Sunday 27 September 2009

Nick Griffin v Jack Strawman

Yep, its confirmed.

Its Nick Griffin versus Jack Strawman.

Mr. Jack 'The English are a violent race' Straw.

And also ' The English as a race are not worth saving' - the racist prick.

Imagine of the BNP said that about blacks / jews !

But Zionist Jews aint a violent race eh Jack !

Ha ha

Beware the English - a nation with the potential for aggression and violence.

That's the warning from Home Secretary Jack Straw, who has aired his views on a BBC radio debate about what it means to be British.

The English used their "propensity to violence" to "subjugate" the other home nations - before turning their attention to Europe and the British Empire, Mr Straw says.

He adds that unpleasant national characteristics may come to the fore, as the English look to identify themselves in an era of devolution for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Tory leader William Hague also voiced strong views on the programme.

He described English nationalism as "the most dangerous of all forms of nationalism that can arise within the United Kingdom, because England is five-sixths of the population of the UK".

Are the politicians right? Are the English natural warriors who settle scores with their fists? Or is this a useless stereotype for a multi-cultured country?

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Truth said...

"But Zionist Jews aint a violent race eh Jack !"

Jack Straw is a very bad Zionist, if he is one, because he supports the two state solution which would sound the death knell for tiny Israel.

Also, to clarify in case of doubt, Jack Straw is not Jewish by Anglo-Jewish halachic standards because his mother is not Jewish.

So, whilst there is not much to like about the red bastard, you make a very cheap shot.

extant said...

Now thats a real "Racist" and the scum bag will be exposed on the 22nd of October, I cant wait to see it !
Cheeky Bastard leaving the Welsh out, we are the real savages not the English .

Adrian P said...

Jack's Comments about the English are to stir up divisions between English, Scots, Irish and Welsh, I'm suprised he didnt mention slavery as well to stir up trouble between the English and Minorities.
This is what he is up to, as the Largets nation, we have to be destroyed, using Divide and ConqEUr tactics, stiring up hate between the English and the Scots,Irish, Welsh.
The EU needs to Divide and ConqEUr the British, that is what the purpose is behind his statements.

Anonymous said...

Truth said...

But cant hid his hate and fear of The English

I think jack needs to be a little more Inclusive and look at non Europeans for violence , the ones that cause so much crime , rape and murder on our streets..

I gues thats ok as the massive hords will see of the violent English whilst the English are denied any protection and right to defend the like s of jack destroys their culture.

Nick is right we are undergoing a boodles genocide as well as in my view a bloody genocide at the hand so of the god whore god of multiculturalism

lets face it Jacks a racist but its ok if they do it

extant said...

Adrian P,
well said mate, but it wont happen, they are doing a real good Job to unite us all.

Their false Commie techniques of subversion and control, will falter fast in the face of Human instinct and self preservation