Monday 11 January 2010

Wootton Basset March - Can you smell the rat yet ?

There is at the moment a massive police and media plan to hide the truth about what occurred at Wootton Bassett yesterday.

The media are all following the exact same spin line as each other as regards the truth about yesterdays events and I think I know why.

I believe that the authorities had given Choudry unofficial permission to hold a static demonstration in the town yesterday.

This was not express permission for a planned march, but simply unofficial permission for him to hold an unofficial demonstration.

He was on his way to Wootton Bassett to hold the static demonstration in the town, but because the British Patriots movement descended on the town the police had to prevent the scum from holding their demonstration due to public order fears.

An unofficial demonstration requires no express police or council permission so therefore the police, government and most important the local council would not have been attacked for giving him formal permission to hold a march if a static demonstration had gone ahead.

A general election is looming and the last thing the PC infected ACPO idiots that run the police, the government and the Tory council would have wanted was to have been put in a position where they are forced to make a formal decision to allow him to hold a formal march which would have damned them every way.

If they had given permission for Choudry and his rats to hold a formal march through the town then the whole country would have gone ballistic.

If they had refused Choudry then they would have been labelled 'racist' etc etc by the Islamist lobby and Liberal legal groups that infest British society and sued.

Therefore I believe a mutually satisfactory conclusion was reached.

Choudry and his mob were given the nod that they would be allowed to walk through the town on a quiet sunday afternoon, hold their unofficial static demonstration and then the police would have quickly escorted them from the area.

This would have suited them all very nicely.

The local council would have been able to condemn Choudry, the government jump up and down and attack him and his mob for sullying the streets of Wootton Bassett, the police would have condemned the static demonstration and the local council say they would have never have allowed the Islam4UK in the town if they had applied for a formal march.

And Choudhry would have had his day of victory.

We know that Choudhry was in the town yesterday.

We know that coach loads of Islam4UK were stopped on their way into the town after the demonstration began.

We know that Choudhry was arrested as he still wanted to assemble in the town even though the plan had been revealed and that he was probably threatened with arrest if he continued the demonstration as public order would have been affected.

The police in their reports to the media do not state that ;

1) Islam4UK did not turn up at the town
2) That no arrests were made of Islam4UK people
3) That the Islamists did not seek to march

Instead we get a load of waffle from the cops here ;

It read: ''Wiltshire Police are aware of refreshed reports detailing a march through Wootton Bassett organised by Islam4uk will take place imminently.

''There is clear legislation, contained in the 1986 Public Order Act, which dictates the process to be undertaken by the organiser before any such march can lawfully take place.

''The Public Order Act states that the organiser must inform the police of the date, time and route of the proposed procession, together with the name and address of the organiser.

''Following consultation earlier this week we were assured by the leader of Islam4UK that the required seven days notice to the police will be forthcoming if any march is to be formally proposed. This position has not changed and no such notice has yet been received.

''Any spontaneous demonstrations or counter demonstrations can also be subject to conditions by a senior police officer at the time and again if the imposition of conditions is not sufficient to prevent serious public disorder, an application would be made for a prohibition order.

''It is the intention of Wiltshire Police to mount a proportionate response to any proposed march by any organisation and we have appropriate plans in place and resources to deal with possible activity in Wootton Bassett.''

Note the continuous use of the words 'formal' 'formal application' etc etc.

They are using these words to hide the fact that there had been an INFORMAL agreement reached with the Islam4UK mob to allow them to go through the town and have an unofficial demonstration.

The law allows any group to hold a STATIC demonstration without any notice or permission.

You only need permission to hold a march.

The statement from the police refers specifically to an application for a march that requires express permission, not a static demonstration that anyone can hold at any time with no permission.

This is an attempt to use semantics to hide the truth about what happened yesterday.

