Monday 28 September 2009

Voting Tory A Waste of Time Says Bob Seeley of Conservative Home

An interesting article below by Bob Seeley, a tory writer on the Conservative Home site, as in the article he virtually admits that the election of a Tory government is a total waste of time, for as he states the levers of real power will still be held not in parliament but by the 'Unelected Left' in the trades unions, media, welfare state, public services, the police, Judicial system, education system, civil service and the Servile State.

This is something that few politicians have ever understand about politics, that entering Parliament is not the 'orgasm' of the political process but simply the start of the foreplay.

You can be elected into Parliament, be able to pass new laws and yet never be able to APPLY power at the level of society, community and the individual if the levers of power are in the hands of your enemies.

Power is concentrated in Parliament, but it must flow forth into society in order to have an effect.

In order for power to flow through into society those in Parliament must be able to insert people into the institutions who will APPLY power for them, and who will apply delegated power in society at the level of the individual and community, and if any newly elected government does not deal with the corrupted minions of 'ancien regime' who are still allowed to remain in their jobs and still apply power in the name of the government and the State, then they will be unable to change society.

The Tories when they are elected will face millions of servile state parasites appointed by New Labour in public institutions and who are hostile to everything the Tories stand for.

These individuals who were appointed by New Labour in order to promote the aims of New Labour via public services will not 'vanish' after election day, they will remain in office constantly frustrating the aims, will and intentions of the Tory government.

Whilst Cameron will be IN power, he will be unable to APPLY power.

New Labour have spent the last 12 years turning Britain into a mini-Zimbabwe, run by cronys of New Labour.

This is why the election of Tory government will not change a single thing in our country, as the Tories will not sack, remove or force to resign all those parasites of the New Labour Servile State who were put in their positions by New Labour.

Cameron seeks the support of the Liberal Elite, as he is a member of the Liberal Elite posturing in Tory robes.

He is as infected by the contagion of Political Correctness as New Labour, and he also seeks the support of the same simpering 0.5 % of the Middle Class Swing Voters who are also idiot liberals.

Therefore he will not challenge the Servile State, the race relations industry, the diversity advisers and the panapoly of Politically Correct minions in similar 'Non-Jobs' within the Servile State.

He will leave them where they are - this army of termites eating away at our nation from within the state, who eviscerate our culture and country.

Bob Seeley is right - a vote for the Tories is a waste of time, simply as the Tories will not remove all those who apply power in our society ; the Unelected Left, the Gramscians, the Infiltrationists, the Incrementalists and the New Labour puppets appointed by the New Labour traitors.

Whilst the Tories will be the government, New Labour will be in charge of the country via their proxies in the public services and elsewhere.

Cameron doesnt have the bollocks to do what is required - which is a swift decapitation strategy.

Sack all the heads of the main professional bodies who have, at any time during the last twelve years, expressed any political opinions or who have allowed themselves and the bodies they sit on to be politicised.

Then replace them with people who will follow the new agenda.

This should also send a signal out to the rest that the moment they obstruct the new programme that they will also be sacked.

But in order to do this he will need to challenge the Unelected Left in the media and the trades uniions and civil service.

And he wont do this, simply as Cameron is a liberal conservative not a real conservative.

If there is a hard decision to be made you can be sure that Cameron will dodge it unless the media, the focus groups and the 0.5 % of swing voters will agree with it.

He is a not a conviction politician but a consensus politician - and the two are mutually opposed.

What we need is a Conviction Politician, not more idiot consensus politicians pampering to the middle class 0.5 % of brainwashed liberal lemmings whose vote gos to whatever political whore is willing to prostitute themselves to them the most.

The Unelected Left will run this country after the Tories are elected in the mirror image of New Labour whilst the 0.5 % of middle class liberal lemmings will ensure that the Unelected Left stay in power by hobbling and castrating cameron as soon as he gets in office.

Therefore a vote for Tories is a total waste of time.

