Sunday 27 September 2009

An Interesting Fact on Britain and Diversity

From the Spectator ;

" We are, through empire, the original multi-ethnic state"

We had a multi-ethnic Empire, but the UK as an "original" multi-ethnic state is less than 40 years old. The 1954 cabinet papers show that "David Maxwell-Fyfe, the Home Secretary, gave a figure of 40,000 compared to 7,000 before the Second World War".

A couple of days ago my 14 year old son and I viewed on Youtube the wonderful Panorama report on the Kop at Anfield - filmed in 1964.

"Dad", he said as he watched, "where are all the black people ?"

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JPT said...

A nation of mongrels a nation of immigrants etc etc, it's all bullshit left wing rewriting of history to justify the current multicult invasion.
As for the football crowd to be honest there's not THAT many coloured (am I allowed to say 'coloured') faces in the crowds nowadays - although the camera's do try to seek them out - and the reason that there's not many coloured faces in the crowd is that football spectating is mainly a white working class sport - although the WHITE middle classes have invaded a bit now pretending to be working class 'my dad was a miner' etc (he was probably a pit owner if you know what I mean).
On the pitch the races mix but off the pitch they pretty much don't.

Adrian P said...

A nation of Mongrels, Psychological repression mixed in with a little reframing, of course you could say that about the Japanese or the Chinese if you look closely enough at their genetic make up.
I'm sure that Daffodils too have genetic similarities to Roses, does that mean we should do away with daffodils.
Their argument is simply to do away with a counterargument.
They are internationalists, Global Communists, the Nation state has to be destroyed, National identity too, hence the argument we are mongrels anyway.

The ruling elites are the real racists and they use spin and propaganda like this to keep steering us to where they want to lead humanity which is to a two tier, NeoFuedalistic society.

Note how academics now are claiming our education system is being dumbed down.

Ever wondered why the children of our elites dont go to the same schools as we do, or why the controversy over whether they get the same vaccinations as our children.

Maybe this will help explain what is going on.

Dumbing down Society

Anonymous said...

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