Saturday 5 September 2009

BNP on Question Time - about bloody time

By the time we get on the show we will have amended the constitution - so when they throw the 'racists' and 'nazis' smear at us then Nick can legtimately say 'we are a party that allows everyone to join the BNP, therefore we cannot be called Nazi or racist - except of course by fools, liars and scoundrels. Being called a racist or a nazi by the war criminals in the Labour government who arm the IDF and who supplied Saddam Hussien with his weapons of Mass Destruction and who invaded Iraq and Afghanistan is the ultimate hypocrisy'.

THE BBC has provoked controversy by giving the British National party a platform for the first time on Question Time, its top current affairs programme.

Nick Griffin, the BNP leader who was elected to the European parliament in June, is expected to be on the show in October. The corporation has decided that the far-right party deserves more airtime because it has demonstrated “electoral support at a national level”.

The move has caused consternation among politicians, with some Labour MPs and at least one cabinet minister pledging to boycott Question Time. They fear the BNP will use the publicity to promote a racist agenda.

The change in policy has also triggered dissent within the BBC. One senior correspondent, who did not want to be named, said: “It’s barmy ... Public servants can be sacked for membership of the BNP and yet the BBC wants to give them airtime with the main political parties.”

( BNP were banned by Labour fascists - a political decision by a corrupt regime composed of war criminals )

The BBC changed its position after the party won two seats at the European elections. Its share of the national vote at that poll was 6.2%. “They got across a threshold that has given them national representation and that fact will be reflected in the level of coverage they will be given,” said Ric Bailey, the BBC’s chief adviser on politics. “This is not a policy about the BNP. It’s a policy about impartiality.”

The decision was approved by Mark Byford, the deputy director-general. David Dimbleby, the show’s host, backed the change.

This weekend the mainstream political parties were divided in their reaction. The Tories and the Liberal Democrats have told the BBC they are prepared to share a platform with the BNP, arguing that its policies must be confronted.

Labour is considering its position. “The custom is that Labour does not share a platform with the BNP, but given the impact of the BBC’s guidelines on our and other mainstream political parties’ position, we are reviewing this,” it said.

One cabinet minister said he would refuse to sit alongside Griffin or other BNP representatives on any BBC panel show: “Nobody’s happy about this. I don’t imagine anyone would be content to go on with them.”

John Mann, Labour chairman of the all-party group on anti-Semitism, said: “It’s absurd to give the BNP any space. This is how Hitler came to power and these people have got the same objectives. It’s typical BBC intellectualism giving them airtime.”

( as opposed to New Labour Oil Imperialism and illegal wars for oil and freeing the biggest mass murderer in British history for oil contracts )

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Andraste said...

This will cause consternation in UKIP, they thought they had their position nicely sown up on Question Time, using their position as the false nationalists. UKIP are establishment scum and Farage is political whore, anyone who thinks UKIP are a credible should join them and let us get on with the serious work.

Anonymous said...

Who was the biggest mass murderer in British history?

Andraste said...

Well done everyone, Nick Griffin on Question Time... this is massive... Nick will tear them apart. They are political pygmies in the presence of a giant.

Anonymous said...

Yes, about time. I wonder what really made them decide to invite Nick on to Question Time.

At least due to the change in the Constitution there will some room for some rationale dialog about BNP polices for a change. One hopes.

censorship is for the weak said...

"By the time we get on the show we will have amended the constitution - so when they throw the 'racists' and 'nazis' smear at us then Nick can legtimately say 'we are a party that allows everyone to join the BNP"

Bullshit! if Nick takes that route he will be derided as a hypocrite - `so why have you waited this long Nick?` and will be reminded how the BNP have been forced to adapt and the public will see the BNP as a group of compromised fakes.

If Nick tries to play your PC card he will lose ALL his support in a second.

Wake up Lee and give the Nazi bollocks a rest, you are starting to sound like a UAF mole.

Andraste said...

Check out the comments on the article:

The BNP are here... everyone knows it, the BNP are the fire of ages... we are the future.

Andraste said...

Lee, we are at the threshold - this is a dawning of a new age... our enemies have proven weak and ineffectual against us despite their overwhelming superiority of arms. We have held our ground time and time again against their onslaught, their terrible cowardly attacks that are premeditated and borne of their inherent weakness have not daunted us… we, the few, have stood against the many – and for this our ancestors look upon us with satisfaction.

