Saturday 26 September 2009

Godwins Law and The Racist Variant

I believe that 'Godwins Law' should be expanded to include a new variant - The Racist Variant.

The Racist Variant is based on an individual calling another person a racist or accusing them of racism.

Whilst Godwins Law applies to the words Nazi or Hitler, The Racist Variant should apply to the use of the terms racism or racist when in a similar online debate scenario.

I suggest that the use of the Racist Variant be thus - when accused of being a racist / racism the person so accused states first that Godwins Law is now in effect and then that the Racist Variant has been brought into play.

This would allow Godwins Law to evolve, and to allow the Racist Variant to be used to define an increasing tendency to avoid the use of the word 'nazi' or 'Hitler' precisely due to the effect on popular consciousness of Godwins Law.

Perversely Godwins Law has ensured that the use of words 'Nazi' or 'Hitler' has been reduced and therefore has allowed in the abuse of the words Racist / Racism in online debates as a way to avoid the problem of falling foul of Godwins Law.

The Racist Variant therefore is an organic growth of Godwins Law reflecting the fact that it has undergone evolution and that Godwins Law has had an effect on popular culture.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This is the first time I've heard of Godwin's Law. I like it! What a useful tool. Also like your Racist Variant. I'm utterly sick of 'nazi' and 'racist' name-calling as a substitute for thought or reasoned argument.