Friday 11 September 2009

Daily Mail Lie Machine

Read the Daily Mail article here ;

Then read the comments by the photographs, so I will actually reveal what the pictures show as opposed to the lies printed by the Daily Mail.

Lie 1) Lets start with the title of the article which states 'right wing protestors and anti-fascists clash' ;

A) They were members of an Anti-Islamist protest group not 'right wing extremists'.

B) The thugs were Islamic militia and Stalinists of the UAF and the SWP.

Lie 2) "Police try to control anti-fascist protesters as they charge against anti-Muslim demonstrators in Harrow today "

Total lie. The picture shows members of Islamist group attacking police, not the UAF.

Lie 3 )A firework explodes as members of the Stop Islamification of Europe clash with police

Total lie. The image shows members of stop the islamification group being attacked by fireworks and thunderflashes thrown at them by the Islamists.

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Anonymous said...

I don't live in the UK.

Please Explain this -- the police can use CCTV after the fact to arrest people? Why do you allow CCTV? Does your constitution prevent this as an invasion of your rights?

Are the right-wing extremists the good guys or the bad guys?

If they are the good guys, why does the paper call them extremists?

Please describe what the PROBLEM is.

What is the UAF?

What is each group involved trying to accomplish?

Anonymous said...

Lying rags like the backstabbing Mail are a major problem and threat to democracy. The Backstabber is particularly dangerous because it is deceptive and duplicitous in its support for many of the things that worry white indigenous Britons. Yet if it talks about, for example, racial bullying or victims of racial attacks, it will always show whites bullying blacks or black victims of racial attacks, usually posed by models. The same with knife crime; it will always show a white model in a threatening pose holding the knife. Absurd when you think about it but the articles are meant to brainwash the unwary white sheep people who foolishly buy this rag into believing the backstabbing DM is batting for them, when in fact it is doing the exact opposite with its subliminal type images. I think there is only one way to deal with this evil journalism that is deliberately designed to deceive and malign whites when the main perpetators are obviously black...but I had better keep those thoughts to myself for now.