Saturday 12 September 2009

The Times - Media Lie Machine

Another example of the Corporate Media and National Union Of Journalist lying scum is revealed here ;

Note the headline, "Street fights erupt as Muslims try to defend North London mosque"

There were 16 'Stop the Islamisation of Europe' campaigners and over 1000 Islamist militia deployed by a local Islamist sect / terrorist group with members linked to the recent airplanes plot.

Alongside the Islamists were the Stalinist ANL and the AFA, the bootboys of the Bolshevik Left, controlled and directed by the Capitalist Elite via the SWP.

The idea that the 'mosque' was threatened by 16 free speech protestors hemmed in by hundreds of police officers in riot gear, and a helicopter flying overhead, is the most corrupt and retarded piece of bent journalism in history.

Congratulations Fiona Hamilton of The Times newspaper, you are the worst journalist in the history of gutter journalism, truly we have a nadir with your miserable rubbish.

The idea that the Islamo-Fascists and Stalinists throwing rocks and fireworks at the 16 free speech demonstrators and the police were defending anything other than the Jihad, is the Corporate Media criminality that will one day have to be addressed.

Those that peddle lies to the public in order to disarm them of the truth of our nations betrayal, are the propagandists of the Islamist and Stalinist enemy.

Those that act to defend the Islamists and the Stalinists against the British nation and people are traitors.

The Corporate Media have become an enemy of the British people and the British nation.

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