Monday 7 September 2009

Islam Plans to take over Europe - Gadaffi reveals the plan

So now we know why Gordon Brown gave away the biggest mass murderer in British history - Oil of course.

But as part of the same deal Brown and his Dhimmi-oil craving capitalist funders have surrendered the UK to the Islamists funded by Gaddafi.

Note the comments here below from Gadaffi which reveal his plans.


This is the warning that the West has been waiting for - no longer can the lying liberals deny the truth that is the planned conquest of the West.

The New Terrorism is based on demographics not bombing campaigns.

Gadaffi is still a sponsor of terrorism, but now he sends out his legions as colonists and immigrants to the West and uses the wombs of Islamist women to deliver victory instead of suitcase bombs in the luggage compartment of planes.

Before Gadaffi funded the IRA and gave them plastic explosive to destroy the West, now he sends his operatives off with money to establish mosques and funds preachers to preach Jihad, but the end result is the same.

Often the Fox is more dangerous than the Wolf.

Gadaffi is still a sponsor of terrorism, but now he uses a new strategy and tactics based on dividing and conquering the West from within.

A GROUP of controversial Muslim clerics funded by Colonel Gaddafi are set to make appearances at three Midland Mosques.

Eleven preachers sponsored by the World Islamic Call Society (Wics), which was founded, led and paid for by the Libyan leader, will be holding events in Birmingham, Leicester and Nottingham during Ramadan.

The speeches come just a month after the release of convicted Lockerbie bomber Abdelbasset Ali Al Megrahi caused a storm between Britain and the US when he returned to a hero’s welcome in Tripoli. And in a recent speech, Colonel Gaddafi said that the aim of Wics was to convert the whole of Europe to Islam.

He said: “This religion shall overcome all other religions before it. Their time has gone. It is his promise, Allah shall prevail this religion over the rest.

“There are tens of millions of Muslims in the European continent and the number is on the increase. The number of indigenous Europeans is falling drastically.

“This is the clear indication that the European continent will be converted to Islam. Europe will one day be a Muslim continent.”

Wics has built a moderate reputation in recent years, organising meetings between prominent Muslims and religious figures including the Pope.

But question marks remain over links between the organisation and money-laundering, following the international freeze on Libya’s assets after Megrahi’s bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 in December 1988.

Last night a source close to the tour said the Wics visit would glorify Colonel Gaddafi, rather than Islam.

“There is no such thing as independent Imams in the Middle East and North Africa,” the source said.

“If these men are leading prayers while having their pay cheques paid by a dictator, you can be sure that they will be using this opportunity to praise him and push his agenda.”

Wics has been given the approval of the Government, with the British ambassador to Libya holding a plush farewell reception for the imams in Tripoli before they flew to the UK last week.

In a speech at the reception the ambassador praised Wics for forging links between Libya and the UK and even apologised for the difficulties the imams had experienced applying for UK visas for the visit.

But Birmingham MP Khalid ­Mahmood last night raised concerns over the Wics visit.

“We’ve got a lot of good work being done by organisations in Birmingham celebrating the diversity of our communities,” he said.

“We don’t need imported groups like this, funded by people like Colonel Gaddafi.

“If he is really interested in doing something positive he should work with the community groups we ­already have, instead of coming over and trying to convert people.”

Wics say their Imams will visit Mosques across Britain with a message of peace and integration, leading Ramadan prayers in Manchester, Sheffield, Nottingham, Birmingham, Leicester, Glasgow, Cardiff and Swansea.

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Anonymous said...

Are the BNP thinking of closing membership to anyone of duel nationality, on the basis that the party does not except people of other national aliegence?

This has nothing to do with race or country of origin, this is about aliegence and nationalism.

is Duel nationality incompatible with nationalist membership?

Defender of Liberty said...

That would depend on who their loyalty is too.

If they were British, wanted to defend British culture and were loyal to Britain then no problem - but those who have dual nationality status who are loyal to another country, not british culturally and who do not want to defend british culture should be denied membership I believe.

Those who are colonists must leave.

Andraste said...

The BNP membership process should state that by the act of applying and therefore becoming a BNP member (if they are accepted of course), they are agreeing to the BNP constitution, and the BNP constitution should outline how we define indigenous and that the aims of the BNP are for the protection and continued existence and development of the indigenous folk - if someone then joins they agree to this. Therefore if they are of dual nationality it doesn't matter. And if they say or do anything that contradicts the constitution of the party they will be disciplined and/or expelled from the party - exactly as happens with all the other parties.

Anonymous said...

I Believe duel nationality is incompatible with being a true nationalist - one nation.

and surrendering all other official national connections goes some way to proving your loyalty to the country(and party), civic or otherwise.

Goes some way to protecting the party from a hostile takeover.

If BNP members with duel nationality wish to join a nationalist party then they would have to surrender any other nationalalty or be barred.

I would apply this to everyone regardless of colour or origin.

If they do not wish to surrender their `other` nationality then the party could refuse entry while still allowing them to support the party from outside.