Nothing will change - the rotten heart of the Servile State will still be run by New Labour apparatchiks whilst the Tories will merely posture in Parliament drawing a public wage whilst doing bugger all to change things in Britain for the better.

This state of affairs is why democracy is such a farce.

Politics is controlled by the corrupt corporate media.

Regardless of who is voted into power, the government stays the same.

The Unelected Left will remain in the Servile State as Cameron will not smash the Servile State or remove the lackeys of New Labour left behind after they undertake their usual symbolic shuffling of seats in Parliament.

The 0.5 % of middle class liberal lemmings will still run the country as cameron will whore himself to their interests to keep in power instead of serving the NATIONAL INTEREST.

Therefore Bob Seeley is correct.

A vote for the Tories is a total waste of time.


Bob Seely: Is Patriotism going to be the next big political idea?

Bob Seely

Bob Seely is a former journalist who served with British forces in Iraq from June 2008 to February 2009.

Benedict Rogers’ excellent post on Shariah got me thinking about patriotism, and why it may well turn out to be the next big idea to hit British politics, as well as a potential dividing line between the Left and Right.

Patriotism has always been a tricky subject for many Britons. Like a good suit, it has generally been worn in an understated way. Even Conservatives, especially the more urban elements of the party, have sometimes appeared uncomfortable with patriotism. Overt displays, such as in China where schoolchildren sing the national anthem twice a day, are inconceivable in Britain, and would be greeted by near hysteria from the ‘liberal’ Left were they ever proposed.

Yet viewed from Shepherd’s Bush rather than the salons of Notting Hill, I believe that a moderate patriotism is not only important - as ConHome’s articles on the subject have already shown - but that it has the potential to play a major role in energising our inner cities as part of a wider renaissance of English civic and national identity.

First, what patriotism isn’t. Patriotism isn’t an excuse for being nasty to foreigners, as the Left shamelessly pretend, and it’s not a genie that once unleashed, will play into the hands of the racist right and re-create a new generation of Oswald Mosleys – indeed quite the opposite, it’s patriotism that’s likely to defeat the BNP, not define it.

Patriotism is a very natural condition, it’s a desire to love, cherish, and care for one’s society. Apart from love of family, it is about the most fundamental instinct known to mankind. Patriotism through much of modern history has often been seen as a moral virtue – during the 18th century, for example, supporting the anti-slavery movement was seen as an example of enlightened patriotism. In the US patriotism is the natural condition of (almost) every American, including new immigrants.

Not to foster patriotism is an act of selfish destructiveness - sadly what the cultural and educational Left have often done, ashamed of their country and its history and frustrated by their own inability to understand the British people. Until recently our State – despite running an open door policy to immigration – appeared determined to make people ashamed of Britain when they got here. Indeed, for much of the past decade it has actively encouraged separated identities amongst different ethnic groups. The only shared identity our State has wanted to encourage is a common trait of dependency. We’re now seeing the limitations of that policy.

In some parts of Britain, community identity has broken down. This has happened amongst both immigrant and indigenous populations. Amongst some immigrant communities, there is little sense of being part of a wider community. The rise of Shariah is one example of this disengagement. On the other side, some whites have reacted with hostility to the new waves of immigrants competing for jobs and housing. Some have turned to the crude nationalism of the British National Party, which has been one of the few gainers from this miserable state of affairs.

The result on both sides is alienation, a ‘them and us’ mentality and a vacuum where a sense of positive, shared identity should be. One should not exaggerate the problem. It affects and minority, but it is growing.

A greater sense of patriotism, and a realisation that we need to educate people about the worth of our country and its values, would create a greater sense of shared purpose and pride amongst very different groups of people, including working class whites and new immigrants to this country. It would help both to understand that being part of society is about contributing, not taking – about responsibilities rather than just rights. I believe also that it would fatally undermine the BNP.

