Monday 21 September 2009

Zionist Capitalist Buys the Conservative Party

Looks like the old whore Cameron will be dropping his britches, poking his arse into the air, smearing vaseline on his ring bit and then smiling whilst he takes it up the Gary Glitter for Israel.

It is of course a myth that Jewish billionaires only ever seem to donate to Jewish charities, which is of course 'racist' if they did as if whites only donated to white charities that would be racist as well, and also it is not a fact that they only ever seem to donate lots of money to the Labour Party and Tories as an attempt to buy political power as this old canard is clearly 'anti-semitism'.

DAVID CAMERON and his shadow cabinet have found a new billionaire backer.

Alan Howard, a former comprehensive school pupil, is the architect of the biggest hedge fund in Europe and is using his wealth to help leading members of the Conservative party.

Howard, 46, a taker of calculated risks who, for fun, sledges down the Alps in the dark wearing a miner’s headtorch, is Britain’s first hedge-fund billionaire, according to calculations by the compiler of The Sunday Times Rich List.

In terms of overall wealth he is not far behind Lord Ashcroft, the deputy chairman of the Conservatives, who has a £1.1 billion fortune and has loaned the party £3.6m.

Howard is being wooed by the Tory party and has already been persuaded to help senior figures such as George Osborne, William Hague and Liam Fox with money for flights or to run their private offices.

He is a board member of the Conservative Friends of Israel and has set up a scholarship at his alma mater, Imperial College, London. He is president of the UK Jewish Film Festival in London in November.

Despite these public gestures, he guards his privacy. He has given only one interview and is known to have bought the copyright of photographs taken of him at charity events so they cannot be reproduced.

A City insider who knows him but asked not to be identified said: “He is actually a pleasant guy [and] even wears cardigan sweaters to the office, but his paranoia stems from a fear of being kidnapped by terrorists.”

His office is a modernist suite of edged glass, stainless steel and veneered walls on the site of the former headquarters of Marks & Spencer in Baker Street, central London.

He is chauffeured there each morning in a black Mercedes from his £3m home in north London. He and his wife Sabine have also bought a £7m apartment overlooking New York’s Central Park.

Former colleagues put his success down to extreme hard work. He sits in the middle of the trading floor, punching through more deals than anyone else and overseeing what his traders do. “I have never seen a group of people who are better at what they do,” said one of the fund’s former traders. “I’m talking Tiger Woods good.”

Howard is said to obsess about “black swans” — events that are difficult to predict and can wipe out a fund. He switched most of his fund’s investments to cash in the weeks before markets crashed in the credit crunch.

Last year Howard earned up to £100m, while the value of his hedge fund, Brevan Howard, soared. It manages $27 billion of assets — funds are always expressed in dollars — and made a 20% profit last year, earning £530m in fees, while the credit crunch devastated other hedge funds.

Despite selling 15% to Swiss Re, which occupies the “gherkin” building in the City, Howard still has majority voting rights in the partnership he formed in 2002 with four other traders from his time at Credit Suisse First Boston bank.

This year he has personally given Liam Fox, the shadow defence secretary, £4,500 on top of £15,000 two years ago. His fund also paid for Fox’s air ticket from New York to Vail, Colorado, to attend the American Enterprise Institute’s annual world forum. The likes of former vice-president Dick Cheney, and Newt Gingrich, the American right-winger, have been guests.

The hedge fund has twice paid in previous years for George Osborne, the shadow chancellor, to make the same trip. Howard has also given £5,000 to William Hague, the shadow foreign secretary, and £10,000 to the Conservative party, which will be hopeful of bigger gifts for next year’s general-election war chest.

One of his senior economists was part of a team under John Redwood, the former Conservative Welsh secretary , which produced a policy document for the party on freeing Britain from regulation to compete in world markets.

The Tories are not the only recipients of Howard’s largesse. The maths block at Hasmonean high school in north London, where he was a pupil, is named after him, and his wife helped organise Imperial College’s centenary celebrations in 2007. Last year his charitable trust spent £1.6m on holocaust education and other projects.

A spokesman for Howard said: “He owns a lot of the company but doesn’t give interviews and will not comment on his personal wealth. There are no pictures of him and he won’t talk about donations to the Conservatives or anything.”

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Anonymous said...

"Among his interests are Holocaust education, the homeless and Israeli film "

Angharad said...


Adrian Peirson said...

By extreme hard work do they mean fishing, farming, building cars, ships or consumer electronics in factories in fields, or does he sit in an office all day hoovering up the wealth of those who do.

eenymac said...

Mmmmm.... "Conservative Friends of Israel". I looked at their website and can honestly say I have never seen such a display of sickening arse kissing in my life.
Why is there no "Conservative Friends of France / Germany / Western Samoa" etc? Why is only one foreign nation - a genocidal and corrupt one to boot - singled out for fawning praise?

Sorry Mr Cameron, you have shown that you are in the pocket already of a foreign power and thus should be barred from holding office.