Duel nationailty IS incompatible with nationalism.

Who would this person fight for/spy for in a war betweeen the two or more countries?

get it sorted asap!

I can see the real benefits in both practicallity and ideology, especially now seeing as the constitution is about to change, personally i would have thought this would have been a core fundermental requirement in nationalsim from the get go, now you tell me the down side and why it should NOT be implimented?

Other than a very few isolated cases, where such `genuine but incompatible` people would now be classed as supporters, i feel this reinforces the party nationalist line and should be BNP policy anyway.

What kind of nationalist party allows duel nationality? especially given the new constitution changes! kind of defeats the whole point and ideology! While leaving the party open to attack from other nations citizens.

Are we a Nationalist party or not?

alanorei said...

I think it's always been about oil, the Afghan war for access to the Caspian oil basin being a case in point.

This is largely because the environmentalists in the US won't allow the US Gov't to exploit its vast shale oil reserves to secure an oil-based future US economy. The US therefore has to take somebody else's, without big business paying for it.

Re: Muslims, I wonder if the covert agenda is to create such a climate of fear amongst ordinary Europeans that full submission to an EU dictatorship will eventually follow, i.e. 'peace at any price.'

I suggest that even a small homeland security force, e.g. 1st Battalion The Royal Anglians, could clear out much of the UK Muslim menace in 24 hours given the authority to do so. (As an illustration, note that the Muslims still can't whip Israel after 60 years, even though outnumbering them 10:1).

However, the problem is being allowed to fester to encourage said climate of fear, mentioned above. The powers-that-be (Common Purpose etc.) will hope it intensifies to the point where, for example, the gentlefolk of SE England are begging the EU Army to declare martial law on their streets in order to deliver them from rampaging Muslim mobs who are making the Paris riots look like somebody's backyard BBQ.

Andraste said...

Anonymous said:
"I Believe duel nationality is incompatible with being a true nationalist - one nation."

Dual nationality (or dual citizenship) is a civic function – and has no relevance to the feeling of true nationalism, the only connection being that the word “nation” is used in both. To mention dual nationality means dual citizenship. Citizenship is a civic status, and therefore has nothing to do with true nationalism of the BNP, which is ethno-nationalism. Being a citizen of two countries (therefore having dual nationality) and ethnic nationalism are two completely different expressions.

Someone can be a citizen of two countries and yet have no nationalistic sentiment to one country yet be an ardent nationalist for their other country - this is because what it may state on a passport(s) (civic) is completely separate to how one feels intrinsically.

The BNP are true nationalists (ethno-nationalists), therefore it is quite acceptable for a BNP member to hold dual nationality status (dual citizenship) or in fact to have citizenship of every other country in the world and still be a devoted BNP member. There is no contradiction.

Anonymous said...

"Dual nationality (or dual citizenship) is a civic function – and has no relevance to the feeling of true nationalism"

More bollocks from UKIP man,

Has no relevance? it has critical relevance you brainwashed labour puppet, trying to define and separate civic and ethnic nationality itself is anti nationalist and abuses the true meaning of the word, it is a new construct developed by nations to ignore the rights of the indigenous peoples to defeat and erode true nationalism, which appears to be the tools you love to use.

once a nationalist tries to separate civic and ethnic nationality and play by those rules then the communists have won.

Andraste, you have no clue as to what your fundermental ideology is and how to defend it, you are a sloppy product of a weak mind brainwashed and eroded over years by the communists.

Once you allow the establishment to define your own sense of nationalism you have lost you core beliefs and you have become the problem, not the solution.

You also give no practical negatives in your leftist responce while ignoring the clear positives in light of the constitutional changes that the current leadership appear to be steamrollering into place.

deal with the practical issues at hand not your liberal definitions of what nationalism is, as you classify it under liberal terms and not true nationalist ones.

remember nationalists to not except civic nationalism as anything other than a liberal/non nationalist construct!

Andraste said...

@ Anonymous

"remember nationalists to not except civic nationalism as anything other than a liberal/non nationalist construct!"

Errr, that was what I stated in my comment - did you not understand the very first sentence of my comment? Civic nationality can be bestowed upon anyone by the state, that's why hundreds of thousands of immigrants become British citizens (and therefore have British nationality), this has nothing to do with ethnic nationalism. They are completely separate concepts you retarded twat. This is such basic stuff.

"You also give no practical negatives in your leftist responce while ignoring the clear positives in light of the constitutional changes that the current leadership appear to be steamrollering into place."

Anonymous is a typical idiot who cannot accept reality, like those want to argue about the BNP not accepting our ethnicities... they are fantasists.

The situation exists that we must accept people from other ethnic groups, that's a fact... you can cry about all you want, there's nothing all your whinging about it is going to do to change that fact. Therefore I deal with the reality of how best to deal with this situation, you can continue talking shit - don't bother me.

You are a fantasist, who cannot accept things as they are in the real world, that's why people like you have fucked up the progress of nationalism for decades.