Fascinatingly, this is happening in our country already. There are many reasons; in some cases it is happening off the back of local Conservative councils promoting, not patriotism per se, but a traditional return to civic pride. But there are other reasons too:

* The war in Afghanistan: Regardless of the outcome, and regardless of the foreign and defence policy issues, the tales of bravery to emerge from that country – and Iraq – are remarkably potent examples of men and women fighting for their flag and monarch in a way that hasn’t been seen since World War II. Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts are, in the true sense of the word, shocking for the many people in our society raised to question the worth of fighting or dying for anything.

* Europe: I think that eurosceptism is going to increase (good) as more and more people see quite how flawed the EU is. The sense of frustration that the EU is holding this country back is going to become a spur to those wanting something better. It’s no surprise that our leading eurosceptics, such as Dan Hannan MEP and Douglas Carswell MP, are also doing some of the most creative thinking about our society and its governance.

* Scottish independence: England and Scotland’s political cultures are moving in opposed directions. One wonders how long before Scottish independence becomes the least painful alternative, and independence for one is freedom for both.

We’re facing a possible landslide victory next year. Labour are likely to face a deserved hammering. Yet in many ways the battle for the future of England has only just begun. Whilst politicians from the Left are likely to be thrown out of power next spring, the unelected Left – in the media, in the welfare state and in our education system, are likely to remain powerful and influential, maybe too much so for an incoming Government keen to keep the Guardian-reading classes on side. The cultural and intellectual battles have not yet been joined. There is both huge potential for change and achievement - and a danger that we will miss a generational opportunity to reshape our future.

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Anonymous said...

Nonsense, the Tories will not change anything because they won't want to, the Tories are just the latest NWO puppets.

80% of our laws are made by the unelected EU.

The Tories have almost no influence. They would only have right wing influence if they wanted it.

However should they wish to change the general ideology it would not be so hard.

Simply put a right wing director general in charge of the BBC and - bingo, job done, all liberals contracts are not renewed and everyone tows the line.

It's not rocket science, even Nick said if he had control of the BBC he could quickly change the countries attitude more to his will.

Then we come to the unions, a few laws here and there, privatisation here and there, propaganda here and there, new contracts here and there and they start to crumble.

It took Labour less than ten years to completely transform the country into an unatural state, it would take less than ten to reverse it, IF there is the will.

The Tories and Labour will shortly implode as all their contradictions are comming to the fore.

They will be replaced by the totalitarian EUSSR with more `democratic` new institutions which on the face of it will offer `greater` democracy.

It will in fact be an even more toothless sham democracy and govermet system on our home turf than what we currently have.

In short, who controls the media controls the nation.

The BBC is still one hell of a big player manipulated by the goverment.

Defender of Liberty said...

Ok heres how it works.

When I write an article, please try and critique what I actually wrote about and the points I raise and then put forward your points.

Now then on the issue of the Unelected Left, as both Bob Seeley and I agree, this is a fundamnetal issue in relation to the application of power and also as to how the tories will run the country - now focus on those points and comment on them and then after commenting on the ARTICLE put forward your own point on the DESIRES of the tories to change the country, which is a FUNDAMENTALLY DIFFERENT ISSUE AND WHICH THE ARTICLE WASNT EVEN ABOUT !

Anonymous said...

Ok Lee, you are right on this and we both agree, it seems your opening point lead me to fire off prematurly, without wishing to read another word thinking you did not believe it could be done or that the Tories `could` do it, rather than the Tories have no will to do it.

Again I am in complete agreement, and should have read the full post.

For this I appologise.

Defender of Liberty said...

No worries,

I also agree with your first post on every point,

1) The media decide who gets elected,
2) the politicians pass the laws,
3) The unelected left apply the laws,

The Tories may be propagandised into power by the media but the media put them in power only to ensure nothing changes as the Tories serve only the interests of those that own the corporate media (if they didnt the media wouldnt let them get into power), the Tories will not pass laws to re-nationalise our country even if they wanted too (which they dont as the media will not let them), but they will never be able to impose nationalist laws as they are unable remove the Unelected Left (which they dont want to do anyway).


Blair becomes Cameron.

Bush becomes Obama