Thursday 24 September 2009

The Times - They Are A'Changing.

A very interesting story in The Times today which was supposed to be a pre-emptive strike against Richard Barnbrook.

What is interesting is not the story, but the comments.

The story is the typical yellow journalism of the bent media, but the comments reveal how the public see this case against Richard.

Note also the comments from Sonia Gable.

The fact the Gable now has to rely on his missus as an Aunt Sally to post up comments on The Times to attack the BNP suggests that Searchlight is now on its last legs.

The comments reveal that the propaganda machines of the newspapers are now no longer working, and this is because recent scandals that revealeded the entire political class as being on the take and ripping off the taxpayers money. The public now see this attempt to punish Richard for a genuine mistake caused by his dyslexia whilst allowing Baroness Scotland - a criminal - and the rest of the Parliament pigs to stay in their jobs, as a hypocritical and astonishing peice of sickening bullying.

The British public dont like bullies and are now seeing through the media attacks on the BNP.

This attempt to use Richard as a Judas Goat to divert attention away from the theft, fraud and crimes of the political elite in Parliament has blown up in their face.

The media will try and spin this in a way that maximises the benefits for their whores in Parliament, but the people are now seeing through the propaganda.

True revolutions begin when the people no longer believe the propaganda their masters are telling them, for they must first free themselves from their mental chains before they will free themselves politically and socially from the criminals that control their nations and media.

Today is a watershed moment - for when we see comments like these in The Times, coming from the ex-Tory faithful, we see a revolution beginning in our country.

To suspend an ELECTED POLITICIAN for comments made as a genuine mistake due to his disability, this being dyslexia, is not just an act of discrimination - it is an attack upon democracy for by so doing they disenfranchise the people who voted for him.

Richard did not lie, to lie suggests deliberate intent to deceive. There was no intent to deceive, simply as every word Richard says is scrutinised by a myriad liberal, leftist, labour and tory maggots that infest the rancid corpse of our democracy for the slightest mistake so his words can be used as a weapon against him.

Due to his dyslexia he made a genuine mistake.

This is man who has two elected roles and who has been doing those jobs for years, and the ONE TIME he made a mistake, due to the stress he was under at the time, the jackals pounced - and after the media lies peddled about this case and the internal GLA and Barking and Dagenham used systemic bias and partiality to get him to this hearing, I have no doubt the jackals on the panel and in the media will seek to give him a good savaging.

The QUANGO of the GLA and Barking and Dagenham Council standards committee has used three members of the corrupt ruling political elite using corrupt procedures to rig a grotesque political show trial that would have not been out of place in Soviet Russia or Nazi Germany.

What they have done though is usurped our democracy, disenfranchised the electorate and declared that the will of this triumverate of asinine lackeys has the power to strike down the will of the people.

Today true Fascism in England is born.

The distance between the rulers and the ruled is now too distant - a rebellion has begun.

Today The Times are a'changing - and a New Britain is being born.

Yet they have created a martyr, a peoples champion out of Richard.

From out of the lions den, a Daniel will walk.

Rue this day you fools, for today is the day your Hubris led to your Nemesis.

Today the Revolution begins.

Richard Brady wrote:
I hate NuLabour, never really liked old Labour but I am deeply upset by the failure of Boris Johnson to lead London on the issue of knife crime.
Boris you are a waste of space and all the clever attempts at being amusing and surprised by your position don't fool anyone anymore.
Call off your attack dogs from bullying the only Council member who actually addressed the issue that concerns most Londoners.
I don't think that much of the B N P, but they are beginning to look more appealing than some of the three main parties.

September 24, 2009 9:00 AM BST on Recommend? Report Abuse Permalink

Elizabeth Walton wrote:
Not very much of an 'offence' is it? The only reason that it is being pursued at all is because Mr Barnbrook is a member of the British national Party.
It is a very small infringement, especially when compared to the outright lies bandied about daily by the corrupt and traitorous crew that inhabit Westminster!
I see Sonia Gable of ex NF (for numerous years)and now Searchblight infamy was quick to comment...
"Another man, while he was a BNP officer, advocated the sterilisation of the poor, sick and disabled."
Was that a Mr A.Nother, Mrs Gable?
You know very well that the BNP do not advocate such foul things. But the Stalinist totalitarian system that you support would!

September 24, 2009 8:58 AM BST on Recommend? Report Abuse Permalink

Arthur Jones wrote:
We all know Labour would never play with figures or 'create' scenario's to back up what they want people to think. No, not labour.

September 24, 2009 8:34 AM BST on Recommend? (6) Report Abuse Permalink

Sao Paulo wrote:
The liberal/left doesn't make anything up do they, well apart from the multicultural enrichment. Yes we read about that everyday in the newspapers!

September 24, 2009 8:31 AM BST on Recommend? (6) Report Abuse Permalink

Sonia Gable wrote:
Richard Barnbrook uses his disability (dyslexia) as an excuse for getting his words muddled up (I thought dyslexia affected reading and writing not speaking).

Yet the central London organiser of the BNP, Jeff Marshall, said earlier this year, on the death of David Cameron's son, that there is no point in keeping disabled people alive. Another man, while he was a BNP officer, advocated the sterilisation of the poor, sick and disabled.

