Tuesday 19 January 2010

Common Purpose List of Inner Traitors

This one is for you Denise babe ;


Here we have a partial list of common purpose graduates.

The Inner Enemy is revealed.

Perhaps now those that crowed about the BNP membership list will eat a nice slice of humble pie, served well chilled.

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Anonymous said...

Traitors to the British people, very handy for us to know exactly who to hang when we come to power.....Donna

The Sentinel said...

Now we search out the traitors, slaves and stooges of the corporate fascists, who the searchlight/uaf "antifascists" claim to oppose, exposing ALL of them in the process.

Archiver said...

A very useful, searchable document with all the names and locations.
Along with the uaf and searchlies dossiers, plus their emailing list and archived emails (including parliament) and membership database - it's going to be very interesting for the public to discover who, what and where.
All those photos, videos and records are going to come in handy too. Especially those from inside contacts.

Anonymous said...

I knew it! One of my college tutors is on there. I always suspected, especially when she proudly declared "I'm a citizen of the world!" when a student asked why she didn't seem Patriotic during a history lesson.

She also put posters up around college for Unite in the run up to the European Election which read "Stop the fascist BNP" (promptly defaced or torn down of course).

She's also the Chair-"person" of the University and College Union at the college. UCU has an anti-BNP policy: http://www.ucu.org.uk/index.cfm?articleid=3623

Thanks for confirming my suspicions. I knew she was a treasonous Red subversive all along and now I have proof.

Anonymous said...

Now I know why a church of england vicar got so uncomfortable when I voiced my concerns about the islamification of the UK and started to be an apologist for Islam in this country. It didn't bluff me since I know the Bible quite well especially what it says about false creeds and false prophets. For so many people from the Church to be on this list is an absolute disgrace- their loyalty should be only to the Gospel of Jesus Christ not some communist course. It is absolutely staggering how many people are on this list. Brainwashing people from all walks of life it seems. Shocking stuff.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this.

There are 2 people on this list i know, should i do anything with this info?

Or just remember it, one of them claimed to be a "humanist" when i sparked up a discussion about Islam.


rugfish said...

You need to help get this out to the world patriots.


david said...

Patriotism, the last refuge for the scoundrel & the virtue of the vicious.

Also i find logos that incorporate both the rising sun or sun with a pyramid is usually a sign of pathetic desperate brainwashing.