Thursday 3 September 2009

Interesting Jewish Chronicle Story

Oh how they must be rueing the day they initiated the case against the BNP, for it has truly kicked the whole supermarket aisle of cans of worms over.

As I have stated here - if anyone wants to donate half a million pounds to the BNP to fight this case all the way to the House of Lords and Europe, then I will suggest to the party that we fight this case all the way.

If no-one comes forward with the cash, then my advice is simply to not fight a case where we will probably not win.

I spoke to a brave and principled man this morning, Chris Roberts, who was the subject of false and vile accusations by Searchlight magazine and who went to court to clear his name.

Rather than let him win the case, the judge in the case Judge Sedley, a former member of the British Communist Party and comrade of Gerry Gable who was in the Communist Party at the same time as Sedley, did not disqualify himself from the case as he should have done and then created a whole new legal defence for Searchlight and then ruled against Chris and in favour of Searchlight.

The costs he and his brother had to pay were about £ 180,000.

Thats British justice for you - as bent as a nine bob note.

If you think you get justice in the courts you are wrong - look at the endless list of racist attackers who attack whites and who walk free and then note the harsh punishments issued against white criminals.

The courts serve the government, not justice.

Those who think the BNP will win any legal case have no idea of the reality of our society nor how corrupt the British judiciary is.

All that will happen is that the BNP will lose, become bankrupt and British nationalism be destroyed as a growing political movement.

BNP case is of special concern

Going to court boosts extremists’ electoral fortunes - and threatens Jewish education practice

By Geoffrey Alderman, September 3, 2009

Last October, the Conservative MP for Monmouth, David Davies, addressed the annual conference of the National Black Police Association. Mr Davies had apparently been invited by mistake — the NBPA had meant to ask the former shadow Home Secretary, David Davis. No matter, Mr Davies is a special constable.

The speech he gave clearly arrested his audience — so much so that, while some gave him the slow handclap, others simply walked out.

What precisely had he said? Well, he had drawn attention to a peculiarity of the NBPA’s rules of membership (and, by extension, the membership rules of organisations representing black police officers in regional forces, such as the Metropolitan Police).

Mr Davies observed that, while UK police officers of black, Asian or “middle eastern” origin were welcome to join as full members, “white” officers could only become associate members. Denying full membership to white officers, said Mr Davies, “could be viewed as racism”. The subsequent discussion, he reported, “got very heated… but what I said was a matter of principle.”

So it was. I was reminded of it as I read that the Equality and Human Rights Commission had commenced legal proceedings against the British National Party.

In the view of the EHRC, the BNP is in breach of UK race-relations legislation. “The legal advice we have received (explained the EHRC’s legal director, John Wadham) indicates that the… party’s constitution and membership criteria, employment practices and provision of services to constituents and the public may breach discrimination laws.”

The BNP’s current rules restrict membership to “indigenous Caucasian” and “ethnic groups emanating from that Race”. What does this actually mean?

The court will no doubt tell us if it can, and it is certainly not for me to pre-judge that decision. But, whatever the merits of the case, or its outcome, we do have to ask why the EHRC has seen fit to seek an injunction against the BNP, but not the NBPA? Or the National Association of Muslim Police? Or the British Sikh Police Association?

“Ah,” explained an academic colleague far more sympathetically inclined than I am towards the EHRC, “the Sikh and Muslim police associations discriminate for membership purposes on religious, not racial grounds.”

I wonder. After all — as we were reminded in the recent JFS case — Sikhs have been declared to be, in law, an ethnic group, like Jews. The NBPA and its affiliates are racial entities. And my friend agreed with me that the timing of the EHRC’s action against the BNP is also suspect.

After all, the BNP has been around since 1982, the EHRC since 2007, while its predecessor body, the Commission for Racial Equality, dates from 1976. So why wait until now to move against the BNP and all its works?

Well, the EHRC has been astonishingly frank in answering this question. A spokesperson explained that what had triggered its action had been the BNP’s recent electoral successes, and the fact that it now boasts two MEPs.

This strikes me as incredibly short-sighted on the part of the leadership of the EHRC.

If the injunction is granted, this might well result in the BNP leaders being carted off to the local nick. Result? Much more useful publicity for the BNP, which we can be sure will play the martyr’s card in the run-up to the next general election.

If the BNP changes its membership rules, this can only result in more members, thus (albeit perversely) boosting its membership and its right to media time at that election.

If the injunction is refused, or successfully appealed against, the EHRC will have become a national laughing-stock.