Barnbrook's supporters here play down his offence, but when the "errors" were first pointed out to him he refused to withdraw the video. He only took an interest in knife crime as an excuse to stir up racism and division between communities, by claiming. falsely, that blacks commit crimes and whites are the victims. He also hijacked the name of a genuine organisation called Mothers against Knives, which he was later forced to call London Mothers against Knives when the two Middlesbrough mothers who formed it complained. Not that Barnbrook has any genuine mothers involved in his one-man band.

September 24, 2009 8:04 AM BST on Recommend? Report Abuse Permalink

Jo Craig wrote:
To gauge how healthy (unhealthy?) democracy is in the UK today, look at this story. This is on the same day that the law maker/breaker Baroness Scotland is given support by Gordon Brown to remain in the top law job. Tells you all you need to know. I've got a new word for tin pot croneyism: 'baronessscotlandism'.

September 24, 2009 5:05 AM BST on Recommend? (16) Report Abuse Permalink

Timon Says wrote:
Are you serious???

I can't believe he is being penalised over something so utterly trivial and petty!!

He mixed up where the victim was FROM and where she was KILLED, and he forgot to say 'attempted' in front of the word 'murder'.


And for this he faces being disqualified??

This is just unbelievable. This is just a vendetta against him because he belongs to the BNP.

If this guy is suspended - or punished in ANY way - then that will just prove that there is no democracy in Britain.

The Labour and Tory fascists must be really running scared!

September 24, 2009 2:36 AM BST on Recommend? (23) Report Abuse Permalink

Tone R wrote:
Brown lies to Parliament and the population - that's alright then

Barnbrook mixes words - full weight of the Establishment comes down

Shows how scared they are of the BNP actually talking about the issues that matter to the people

September 24, 2009 2:04 AM BST on Recommend? (19) Report Abuse Permalink

Patricia Dawson wrote:
If knife crime is what estate agents and council press departments mean by vibrancy, then I live in a very vibrant part of London .............Peckham............the posh part. I am currently seeking asylum, but not in the nearest county I come to. I need to put a bit of distance between myself and London. God forgive me but I never deserved for things to be like this.

September 24, 2009 1:11 AM BST on Recommend? (17) Report Abuse Permalink

Dave Coates wrote:
Richard Barnbrook, Nick Griffin, Simon Darby, Andrew Brons, and others, too numerous to mention, I salute their courage and bravery.

September 24, 2009 12:58 AM BST on Recommend? (25) Report Abuse Permalink

Patricia Dawson wrote:
Any slip up whatsover made by any BNP member, anywhere at any time in their life is guaranteed wall to wall media coverage and a concerted attempt by the establishment to make political gains against a party they fear and despise. It is indeed a bizarre case and one in which I must feel some sympathy for Mr Barnbrook as he must have picked the only 2 week period in the last 10 years when a handful of people were not stabbed and murdered in most parts of London! No one could really over hype knife crime in London. I live in Peckham and work with young offenders. 3 stabbings happened on one night and 2 weeks later a man got shot all within 100 metres of my home, [apparently he wasn't killed............thank God eh], but my neighbours heard the shots. I looked for information about the events online and in the local press and found vitually nothing. Knifing people is a hobby for many kids around here. It frequently feels as if I am living in a war zone with helicopters hovering over head, the sound of police cars, people arguing and fighting and roads being closed for forensic examinations after the latest action.
On top of that we have had 12 years of Labour and now the Tories have become all PC and leftie New Labour too!!! God help me I can't take it anymore!

September 24, 2009 12:35 AM BST on Recommend? (29) Report Abuse Permalink

Paul Richards wrote:
Are the Police and Labour politicians trying to downplay the problem of knife-crime in London? Mr Barnbrook made a mistake, he apologised and removed the offending material. This unheard of potential ban is simply part of the orchestrated anti-democratic policy of attacking the BNP by the establishment parties. When is a politician from one of the three main parties going to be threatened with a 6 month ban for making a mistake they apologise for - not to mention abusing their expenses....

September 24, 2009 12:32 AM BST on Recommend? (25) Report Abuse Permalink

kelly johnson wrote:
So Mr Barnbrook got 2 words wrong in his speech and now they are punishing him for that? omg this fascist state are getting worse, at least Barnbrook is talking about knife crime and murders etc. the other politicians hardly touch the subject tbh. Mr Barnbrook you have my full support on this case !!
September 24, 2009 12:26 AM BST on Recommend? (27) Report Abuse Permalink

lorne cartlidge wrote:
so nothing happened in those two weeks,there fore londons safe and crimes falling,yeh

September 23, 2009 11:32 PM BST on Recommend? (29) Report Abuse Permalink

Jason Nowland wrote:
This is such an interesting article.
The reason being is that someone has been caught and punished for, " spin doctoring ".
The precedent has been set. I fully expect that a good half of the Labour party and Conservative party mixed with perhaps a quarter of the Libdems will now be barred from office for the next six months.

September 23, 2009 10:30 PM BST on Recommend? (42) Report Abuse Permalink

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eric the fish said...

At least he can spend time in the pub now - his own personal Oktoberfest.

Why weren't you there legal beagle?

Andraste said...

Lee said...

"The fact the Gable now has to rely on his missus as an Aunt Sally to post up comments on The Times to attack the BNP suggests that Searchlight is now on its last legs."

Spot on, it does indeed show how desperate they are.