Friday 25 September 2009

EDL - Uniforms Law

The absence of a statutory definition of a uniform was overcome in the case of O'Moran V DPP and Whelan V DPP (1975) WLR 413 where it was held that the wearing of just a black beret constituted an uniform.

The EDL wear ;

1) Black Balaclavas
2) Black T-Shirts with the same symbols
3) Congregate in public
4) Carry banners
5) March in the name of the EDL

Therefore if they adopt a political agenda and start to carry banners, chant slogans, issue leaflets and propaganda with political aims and assemble with the intent for for political aims and demonstrate with political aims then they are in breach of the law under Whelan V DPP.

The moment that the EDL adopts a political ideology or political aims then they instantly come under the Public Order Act 1986 and also the revised Terrorism Act which includes acts of violence, criminal damage or intimidation with a political motive.

On every level the moment the EDL adopts a political ideology or starts promoting a political ideology they are screwed.

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JPT said...

A person could almost think that the EDL have been set up by the establishment to take votes away from the BNP...

Anonymous said...

In the absense of C18 the establishment have created the EDL. Keep reeling fishermen!!!!!