Saturday 16 January 2010

Baron Bethell and Tim Montgomery - Cowards and Fops

Image - " Oh Hi chaps, OOOOH dont you look sexy in your uniforms. Jolly good. You dont mind awfully if I order you to go and die in some rat infested shithole like Afghanistan just so the yanks can make billions out of the oil and gas pipelines do you. Oh thanks chaps. You working class types are such lovely people. JEEVES COME HERE YOU LAZY OIK - pour me a glass of champers and wash the carpets where those frightful, working class types just stood".

Image - Tim Montgomery aka General Melchett. " Right then chaps, we want you to fly to Afghanistan and when you get there we want you defend the pipelines whilst we hide in England in our mansions, sipping brandy and smoking fine cigars as we sodomise our butlers".

Image - Baron Bethell aka Darling. " Oh hi chaps, just do as Tim tells you to do otherwise he may fag me again. "

How dare the two fops that run the Nothing British About the BNP Site demand that British soldiers die in a war whilst they hide at home and enjoy the luxuries of being a Tory Toff with a mansion.

You scumbag toffs bastards – you are cowardly scum prepared to send British troops to die in a war whilst you hide at home and sodomise your butlers.

You deserve white feathers you pair of arseholes Bethell and Montgomery.

Any MP that votes for a war that their sons do not fight and die in, and that they will not go and fight in, is a coward.

They will send working class kids to go and die whilst they ponce about in the Whorehouses of Parliament and rip off the taxpayer for their 'expenses' - those scum that run this country and who order our heroes to go and fight for the US oil barons are filth of the lowest orders.

If you want the war in Afghanistan you bastards then pack your kit bags and fuck off over there and fight it, instead of hiding in your mansions and and in Parliament and calling for British soldiers to go and die for your illegal war for oil and oil pipelines.

Maggots like Baron Bethell and Tim Montgomery make me sick.

They will send the working class to go and fight and die whilst they send their kids off to university and on skiing trips.

Montgomery and Bethell you are the Melchett and Darling of the Cameron Conservatives, the posh donkeys that try and lead the working class lions into hell whilst hiding in their palatial homes and letting others fight in their place.

Nothing British About the BNP = COWARDS.

Here are their lies and the truth here ;

The BNP defence policy:-

(1) * Withdraw all British troops from Afghanistan.

The Tory Toffs in Nothing British About the BNP want British troops to die in Afghanistan to make the US oil corporations rich whilst they hide in England like the cowards they are.

(2) * Deny that foreign Islamist terrorists are a threat to Britain’s national security.

The threat to British security IS INSIDE BRITAIN not in Afghanistan, its not the Taliban who blew us up on 7/7 or tried too on 21/7 or the Glasgow Airport attack - it was home grown terrorists allowed into the country by the Tories and Labour Party. Keep Britain out of foreign wars and foreign wars out of Britain is our motto.

(3) * Pull out of our commitments to NATO.

NATO is an American run front group for global US interests, because of NATO we neglect our national security in the UK whilst getting involved in wars like Bosnia, Kosovo and Serbia where we helped Islamist terrorists commit genocide against European Christians.

(4) * Isolate Britain from the United States.

After the Bush years and now the Obama-nation only the tory toffs would support Britain being a slave to the US foreign policy. Typical Zionists who want our lads and lasses in the British Army to die in US and Israel Oil / Zionist wars. we must end our domination by the US, we are British nationalists - not the poodles of the US and EU like the Tories and the Labour Party.

(5) * Expel non-whites from the Armed Services

This one is a typical Nothing British lie by the lying fops and tory toffs in the Nothing British Mansion house where they run their tatty little site. The BNP have never had any such intention ever. Not content with being cowards they are liars too.

Nothing British About The BNP - liars, cowards and tory toffs.

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