Friday 11 September 2009

EDF, UAF and the Media Cover Up.

You will have seen on the news tonight footage of 16 white 'Stop The Islamisation of Europe' members having a demonstration in Harrow. This group is not the EDL, this group is the British contingent of a Europe wide campaign group protesting against the Islamisation of Europe - their website here ;

This is a 'non-racist', non-sectarian, peaceful protest movement, who were faced with a mob of over 1000 rioting Islamist militia of the Tablighi Jaamet sect and their Stalinist allies in the UAF.

This group is closely linked with Islamic terrorists involved in the recent airplane bombing plot. Now the UAF are revaled as lackeys of this Islamist sect and the faciltators of Dhimmitude.

Yet the media will propagandise this event as though this 16 strong group expressing their opinions in our democratic society were so much of a threat a 1000 strong mob armed with rocks, fireworks and weapons needed to be assembled in order to attack them, drive them off the streets and attack the police.

The local council refuses to take action to evict the sect of Islamists linked to terrorism from property it owns - which in law is a facilitation of criminality and terrorism.

Call for action against sect over mega-mosque site

A call has been made for Newham Council in east London to take enforcement action against Tablighi Jamaat, the neo-fundamentalist Islamic sect closely linked to a number of the men convicted this week in the Atlantic airline terror plot.

The sect plans to build a 12,000 capacity mega-mosque on an 18 acre site that it owns at West Ham, half a mile from the 2012 London Olympic stadium.

Cllr Alan Craig, Leader of the Opposition on Newham Council who has been leading the campaign against the mosque, is calling for the executive Mayor of Newham, Sir Robin Wales, to take enforcement action against Tablighi Jamaat who have been using the site unlawfully since October 2006.

"For two long years Newham Council have allowed Tablighi Jamaat to use the site without any planning permission at all," said Cllr Craig who leads the Christian Peoples Alliance group on the Council. "Why should this narrow separatist sect be allowed to flout the law like this, when the Council claims it promotes an active law and order agenda especially over anti-social behaviour, street safety and all other areas of borough life?"

According to reports, the airline plot bombers based in Walthamstow, including Abdullah Ahmed Ali who was born in Newham, attended Tablighi Jamaat gatherings at the West Ham site.

"This looks like unacceptable favouritism by the Labour-run council towards this hostile and irresponsible group," continued Alan Craig. "This is unacceptable, especially in the light of Tablighi Jamaat's clear links to other unlawful activities like Islamic terrorism."

Cllr Craig has submitted a Question to the Mayor about enforcement at the site for next Monday's Newham Council meeting.

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