However we need to reverse this situation we find ourselves in against our foe, for really they have no strength, they are weak people defended by castles and bureaucracy created by their ancestors and now they are simply gaunt hoteliers, and for no other reason but this mere fact they have weedled their way into positions of power – they are not in power because of great deeds or great aspirations – no, they are simply parasites, the degenerate mess that gathers at any drain once the water course has ceased flowing. Thus in and of themselves they are nought, they are nothing, it is only the system that grants them power. This is why they so fear the BNP because we have never been granted power by false virtue of inheritance or of n artificial bestowed benefit but still we attain power… this is the greatest fear for them… we are what they wish to be but what they cannot be… we are their fantasy manifest and yet at once their nightmare – their ultimate fear… the BNP are all that they wish to be but are too weak to admit… thus they seek to destroy us, because in their sick mind it is better to have us eradicated than have to face the reality of their own inadequacy.

All we need keep doing is pressuring the establishment, and eventually it will break… this is certain… this is what they know and they try desperately to shore themselves against. However, as soon as one discovers a vulnerability in their position we must exploit it to the fullest degree… we must apply the maximum force to that point of our enemies weakness… and our enemies weakness is manifest by it own inherent weakness. What this means is that Labour are not strong of themselves, they are strong only because of the system they operate permits them to appear strong, but Labour themselves are weak, terribly weak, all we need do is demonstrate how they are weak and how we are strong – Nick Griffin will do this automatically when he appears on Question Time – Labour do not want to share a platform with him not through principle but because of fear that they will exposed for the weak Schadenfreuders that they are.

Labour (and Lib/Lab/Con/UKIP) are simply parasites, leeching the life from a host (the host being the manifestation of our people in the collective form of our country and all we have created) and now they simply exist to exploit us through taxation, wars, twisted inversion of religion, political correctness and all the other perversities that so represents their infection which ultimately ensures their survival over ours…

Defender of Liberty said...

The biggest mass murderer in british history = the lockerbie bomber.

I think that nick can respond quite easily to the questions why did we not change the constitution before is simple - we didnt want too and we didnt need too.

The equality commission forced us too - but note how the equality commission are not taking action against the hundreds of black only organisations and groups such as the NBPA, black lawyers assocation etc shows that the government accepts racism against the indigenous British and will only take action against groups that try and give the indigenous British representation and a voicce in our society. A pernicious double standard exists that allows racism against whites and that legitimises institutional racism.

Oh yeah, I am in the UAF, you fucking knobhead.

Now fuck off and dont bother me again you gobshite twat.

JPT said...

I can't wait.

We need a nationalist revolution ¸¸.•*¨*•♫ said...

Do al - beeb seriously realise what they've let themselves in for ? The worst nightmare is about to be realised (they will be confronted with common sense and reason) how do you argue against this ? I remember a few month ago Simon Darby was on a day time chat show and he had the audience eating out the palm of his hands within minutes just by speaking common sense, good luck al - beeb and your'e going to need it....Donna

Andraste said...

censorship is for the weak said...

"...and will be reminded how the BNP have been forced to adapt and the public will see the BNP as a group of compromised fakes.

If Nick tries to play your PC card he will lose ALL his support in a second."

It's no secret that the BNP have been forced to change the constitution and membership rules, so I don't see how there is a concern of somehow "being reminded of it"... it's bloody obvious, and Lee's statement is exactly correct, we didn't change it before because we didn't want to and we didn't have to.

Nick certainely won't play any PC card. Nick's presence on the panel will do plenty to ensure that our message gets out.

Andraste said...

The comment in response to the “Nick Griffin on Question Time” story that is running on several newspaper websites made by some idiots is that this is going to expose the BNP for the Nazi's we are, and that people will see how stupid we are... LOL, I think not... But that comment just goes to show just how some people are well and truly brainwashed by the false BNP image that has been created by the establishment and media. And these are the people who are going to find the reality most disturbing when they watch Question Time, which I don’t expect many will because they will be too terrified of their delusion being shattered, so they will not watch and then seek to reinforce their false beliefs by gorging themselves on the insane rantings of the likes of UAF or Lancaster Unity.

However, a lot of people when they hear and see Nick Griffin will realise he is an intelligent, decent, genuine and charismatic man who has a profound understanding or politics and history, on a much greater and deeper level than any of the self-righteous, egotistical scum that will be on the rest of the panel with him. Everyone that I have known who was either anti-BNP or undecided and then I have got them to watch a Nick Griffin speech is blown away, and they immediately have changed their opinion of him (and by extension of the BNP), this has occurred every single time – the false image is immediately destroyed.

alanorei said...

Re: "This is how Hitler came to power and these people have got the same objectives."

Mann is lying, wilfully ignorant or (probably) both. Hitler's decisive boost to power came when Pope Pius XI directed the Catholic Zentrum (Centre) Party in Germany to vote full powers to Hitler to form the Nazi dictatorship.

