Tuesday 12 January 2010

Hey Teacher - Leave Those Kids Alone

The Left and Liberals poison and contaminate everything they touch.

They promoted the 'Sexual Revolution' and this led to a British society where young British females have the highest rate of sexual disease, teen pregnancy, are the most promiscuous and have the most abortions in Europe.

They promoted multi-culturalisation and created ghettoes, colonies and terrorists in our society.

They promoted political correctness that is now anti-white racism disguised as positive discrmination.

They promoted mass immigration and created colonies of the third world in our country.

The victory of these dumb as shit liberal, leftist, know nothing of the real world, university brainwashed, white middle class Tarquins and Mirandas is a society where sexually repressed Islamist suicide bombers want to blow us up because they are frightened of promiscuous drunken sluts.

oh what a victory.

Now they want to brainwash our kids and pollute their minds with their liberal filth and disarm them just as they are about to be attacked by the Islamist Fifth Columnists in our country - here are two articles ;



The first article reveals how white, middle class liberal traitors are brainwashing our kids with their diversity crap into surrendering their liberty, country and culture to the Jihadists and the second reveals how the Jihadists are brainwashing theirs into waging war against us.

Whilst our kids are being indoctrinated into surrendering to the Islamists, the Islamists are training their kids to wage war.

We must deal with the inner enemy of the cowards, fools and traitors before we can deal with the Islamists.

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extant said...

Maybe you should have called this the Red pill of the 21st Century.

I think most people have had this Red pill Lee, the Media cant lie anymore, because everyone is having a peice of it.
I read somewhere a few weeks ago, that even teachers are dropping out of the profession before they even start, singulary because of the disgust of what they learn that they have to teach the kids.

The masses are awakening at a fast pace and the Traitor scum know it, as soon as people think ,"fuck it", the EU Armies will patrol the streets and the BNP will be outlawed.

Rijker said...

"Society has changed and the House needs to change too. We should take all the steps we can to increase diversity in Parliament, which must reflect the country in which we live and the public we serve."
- Harriet Harman

Change -

Harman -

Adrian Peirson said...

Does this mean that Conservative and Lib Dem MP's are to be allowed into all Cabinet meetings, or does equality only apply where the end result is Extermination of Indigenous Brits, ( and French, Germans, Italians etc.)

The pattern appears to be, exterminate, abort, sterilise,flood out of existance, murder and gangrape the Brits, just dress it up nicely linguistically.

View from across the channel

Adrian Peirson said...

Remember when they tried to Get Nick Griffin locked up but the Jury system saved him because British people value free speech, ,even if they may not agree entirely with the speaker.
Well the Govt have now changed the rules, they or the courts can now have Jury less trials.
It's all to protect the Jury who could be tampered with you understand.
The thought that the Jury could see the trial via Video link would be impossible of course.

First Criminal trial without Jury Held

Guilty or not, according to British law they have not had a fair trial.

Again I ask it's obvious where we are headed, where are our Generals, what happened to checks and balances.

The public have no idea about the significance of this development either.