I believe the plan was to allow Choudhry and his scum to assemble in the town and then the police would have led them back to the coaches. The statement that in the event of public order problems the police can prevent a static demonstration has been inserted into the statement as a way to protect the police in the event that Islam4UK try and sue them for stopping their planned static demonstration.

Note also that Choudhry in his formal press statement does not say that he and his mob were never in the town or intending to hold a static demonstration - only that they will not MARCH through Wootton Bassett.

Of course they wont 'March' as they wont get permission, but they can still turn up any day they like and hold a static demonstration in the town.

This has revealed that the police are merely puppets of the politicians.

After Choudhry and his mob were forced to turn back from the town due to the presence of the heroes from the EDL, BNP, NF and other local patriots, the media is swamped with news stories from Choudhry that they had 'called off their march through Wootton Bassett'.

Yes they did. But that doesnt mean they did not have a plan to hold a demonstration yesterday.

Nor that they will not hold a demonstration in the town in future.

But the only reason they did call off their demonstration yesterday, which was never a march, was because the patriots had assembled to confront them.

There was no reason for Choudhry to have released his press report yesterday as if we believe the police and media they were never going to march through Wootton Bassett anyway.

Yet last night after the British patriots chased them from Wootton Bassett we have a plethora of stories come out in the press, all following the exact same spin line, stating that Choudhry was not going to march.

Take a look for yourselves here ;

Note how all the stories seem to have been prepared and follow a pre-arranged script.

Why did Choudhry release his press statement yesterday ?

Because he needed to turn his defeat yesterday at Wootton Bassett into a propaganda victory for his own people.

And the media would rather allow Choudhry benefit from the publicity than tell the truth about what happened yesterday - as to do so would win massive public support for the EDL and the BNP and the NF.

The media would rather the Islamists have their propaganda victory than offer any congratulations or support for the actions of the patriots in the town yesterday.

If news that the scum were going to hold a static demonstration in the town and that the EDL, NF and BNP opposed them - then the public anger would go to the BNP.

Therefore the media have to spin it in a way to ensure that public anger is not generated and support does not go to the BNP or the NF or the EDL.

We also know that the media were kept out of the town at a certain point and that they were only allowed back in after the scum were turned back. Therefore the media may not have been given all the facts by the police and are following a fake narrative of the events.

The fact that the web cameras for Wootton Bassett that cover the high street have been turned off for the last two weeks for no reason also suggests that a demonstration was on its way and that the authorities wanted to keep evidence of it as low key as possible.

The authorities will do anything to ensure community tensions are not inflamed in the lead up to the general election, especially as the muslim vote holds the key to power for the Labour Party.

To have the Islamists turn up on a freezing cold sunday when the roads were treacherous would have ensured a minimal amount of witnesses, virtually no footage of the event and allow the council and the rest of the authorities to hide their complicty in the event as it would have been an unlawful demonstration.

We will now be issuing a formal Freedom Of Information Request to Wiltshire Police to ascertain whether ;

1) Any Islam4UK demonstrators were stopped on their way to the town
2) How many were arrested
3) Whether the police stopped any coaches in Wooton Bassett

The fact that Islam4UK announced yesterday afternoon AFTER THEY HAD BEEN RUN OUT OF TOWN that they no longer would march through Wootton Bassett suggests that because the patriots had been out yesterday, this blew their and the authorities plan to allow this unofficial and low key demonstration to go ahead.

Well done to all the patriots who turned out yesterday.

One day, when the truth comes out, this will be seen as one of the great victories of the new patriots movement.


Do you honestly think the government would have wanted Nick Griffin and BNP MEP's being filmed being arrested for trying to block the march !

The publicity would have been HUGE FOR THE BNP, therefore a quick demonstration would have suited them just fine.

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Andraste said...

Lee, I think you are right. It was strange how the media was silent for many hours - they had to get their story worked out. It shows how closely the media, the police and the establishment are working together in the traitorous actions against the British people.

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Helen said...

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thll said...

surely there must be some mobile phone photos of this event...