Wednesday 16 September 2009

Shooting Galleries and the Global Jihad

For may years I have advocated that the UK government must ;

1) Buy the opium crop in Afghanistan direct from the Afghani farmers

2) Process that crop in the UK

3) Prescribe that crop to heroin addicts in the UK

This is so that the Global Jihad, which is funded by Saudi Arabian Wahhabist oil money and Afghan heroin, is starved of money to buy bullets, bombs and guns.

At the same time though as we impose this new regime of issuing heroin we must also ;

A) Execute all heroin importers who smuggle the drugs into the UK

B) Execute all heroin dealers in the UK who have more than three convictions for peddling the drug

C) Put all registered heroin addicts on a register that is then available to social services, the police etc

D) Fit all those female heroin addicts with contraceptive implants for the duration of the entire time they are receiving the drugs to prevent them having heroin addicted babies

E) Ban them from driving

F) Place their children on an At Risk Register and if they are found to be incapable of taking of them then have them removed until they are off the drugs

G) Prohibit them from going aborad in order to minimse 'drug holidays' where they can go and access heroin abroad

H)Ban them from working in proffessional jobs which involve duties such as driving

I) Make them work for the drugs - instead of simply giving them heroin they must also work for it. That could be working in the fields picking potatos or fruit or doing manual work under the supervision of registered staff. The idea that they simply get prescribed the drug in perpetuity and do nothing is unacceptable.

J) Tag them for the duration of the time they are recieving the free drugs


They take heroin as they like getting high - if getting high made them feel like shit then they wouldnt have become addicts, so treating them as ill or as victims is unacceptable.

If they want the drugs then they must work for them.

They can be prescribed and given in shooting galleries, but the addicts must also work to get the drugs.

Whether that includes picking up litter, digging canals, repairing abandoned houses, manual labour - then that depends on what work needs to be done in our communities.

Having these shambolic, fucked up junkie idiots staggering around our streets picking up litter whilst children can see what heroin does to people should remove the curse of heroin addiction from our nation in a single generation.

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1 comment:

alanorei said...

I have only one question:

How long will they take to die?