Sunday 6 September 2009

Culture, Race and Ethnicity

In historical terms 'Race' relates to the original root racial group from which the present various ethnic sub-sets of that race derive.

The White Race no longer exist as a homogenous genetic racial group, as if a 'white racial group' still existed today then all the members of that white racial group would share the EXACT same genes as each other wherever the descendants of that original white racial group existed today.

All indigenous Europeans evolved from the original white racial group, but today we are differentiated from each other by having distinct genes that define us members of distinct White Ethnic groups.

The reality is that the original homogenous genetic group that was the original root White Racial group has evolved into the present White Ethnic groups which are the sub-sets of that original White Racial group.

Ethnic groups deriving from the White Racial group are differentiated from eath other both by Culture and by identifiable genetic markers.


Whilst an Ethnic group create cultures (Races do not produce a culture, as Races are defined by genetics not culture. The concept of a Race relates to a historical homogenous genetic entity from which contemporary ethnic groups derive) it is also true that a culture has a dramatic effect on an ethnic group.

A degenerate culture spawns a degenerate people.

For example - Communism, a cultural force, exterminated millions of indigenous Russian people and sought to eradicate ethnic differences and an ethnic consciousness in the Soviet Union.

Liberalism in the West, a cultural force, has propagandised race mixing and sought to destroy any ethnic and national cultural consciousness and therefore encouraged ethnic Britons to commit genetic suicide.

Therefore a culture created by an ethnic group can either be positive or negative - and impacts directly upon the genetic nature of the ethnic group that produces it.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for answering my question Lee. Now for the biggy! - What is British culture?

Andraste said...

I can answer that, according to a Labour goon it's fish and chips and rainy weather - there you go, a stupid answer to your stupid question.

Defender of Liberty said...

British culture is art, the english language, architecture from stonehange to st.pauls cathedral, the anglo-saxon runes, the book of kells, cricket, a pint in the pub etc etc - it is the living embodiment of the British folk soul.

Culture is who and what we are, objectified within the form of the national community.

Anonymous said...

Thanks once again for your reply.

The reason I asked what British culture is and whether or not culture is dependant upon ingredients pertaining to ethnicity and vice versa is because my boyfriend has been reading about evolutionary psychology and how different people and cultures have evolved in order to survive their environments. Also, the work of Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche and the other day he said to me during one of our chats, that Nietzsche believed that the west was dying because a belief system (e.g the death of God) was fundamental to the sustenace of that culture and I argued against this.

Belief systems can be very damaging, like cultures - as you have said.

Defender of Liberty said...

Culture in an 'sealed' environment that has not allowed alien cultures or alien groups to enter its environment, is a manifestation of the inner nature of the people.

The moment that external cultural influences begin to exert their effect on that culture, either by immigration or invasion, then the original culture begins to die and this kills the people who created that culture.

A culture that is dying from some internal malaise eg liberalism can also kill the people.

A strong culture creates a strong people, a degenerate culture a degenerate culture.

Anonymous said...

Mostly agreed but for me, strong people create strong cultures and when they are asleep on duty, their culture dies.

European countries such as Britain are darn cold during winter and in order to survive we have had to invent and innovate many things.

We have buildings that can survive the elements, central heating when we need it, phones, internet and all the goodies. What is driving our progression, our cultures and western civilisation now?

I hope that right at the 11th hour just as we thought it was all over, the dormant spirit will awaken.

Defender of Liberty said...

The only thing driving progress now is the capitalist profit motive - therefore we are in a degenerate civilisation.

The aim must be to infuse our culture with new dynamics that create progress on all levels - ethnic, art, technology etc - in other words the people must undertake a national renewal.

Anonymous said...

The media have replaced family and decide the culture.

Who controls the media now controls the culture.

We need to gain as much media influence as possible, The internet has been a great counter for the BNP but we need more ways to reach the public.

Nick on question time will be FAR more significant than many realise, This really will be the kicking down of the door, the BBC will know this but have still underestimated it or it would have still kept the BNP at arms length simpy by raising the bar ever higher.

As everyone knows it will turn it into a pantomime with everyone on cue with their well rehersed lines and isolated irelevant emotive arguments.

But the BBC will in their smugness fail, they will become victims of believing their own propaganda while ignoring the reality.

We have all heard the liberal left argument, the public get it all day from all media outlets, more of the same will simply wash over the people, it will be the counter argument that raises interest on the night, raises the interest of the people outside of the smug guarded inner circle of the BBC and the middleclass politicians.

The political PC door will be well and truly kicked in, Let's hope Nick will be on form, on the attack rather than on the defense for once, then just sit back and watch the change of public mood overnight.

The majority have never heard the counter argument, have never mad sense of the madness, if Nick plays it right, this `could` be the defining moment.

We will be looking at many millions of viewers on the night.

Nick needs to make much of the middle east wars and the inocent middle eastern women and children the labour and cons have killed.

That alone would destroy all their credibility within the first 10 seconds.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Thanks for answering my question Lee. Now for the biggy! - What is British culture?

06 September 2009 11:47

When you simply `are` it is easier to say what British culture is not.

We have all seen many appalling examples of what British culture is not.

Anonymous said...

"The only thing driving progress now is the capitalist profit motive - therefore we are in a degenerate civilisation.

The aim must be to infuse our culture with new dynamics that create progress on all levels - ethnic, art, technology etc - in other words the people must undertake a national renewal."

You know as well as I do that capitalism has prevented progression in any real sense of the word. It has created a culture of greed, smarm, short termism and selfishness!

All the people who think they have cheated the system and escaped poverty and multi-culti schools by borrowing more than they can afford to buy property away from it all will realise soon enough that they have been had when it catches up with them all and it will when we hit rock bottom.

The harder people are pushed and the more threatened they are, the harder they will fight back because they will have to in order to survive. This will create the need for the new dynamics you are talking about, people will have the thirst for renewal and a stronger culture will emerge......I hope!