Any of these scenarios must be of concern to British Jewry. But there is another dimension that must concern us. The JFS case is due to come before the House of Lords next month. The Board of Deputies has promised to intervene as a “friend of the court”, to give guidance on “who is a Jew”.

If the EHRC has seen fit to move against the BNP, and if it is to avoid any further charge of double-standards, it must surely then intervene in the JFS case, mustn’t it?

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Andraste said...

Part 1...

Excellent articles Lee - you are truly on a roll at the moment, the standard of your postings are even better than usual, and they are always excellent... that's enough brown-nosing ;-)

Having thought long and hard about the membership situation, as I expect all members are. I have to say I agree with you entirely.

I don't think we will have any problems at all when we change the membership criteria. In fact as you say I believe it actually is a massive positive move, which well and truly moves us well and truly into mainstream - and there is no argument about it. I know many people who are not members but who support the BNP, and it is the label of "racist", "Nazi", etc, etc that deters them from actually joining. As soon as we amend the constitution I think we will see a rise in membership numbers. In fact I believe that accordingly in a relatively short space of time we will eclipse UKIP. Think of our advance in just 10 years, we have gone from a fringe party (like NF) to where we are today - the rise of the BNP has to be the most incredible rise of any political party in British history... and this is just the beginning...

Andraste said...

Part 2...

The EHRC have been unbelievably stupid to take the action against us, it's is an utterly idiotic strategy and is going to backfire on such an immense scale that the ramifications will be terrifying for the corrupt establishment. In fact when we come to governance, and the history of the BNP is assessed truthfully and free of the lies, it will be known that because of the EHRC action the BNP evolved as a result and this transformation of the BNP actually will lead to our eventual victory. This is a fact.

The reason the EHRC have taken such a stupid action is because like all organisations that are essentially run by narcissistic, mentally ill people, they cannot think outside of themselves (this is why they have no regard for history), and because they have their sweaty hands on the levers of power they can't help themselves and simply react in knee-jerk fashion to a threat and wrench down as hard as they can on the levers. This is the narcissistic impulse for immediate gratification that takes no consideration of consequence. They don't consider consequence because in their sick minds they believe they are omnipotent and that their actions are infallible. Think of all the lies and smears about the BNP of recent times peddled relentlessly by the corrupt establishment, the slave media, the corporatists, and of course the retarded leftists such as UAF – they have failed to defeat the BNP… this is because they are too stupid to develop a strategy, because ironically all the things they despise, such as history, British culture and traditions, community are the very things that we are the curators of, and these things provide us with a deeper understanding of how things really work. Whereas our opponents rely solely on brute force and “shock and awe” tactics… of course such tactics cannot defeat a well-disciplined and courageous insurgency. In fact such unrelenting attacks only serve to harden our resolve, we are being cast in the brutal furnace of such extreme hostility that we emerge harder than anything before. This is fantastic.

The EHRC action has so many consequences its impossible to quantify, but it’s all good for the BNP and entirely bad for them.

Anyway, I agree that we need a strengthened disciplinary code, so that agitators can be booted out. Also, how about increasing the membership fee for the next few years for new members and counter balancing this by offering a reduced rate for existing members this way we know that we are maintaining our loyal existing members and also deterring hordes of provocateurs joining instantly. Also, provisions need to be made so that any motions that are raised at the AGM can only be by members of long standing, that way any new members seeking to subvert our policies and constitution cannot possibly do so for some considerable time… and of course time is all we need, because our eventual victory is inevitable… the sick establishment know this, that’s why they are reacting against us in such a blind and panicked fashion. They are so stupid is almost unbelievable, and I thought I had a good estimation of their stupidity.

Andraste said...

part 3...

A strategy of any protracted conflict, is that you always want to draw you enemy into a situation where they believe they are stronger than they are and then they will over stretch their lines, and once they are committed and overstretched then we attack. This is what the Serbs did in Kosovo against the sick NATO onslaught, in the closing days when a ground invasion was being considered by NATO, the NATO command estimated that there was a tiny number of Serbian soldiers actually in Kosovo. However, unknown to NATO scum the Serbs had amassed about 100,000 troops in Kosovo and if NATO had launched a ground invasion they would have been slaughtered. This is a classic example of the campaign we are fighting, we cannot afford to engage in direct conflict, that’s what the cowards in the EHRC want, they want to drain our resources. The smart move is to adapt, deploy our forces in intelligent and strategic positions, consolidate our resources, and harden our constitution and membership policy. It is utter folly to engage them head on, that is not bravery it is stupidity. We are in this to the bitter end and we will fight on to secure our eventual victory and the strategy and statements you have mentioned Lee are totally excellent.