Monday 14 September 2009

The New Babylon

All borders are drawn with the blood of patriots,
As the seed of a nation seeks its new roots,
Free as a wild flower in springs first blush,
It grows swift to glory, effulgent in its infancy.

Yet liberty is never allowed to reign for too long,
New laws will chain us and make us the same slaves,
Whilst from stolen earth arose two glittering towers,
Entwined with a serpent, as the sign of the dollar.

I saw two beasts unleashed from fallen targets,
Amidst twin smouldering stumps of molten steel,
One was white, and wore a name of holy war,
The other was black, and is known as vengeance.

None may rule forever, the shifting sands whisper,
Revealing the rusting relics of ancient wars,
Snarling tigers, their pelts shredded by shrapnel,
Hunted from the sky by prowling hurricanes.

Now new relics join them, the follies of hubris,
Slaughtered in Babylon for lies, gold and oil,
Amidst a sinister dust, which now deforms youth,
Lay the abandoned limbs of our dying armies.

The tree is dead, its roots riddled with rot,
Bitter fruits hang dead from the branches,
And wherever they fall, so horrors follow,
Arising from rancid earth to blacken the sun.

Nemesis now sits upon her throne of skulls,
Counting out each of her terrible treasures,
Whilst the nodding donkeys mimic democracy,
Corporations drain all nations of blood and oil.

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