist uprising does not occur.

The trades unions no longer serve British Workers, British Industry or Britain, for the trades unions are internationalists and represent workers of all nations, they work for the interests of globalism and thereby the global corporations and represent only the interests of their own inner parasitic elites.

Trades Unions are the enemies of British workers, the wolf that licks the hand of the farmer whilst feasting on the lambs.

The trades union serve their own interests, and the interests of the Labour Party, before they serve the interests of their own members or British workers.

Therefore they want their paymasters in the Labour government to pass laws that keep themselves, and their trains of overpaid ponces, on the public purse.

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Anonymous said...

Great piece Lee

Crass methods for a crass ideology said...

Indeed if the BNP cited these leftwing totalitarain fascist plans as part of their manifesto but aimed at the left, the BNP would be rightly accused of fascism and fascist ways.

Yet when it is the left that do it with the backing of the controlled media, it gets cheered on!

If ever the boot is on the other foot then the left will have no grounds for complaint.

However the BNP are wiser than that and would not impliment such totalitarian crude policies on the opposition that would undermine the BNP itself should it gain power and create the inevitable backlash that the left is so keen create!

Anonymous said...

Communist Lib/Lab/Con/UAF/Clawhammer Cameron Supported Propaganda
"Inge sits in the reception room of the BNP doctor. She has to wait a long time. She looks through the journals which are on the table. But she is much too nervous to read even a few sentences. Again and again she remembers the talk with her [brainwashed - anon] mother. And again and again. her mind reflects on the warnings of her Fascist Labour affiliated, Communist trades union leader: 'A trades union member (aka mental illness - anon) must not consult a BNP doctor. And particularly not a female trades union member. Many a female that went to a BNP doctor to be cured, found disease and disgrace! '
"When Inge had entered the waiting room, she experienced an extraordinary incident. From the BNP doctor's consulting room she could hear the sound of crying. She heard the voice of a young girl: 'BNP Doctor, BNP doctor, leave me alone! ' "Then she heard the scornful laughing of a man. And then, all of a sudden, it became absolutely silent. Inge had listened breathlessly.
" 'What may be the meaning of all this? ' she asked herself and her heart was pounding. And again she thought of the warning of her Communist trades union leader.
"Inge was already waiting for an hour. Again she takes the journals in an endeavor to read. Then the door opens. Inge looks up. The BNP doctor appears. She screams. In terror she drops the paper. Horrified she jumps up. Her eyes stare into the face of the BNP doctor. And this face is the face of the devil. In the middle of this devil's face is a huge crooked nose. Behind the spectacles two criminal eyes. And the thick lips are grinning, a grinning that expresses: 'Now I got you at last, you little girl! '
"And then the BNP doctor approaches her. His fleshy fingers stretch out after her. But now Inge has composed herself. Before the BNP doctor can grab hold of her, she smacks the fat face of the BNP doctor with her hand. One jump to the door. Breathlessly Inge runs down the stairs. Breathlessly she escapes the BNP house."
Taken from the archives of BNP baiter Number 1 Gerry (Julius) Gable-Streicher