This happened on March 26th 1933. The Zentrum had the majority of seats in the Reichstag and so the motion to transfer absolute power to Hitler was easily carried.

The pope's Privy Chamberlain, Franz Von Papen and the papal nuncio to Berlin, Msgr. Eugenio Pacelli (later Pope Pius XII) oversaw the transition of power to the National Socialists (Nazis).

See The Vatican Against Europe by Edmond Paris, Part II, p 83ff.

The concern for BNPrs is that, like Germany in 1933, the UK is now effectively a one-party state where what remains of UK sovereign independent governance can summarily (even though constitutionally illegally) be transferred to Brussels without effective opposition, the House of Lords having been stscked with 'Tony's cronies' for several years now.

Only a precipitate BNP landslide at the next and possibly last general election (if the landslide doesn't happen) can prevent this country's full absorption (and break-up into Brussels-imposed 'regions') into the 4th Reich across the Channel.

If a few BNP seats are gained in the Commons at the next general election, that will gain time, I think but time is critically short, nevertheless.

Andraste said...

The whole BNP = Nazi, Nick Griffin = Hitler mantra is getting very old, and through it's over use it is becoming meaningless. In fact it would be a massive publicity coup if Labour refused to sit on the Question Time panel with Nick protesting that he is a Nazi... that would backfire on an immense scale, as not only would the huge and glaring contradiction of that position be so obvious (those protesting about Nazi refuse to engage in an exercise of supposed free speech), but it would also show Labour to be weak and afraid to debate openly against the BNP. Particuarly amusing being as Labour politicians have stated that their activists must get out and challenge our policies and expose them... and yet they can't do that themselves.

The make up of the panel will be very interesting, because the BBC will be well aware that Nick would mop the floor with most Lib/Lab/Con brainless sycophants and their media buddies, so they will want to put people on their who are capable (as best they can) to at least hold him at bay, they would need to roll out the big guns, like Christopher Hitchens but that would mean putting Nick Griffin on a panel with highly regarded (by the establishment) intellectuals and politicians - that would by default have the psycholigical effect of putting Nick Griffin in the same league in the minds of the audience, that would be something that the BBC will want to avoid. So, the panel make up will be very interesting.

Anonymous said...

"groups such as the NBPA"

The NBPA aren't proposing to pay people to leave the country.

Lacnunga said...

Please DIGG this excellent article here:

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Adrian P said...

Great but the BNP need to be thinking about how they are going to stitch him up, I would adice extreme caution, any slip up will be edited IN not not out.
This is a Great opportunity for the BNP but it is also a Great opportunity for them.

Forget contratulations for now, you can bet your life they will be hoping to stitch him up, look at all the Photographs they are using in the Media, all carefully selected, just like the Audience plants will be, this is a Trap.

A trap Nick Griffin must walk into.

I imagine most of the Questions will almost certainly be designed to embarrass etc, I doubt very much he will be allowed to tal about sensible policies, they couldnt afford that.

Im not saying he shouldnt go but this is most certainlty a Trap.

The answer to the racism question is Im not against melanin, I'm against Genocide. whether it be against the 1.2 Million Iraqi's, or the Africans in Darfur.

There is nothing wrong with melanin, there is everything wrong with exterminating your own people because you kmew they would never vote for the EUSSSR.

This is not a victory yet, it is a Trap, come back down to earth.

Defender of Liberty said...

Adrian you right - the trick is to be aware of the trap, and then turn it back on them.

Good points you make.

The faact the BNP has an voluntary repatriation policy is utterly irrelevent you idiot - the fact is that the NBPA constitution breaks the law by banning whites from full membership and only allowing them associate membership status.

One law for them and one law for us is it ?

Andraste said...

Another idiot wrote:

"The NBPA aren't proposing to pay people to leave the country."

Voluntary repatriation already exists, and has done since 1972 - if you actually knew anything about what you was talking about you would know that.

Any what's wring with giving people a choice of paid return - isn't a democracy about freedom of choice, so surely more choice is better? Or do you prefer to take away options until you have just the options that appeal to you - that sounds rather like fascism to me?

Anonymous said...

If people consider thenselfs and others ideologically as global citizens, then should a nation refuse such ideology then said people should have no problem with being a global citizen elsewhere in the globe.

Otherwise their ideology is shown to be false.

Their ideology really is - take advantage of who is giving out the best deal, regardless of who sufferes or the damage that is caused.

It is not selfless communist driven, it is driven by self and greed.

Only the pseudo middleclass `communists` who do not bare the brunt of said policies believe in it, and again this is driven not by a sense of selfless but driven instead by a vanity and ego, the lifting of ones self through `thinking` they are helping, at no cost to themselfs but great cost to others, how selfish of them!